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May 24, 2024 at 6:18 PM
    1. Bretto
      Hi all,
      I've recently purchased a UHD3000 and a 14TB Western Digital hard drive for one of the HDD ports (inserted in right hand side port). The Zidoo doesn't seem to recognise the hard drive for some reason. I've tried placing it in both ports but neither seem to make a difference. Am I doing something wrong?
    2. Emile
      Hi how can I use the zidoo player in zbmc kodi? It won’t play any movies. Thanks a lot.
    3. WRDS
      I am thinking of getting Eversolo DMP A6.I have an intenso external hard disk usb 3.0 3tb.Where i have my music catalog.I wonder if i can connect it to it, or must i have an adapter connect it?.
    4. lunga2222
      openwrt, in the uhd 3000 model I can't find it, is there a possibility to install it? or is it present in the machine? , one last question uh 3000 can it work with linux? thank you
    5. t2009
      I recently bought a Zidoo uhd 3000. I had been using a Zapitti hdr up to this and not sure which is better yet to be honest.
      Anyway is there a way to stop the Zidoo playing the subtitles automatically when I play a movie? I have tried a few suggestions I found on the forum but none have worked so far.
      Any help would be much appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.
    6. Nikl
      Hi @Nice Monkey .. Your posts are really helping. We are using Z9X box, I am running into strange issue when connected with
      Dish Hopper Cable Box. The Audio was dropped and video quality was bad. And Z9x pretty well with Apple Box and Firestick .
      any possible reasons on why its happening, Do i need to change some settings on Z9X ?
    7. conni
      Keeps saying uuid authentication fail I have been told I need to activate my net Mac can someone help me pl my net Mac number is 80:0a:80:5a:53:79 if that helps
    8. pavlin67
    9. Wim67
      Hello Nice Monkey,

      If i'm correct you had the egreat also, i had the A5 and now the zidoo Z9s . What are your findings of the Z9S ?

      Gr. Wim
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