New version v6.7.66 for NEO S/NEO Alpha/NEO X release

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, May 16, 2023.

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    Completely agree. I hope this situation will change, but at the moment, it's a real shame.
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    I am happy my neo s is back at Amazon. As soon i receive my refund i will buy rose rs520.

    I already had bad experiences with Chinese phones and tablets bought for cheaper but never good support and updates, with zidoo i learn my lesson.
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    It's about time I chipped in to the ongoing discussion about Zidoo's lack of updates etc etc. Prior to owning my Z1000 Pro, I owned an Egreat A11 media player and had enormous fun dabbling with it as helped enormously by @Nice Monkey . My son has it now and is well pleased with it. But my Zidoo, as far as my uses are concerned, has never let me down, is as up to date as I want it and am reliably informed by @Markswift2003 and others that video playback cannot be improved upon especially using with my HDFury Vertex 2. It's part and parcel of my overall HiFi setup in my main living room, which doesn't house my PC setup, which is housed in my study down the hall way. My late wife insisted my Video/HiFi "kit" had to blend in, within suitable cabinets and out of respect for her, I shall continue in this way. Video and Audio should be kept separate tbh, imho.

    So until someone tells me that there is a superior Zidoo or other Media Player - note I'm not interested at all in streaming as I do this in other ways - then I'll stick with what I have. So I have no issues with Zidoo at all but I do get really fed up that so many new or resonably new Members spout off on these forums complaining about one thing or the other. Just my tuppence worth
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    That is extremely interesting ! Would be valid also for Eversolo A6 touchscreen ? I saw some Facebook posts showing videos played ON THE TOUCHSCREEN.
  5. Nice Monkey

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    The standard Zidoo models do a decent job with local content but many are using Video and Music streaming services too with lot of room for improvements,.

    I can't say the same for the Neo models in combination with Music Player. The new Eversolo models show how such Front Display can be used in much better ways. An advanced Music Player (as available on Eversolo) was always promised for these Neo models which aren't exactly cheap. Above all the latest Neo Alpha model got hardly any updates at all. A bit strange for a flagship model isn't it?

    The sound quality of Eversolo models is hyped a lot but frankly the Zidoo line of HiFi models beats those easily. The best DAC included thus far is the one in the Neo X with an incredible build including the Dual Linear Power Supply. Best combination Neo X as External DAC with the Eversolo DMP-A6 used as the music player/streamer.

    Just to give another example: Zidoo players support External BD/DVD/CD drives since many years and the HiFi models included a CD Ripper. This never worked well and is hardly used by anybody. With Eversolo they got it finally to work well with just a few glitches left.
    It is amazing to play a CD on a dirt cheap USB-drive attached producing the same sound quality as using local or streaming content. It will beat any (very) expensive dedicated CD-player sold in the past easily. Updating the Zidoo players with it is just a matter of copying these modules over.
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    Hi there!I have the fw 6.7.66 on my Neo Alpha. A few days ago strated a problem,
    it doesn't detect the internal ssd immediately after I turn on the device, just a few minutes later.I had music on the ssd, and today during playback the sound stopped, and I had to restart the zidoo. I use the built in music player to play dsd. Does anybody had similar problem.
    Maybe the ssd will be dead?
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    I just bought the Noe S a few days ago - changed from Z9S. I have problems with Tidal Connect. Asked already for help on the Forum - no answer yet. Just wondering if it worth installing the new beta FW. Any advice?

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