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    1. SBarnes
      Hi Mark, The post we were discussing looks to have disappeared. RE: 4K film not showng in 4K page .
    2. masterchipo
      Hello friend Mark, you always help the members of the club.
      Once again I ask for your help.
      What is the help thread for new Zidoo Z 10 Pro firmware updates
      Thank you
    3. Enrico
      Hello Mark, my Zidoo X10 gives: ZIUI Cool Stopped and i've tried everything butt it doesnt work
    4. lunga2222
      openwrt, in the uhd 3000 model I can't find it, is there a possibility to install it? or is it present in the machine? , one last question uh 3000 can it work with linux? thank you
    5. Rod L
      Rod L
      Hi Mark, I recently had a change in internet companies and am having a problem streaming my 4k content, so I decided to go to a direct ethernet connection, but I'm experiencing what I'm guessing are transcoding issues. They don't seem to occur with 1080 content. What do you suggest (settings?) I could do correct this? Thanks
    6. Netmask
    7. FatShadow
      Hello, I have the Zidoo UHD 3000 - I am using a Synology NAS to store my movies. I can see the NAS and movies from the File Manager. But from Home Theatre 4.0 is doesn't see any sources.
      Any ideas how to fix would be very much appreciated. Thx Kindly
    8. Aarão Oliveira
      Aarão Oliveira
      Tenho Zidoo Z9X Não está mostrando os posters .Alguém sabe como resolver?
    9. nael murad
      nael murad
      Hello Mark,
      UUID Authentication failure uuid
      State Illegal Authorized (3)

      I emailed Zidoo Service and the replay back by this msg
      We have confirmed that your X9S should not in Zidoo list.
      Zidoo produced it, but it something different from Zidoo X9S.
      Zidoo cannot activation for it, it has own firmware.
      You have to contact with *** seller.””
      The seller is not answering, how can I solve this problem now
    10. Ralph Galli
      Ralph Galli
      I have the Z9X and when playing back a DTS-X demo it plays DTS not DTS-X. Would you have any information on what might be the issue.
      I have the ONKYO TX-RZ740 that has playback of all the sound flags for DTS and DOLBY.
    11. guidedbybeer
      hey, mark, when i play full menu 4k uhd "the professonial" on z10pro dolby vision isn't triggered. however, when i choose 'play lite' dv is triggered. so far it's the only uhd in my collection that doesn't trigger dv in full menu mode with the latest firmware. please get back to me when you have a minute. thanks, mark!
      1. Markswift2003
        There will always be oddities with BDMenu playback - Zidoo, like Dune, Zappiti, Egreat etc etc are not members of the BDA so they have to reverse engineer to get BDMenu to work - they don't have access to the IPR - so support will never be perfect.
        Sep 5, 2021
      2. guidedbybeer
        mark, thank you very much for the lightning-fast response and explanation - you drive this forum!
        Sep 5, 2021
      3. Markswift2003
        Thanks for the vote of confidence - it's appreciated :)
        Sep 5, 2021
    12. Zidixx
      Sorry that I am writing to you via PV, but I cannot find a post on it anywhere else. Is there a prospect of a new Zidoo box in the style of a cheaper X20 with 2 SATA slots in 2021, without an expensive audio module? I am thinking of a UHD3000 without an expensive audio module (that probably only a few need). Thank you for your answer
      1. Markswift2003
        No, not as far as I know - you could email and ask there...
        Aug 27, 2021
      Hi, sorry if I disturb you in PV ......
      I should have tamed the Z9x and I wanted to mount a fairly stable Firmware,
      Z9x, "fish" content from a Qnap NAS. As a TV, I have a KD-65XE9305, ha, a top-of-the-range processor from last year. If you give me the right tools for the beginning, I thank you endlessly in advance, happy Sunday, Andrea.
    14. Kenshin
      Hi, I saw you have Dune HD Pro 4k please can you tell me this player can play all 4K UHD menu ?? I have the zidoo Z9S and have problems with Lucy 4K Menu and The Fifth Element ! Best Regards
      1. Markswift2003
        Hi - sorry, I only use MKV remuxes, but I believe that the Dune does play UHD menus but how well I do not know.

        I would expect the Zidoo to support UHD menus properly soon though.
        May 22, 2019
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