New firmware v1.1.60 for DMP-A6 release

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  1. mirror

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    from v1.1.51
    1. Optimized the problem of crashing when searching for special characters in the music library
    2. Optimized the search accuracy of the music library
    3. Optimized the music library album deletion function
    4. The music library has added the function of viewing related artist albums for tracks
    5. Optimized the function of playing ISO files in file management
    6. The music library has added an album background cover display switch in the details interface (music library-settings-display)
    7. Optimized the problem that individual tracks cannot be played to the end
    8.USB DAC to add equipment to view more information
    9. Optimized the problem that individual albums would be divided into 2 albums
    10. Optimized the problem that the display of other devices occasionally fails when the device is removed
    11. Mobile phone control adds volume limit setting
    12. Optimized the delete function of artist album
    13. Music service playback mode settings have been added to the playback details interface
    14. Optimize the compatibility of USB external storage devices
    15. Fix some known bugs

    From v1.1.46
    1. Fixed the occasional error when playing back tracks via the NAS
    2. Fixed the problem that some USB DACs could not be recognized normally
    3. Adjusted the minimum analog volume to -100dB
    4. Optimized the music service interface
    5. Fixed the problem that the remaining capacity of the wifi transfer interface(web) was incorrect
    6. Fixed the problem that the wifi transfer interface(web) would display Chinese when it was not in English
    7. Optimized the display of long titles on the Roon playback interface
    8. Fixed the occasional album image not being displayed on the Roon playback interface
    9. Fixed the problem of occasionally applying Crash when exiting the streaming media account
    10. Added the function of searching music by initial letter
    11. Added album cover display in UPNP folder list
    12. Fixed the problem that occasionally the VU was not restored when the music was paused
    13. Fixed the problem that after exiting the VU meter interface, the information displayed in the detailed interface occasionally appeared incorrectly
    14. Fixed the problem that the search interface occasionally displayed duplicate data
    15. Optimized the parsing of M3U files
    16. Optimized the CD playback function
    17. Fixed the problem that the playlist displayed incorrectly after filtering songs
    18. Fixed the problem that the third-party input method does not take effect after restarting the device
    19. Fixed the problem that the album artist could not be obtained for individual music
    20. Fixed the problem that the data cannot be obtained in artist details occasionally
    21. Fixed the problem that the music service occasionally did not play the HiRes stream
    22. CD adds EJECT function
    23. Fixed the problem that SMB occasionally does not mount by default when booting
    24. Fixed the problem that some third-party music software could not display the VU meter when playing
    25. Add OneDrive cloud disk function (BETA)
    26. Fixed the problem that the playback queue was not cleared after exiting the cloud disk
    27. Added the function of adding tracks to the end of the playback queue
    28. Fixed the problem that the center channel has no sound when playing PCM multi-channel occasionally

    Control APP(Please update it at APP store or Google play also can scan the QR code in Settings- Network - Phone Control)
    IOS: v1.0.52
    Android: v1.10.66

    1. Added genre category
    2. After the track is screened, the playback queue displays an incorrect problem
    3. Optimized the loading of artist and album pictures
    4. Optimized the artist details interface
    5. iPad adds the function of switching between horizontal and vertical screens
    6. Fixed the problem that the collection of albums could not be cancelled.
    7. Optimized the volume control of the CAST interface
    8. Fixed the problem that the album cover occasionally did not appear on the playback interface
    9. The album cover display is added to the UPNP folder list
    10. Fixed the problem that the playlist sorting does not take effect
    11. Optimized the Title display on the playback interface


    1. SSD support up to 4TB
    2. Fixed the issue of individual DSD audio file can not playback.
    3. Fixed the volume passthrough mode can not be saved while restart device
    4. delete the failed files while files copy failures,
    5. File manager added .m3u file playback
    6. Fix the issue of clock screensavers not displaying in 24-hour format
    7. Optimize VU meter display
    8. Added a option for XLR/RCA hybrid output
    9. Fix the issue of occasional lost 200ms at start playback

    1. Optimize CD album information scrape
    2. Added manually add album cover for CD Ripper
    3. Adde writing ID3 metadata for CD Ripper
    4. Optimize information editing function for CD Ripper
    5. Fix the issue of Ripper's default serial number is wrong.

