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Sep 11, 2014
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Feb 23, 2020 at 10:19 AM
    1. Szilard
      hi, did you read my post?
    2. Szilard
    3. Szilard
      About 1 month I not access this file. I would like help for zidoo in translate to Hungarian. I wrote to support team, and they send me a new apk file with xmls. I will translate them, but I need that the xls, that I translated yet. Please send me the last file, or add me to access
    4. Szilard
    5. wei0908
      Hi mirror! I'm having authentication problem with my X9S can you please authorize? Thank You!!!
      NET MAC ...80:0a:80:5a:0c:1f
    6. Kahverengi
    7. videobruce
      Regarding spam;
      Give me five minutes I could get rid of all it it! How long does it take to delete a thread? Seconds?

      I reported it here ('contact us' at the bottom of the page) and directly to Zidoo thru their web site.
      I also use the 'Report' function to flag many of these threads which includes this joker that asks a single question, starting a separate thread, some being duplicate threads!
    8. Usat
      Hi mirror! I'm having authentication problem with my X9S can you please authorize? Thank You!!!
      NET MAC ...80:0a:80:5a:55:18
    9. ryu_loong
      hi,i am having a problem from my zidoo x10 after update to the latest firmware v2.0.34
      after use the next time i open i get stuck on the zidoo screen,i try to flash it...after flash the box only show boot on screen and no pic on the tv...
      can anyone please help.
      1. Kahverengi likes this.
    10. cconklin1
      please authorize.. thanks
      1. Kahverengi likes this.
    11. maichelng
      Hello Mirror. Can you please help me with my X9S UUID: Authentication failure uuid?
      NET MAC: ............................
      State Illegal Authorized (3)
      Thank you.
      1. Kahverengi likes this.
    12. nc88keyz
      I've downgraded to.emergency boot then upgraded back to the latest firmware. cannot get rid of the illegal authorized mac. please help. anyone. Not sure if I should return to ebay. now or not.
    13. nc88keyz
      Mirror Can you please assist me with UUID Authentication failure uuid
      State Illegal Authorized (3)

      Very appreciative onsite with my boss trying to get this going for him.
      1. jean_cc likes this.
    14. Gianmaria
      Hi, any chance to get the new fw also for the X8? Thanks
    15. Israel
      Hi Mirror a couple Request for - Zidoo X20 Pro .

      1) Music Category - In Poster Wall (Will be better an own app for Music video) with the capacity of Organize music blurays, dvd and music videos, theres no such category

      2) Music V.3 - capable of organize large library of music in various formats with Artists, Album, Cover, Genre, search etc.

      Hope to be listened.

    16. sfanetti
      Hi mirror, do you have news on update on H6 Pro? We attend the new firmware. Thanks
    17. videobruce
      These illegal authorized threads & posts, other than one that supposedly was due to the wrong F/W what/where is the problem here?
      Why are these boxes connecting to some unknown server(s)? Is Zidoo 'spying' on the users?
    18. kaneda79
      Hi mirror, any chance to have news about a new firmware for H6 pro?
      Other users asked to @warren_wh and @freeroc but no answers.

      We want just to understand if the product will receive updates, or at least better apps.

      Thanks in advance!
    19. naiyee
      Zidoo x9s
      Ver .1.4.12 There is no problem, but updating is the latest ver.1.5 Play back music files do not have no sound, but the normal movie file it happens.

      What happened? How do we fix this?

      Thank you.
    20. zidology
      hi, there is a message in your inbox from me. Please can you answer. Thank You
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