    Music Library
    1. Add track information edit function
    2. Add artist edit and manual avatar replacement function
    3. Add album edit and manual album cover replacement function
    4. Long titles will have a moving effect at playback interface
    5. Optimize the display of playlist titles
    6. Optimize artist details to display album interface by default
    7. Added dynamic display function of navigation bar
    8. Added custom the menu item in library settings.
    9. Added show the album images at UPnP folder list
    10. Fix the issue of incorrect shows the album images while playplack in UPnP
    11. Optimized the issue of slow loading of album images in the playback interface

    1. Added volume limit option
    2. Added some default startup volume settings
    3. Optimize some interface

    Some people are happy to see new features constantly appearing, while others feel that frequent updates represent instability. We constantly listen feedback from the community and end users, optimize the user experience, and add new features. We firmly believe that our choice is the right one.

    Check the online update.

    Online push will be carried out in stages but for some one want try it first can download it below:


    MD5: FA38A5623EA1CD8EB0A26EBB2BD558B4
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  2. Theeraphon

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    Great work. Thanks.
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  3. ammar11

    ammar11 Well-Known Member

    Whoa, waiting for v1.1.50 then surprised by v1.1.60 instead. Awesome job @mirror .
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  4. Inti

    Inti Active Member

    Thanks for the update
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  5. B0bs4g3t

    B0bs4g3t New Member

    Is Amazon one of the streaming services or is it still waiting for approval from them?
  6. wcseow

    wcseow Member

    Roon dsd64 5.1 works. Great!

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  7. armstrong

    armstrong New Member

    Appreciate this update but still no album art on airplay.

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  8. Spizz

    Spizz Member

    Wait. So you can now play Multi-Channel DSD via Roon and output Native Multi-Channel DSD without converting to PCM when using Roon? If so this is huge and makes it one of the only products to do so.

    To date most products on Roon could only play and output as Native DSD via Roon 2 channel. Multi Channel DSD would be converted to PCM on Roon when outputting (including Roons own Nucleus line). So exciting if true.

    Can someone please try and verify via the HDMI output if this is correct and post a screen shot of the Roon Signal Path showing no conversion and the Front Display of the Eversolo DMP-A6.
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  9. Ramuk

    Ramuk New Member

    Brilliant! Cheers updated over the net, no problems it took about 5 minutes
  10. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Recognize a lot of items. Will install and retest my stuff first.
    Used OTA for this update which went quick and flawless.
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  11. Markswift2003

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    Pending - waiting for Amazon native API certification.
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  12. ammar11

    ammar11 Well-Known Member

    Why do you use AirPlay? You only get lossy 256kbps AAC. I recommend that you use the Apple Music app on the DMP-A6 where not only you’ll get lossless, you’ll get hi-res lossless audio up to 24-bit/192 kHz (when available). Admittedly you don’t get that display at all, just the app GUI but at least you get high quality audio.
  13. armstrong

    armstrong New Member

    I’m not a serious audiophile and I like to see what is playing thats why please fix the airplay ui
  14. bob

    bob Active Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    I'm very sorry, it will take some time. The next version fixes this bug. It's being tested now. It won't be long.
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  15. wcseow

    wcseow Member

    Hi, is this the feature that allows one to change the album cover background from the current exploded blur image to black?
    If so, how to do it as I am unable to locate this setting.

  16. Spizz

    Spizz Member

    It would be nice if the Eversolo DMP-A6 could finally list the Track name (in Larger text), Artist, Album Name on its front display and in the app as opposed to just the Track Name and Artist. Similar to what Cambridge does on the Evo by listing all 3. Maybe in the next update pretty please.

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  17. bob

    bob Active Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Yes, thank you for your feedback. We have added this function. It is in the settings of the music library.
  18. wcseow

    wcseow Member

    How to get to the music library settings page, I can't find it?
  19. bob

    bob Active Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Music - Index
    There is a set icon in the upper right corner.
  20. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Should take some time,but soon

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