Beta version v6.4(7).42 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000/NEO S/NEO X/NEO Alpha release

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Oct 18, 2022.

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    Cool - wasn't aware of that one..
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    Tinymediamanager uses it also. Never heard of it before.
  3. Petga

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    It is true that everyone has different wishes.
    I just can't stand it when users think they can pass judgement on the wishes of other users here in the forum or disqualify these wishes.
    Here in this thread, the playing of trailers was recently a topic.
    Personally, I am not interested in this topic at all.
    Nevertheless, it is not my place to judge these wishes here and therefore I do not do so.
    As far as the playability of the BD menus is concerned, I don't have the impression that Zidoo takes customer requests seriously.
    For over 2 years users have complained that the BD menus don't work properly and so far I haven't seen Zidoo working on this in any update (please correct me if I missed something in the release notes).
    I can explain exactly why this issue is bothering me so much.
    We had 2 media players in the family from another manufacturer where the BD menus worked wonderfully bar.
    When the devices with the new chip RTD 1619DR appeared, we decided to upgrade.
    Two Mefia players came into question: a player from the brand in question (you will know which one I mean), where we knew that the menus worked, for about 1,500 euros, and the UHD3000 from Zidoo for about 1,000 euros.
    Zidoo had also advertised the BD menu function and we relied on this and bought 2 x UHD3000.
    So this function was a very important criterion for the purchase.
    We would never have thought that after 2 years Zidoo had not yet done anything to make this function work.
    I want to be honest: if Zidoo does not solve this problem with the next 2 updates, both UHD3000 will be sold at a loss and the Zidoo chapter will be over for us.
    Then the aforementioned competitor company can be happy about another 2 sold media players.
    At least they are doing something for their customers, unlike Zidoo.
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  4. Nice Monkey

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  5. leviathan

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    Maybe it's just that Zidoo does not have enough qualifications for software developers. Because the same Dune has better compatibility with the disc menu. The same is not a hundred percent of cases, but still better. If so, then until the programmers are replaced by someone better, it will continue to be so. Boxes, processors, android versions will change, there will be assurances that this box is the best, but in reality ....
  6. Temearoo

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  7. Petga

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    I share your opinion 100 per cent!
    Everything that has been happening (or not happening) at Zidoo for some time now reminds me fatally of the experience I had to make a few years ago after buying a satellite receiver.
    The receiver (like my 2 UHD3000s) was relatively expensive and also (like the UHD3000s) of very high quality workmanship and with equally high quality hardware.
    There was also a forum run by the manufacturer and very well-sounding advertised functions. So everything was the same as with the UHD3000.
    After initially more frequent updates (which produced more and more new bugs over time), the intervals between the updates became longer and longer and soon the own forum was closed (allegedly it had been hacked, but this was a lie, as it turned out), the support was also outsourced and the manufacturer could no longer be reached.
    These memories have been coming back to me more and more for some time now and I see some parallels now with Zidoo, unfortunately, especially with regard to updates and the complete lack of communication.
    I see it, as you do, that Zidoo is either hopelessly overtaxed with the software or simply wants to sell enough and then be satisfied.
    I hope very much that I am wrong, but I don't think so.
    I think I'm still lucky with my2 Zidoo players as I only use them to play ISO's and nothing else.
    I don't use any app, home theatre, poster wall, nothing.
    That's why the devices run relatively stable (ok, rewinding in the film doesn't work, neither do most BD menus).
    If someone accuses me of spreading bad vibes, I can only say: they are right.
    I am in a bad mood as far as Zidoo's behaviour is concerned.
    That's why I can't spread good vibes (which I would much rather do).
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  8. Nice Monkey

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    Zidoo seems to be very busy with the launch of their new product(s):
    It seems to come with a brand new Music Player (EOS). That development could be eating up all their development resources.

    Zidoo is definitely not pulling out. In contrary they are extending their portfolio into the Audio market.
    I do like the Eversolo products so I am hopeful and curious to see the pricing strategy for DMP-A6 (and DMP-A8).
  9. Petga

    Petga Member

    It is quite possible that you are right.
    But people who are planning to buy a music player from Zidoo should be aware that Zidoo will leave them out in the cold after a while, just as it happens to us media player buyers when they bring out new devices.
  10. rozel

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    I think most people on here are getting fed up with your constant grief - count me as one
  11. ofir

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    ROZEL Nobody asked you What do you think ?
  12. Jimbo Randy

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    Wow, it's almost as if this know....a forum?
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  13. Petga

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    And another forum sheriff.
    Then stay among yourselves and be happy about everything that is put in front of you and bite away every critic.
    I no longer do such busybodies.
  14. darkeyes909

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    There is constructive critique and then there is just moaning and whining. Tired of it too.
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  15. Jimbo Randy

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    Can all the clowns please just leave the forum? This is a forum for a streaming player. I don't understand how anyone can be so mad here? There's no reason to clutter up the threads with this stuff. Come on.
  16. Nicholas Hewitt

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    And this is supposed to be an o.k reason? To busy working on a brand new player when they have not even fixed the one that people have already bought?? this is twisted!!!! Not even a message to the community about what's going on? Do they really think anybody that knows how to read will actually buy their new product? Broken promises and abandonment do not keep companies going for much longer. Advertised lies do not either. "We have fully functioning Blu-ray menus" When actually do not..... What are they going to lie about for the next product? How long are they going to support the next one before it's abandoned and broken, while users are left in the dark cause Zidoo already have your money for this device so they do not have the decency to take 2 min to write a message to keep the community updated after 5 months of nothing. It is seriously arrogant and rude!!!!! I will not be purchasing another product from zidoo ever again, and I think only the people that like to keep turning the other cheek after getting slapped cause they are fanboys of a lying company that likes to advertise features to sell boxes, then after two years of actually adding these few features, cause they did not have Blu-ray functionality when I bought the box or even Dolby vision support at that time, they just add it after they say it has it, then they leave features half implemented and some that don't work anymore to make more boxes to sell you with broken promises of functionality.
  17. Bill-Z9X

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    You can buy new equipment from brand manufacturers (such as Denon, Sony, Panasonic, etc.). But if you are not an enthusiast, you should not buy new equipment from Zidoo or Dune (Zappiti).
    Be patient and read regularly in the forum when the time comes.

    I won't do it again, the last 2.5 years I have learned a lot. My UHD3000 works well, except for trailers, so I won't buy a new player for now.
  18. Visconti12

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    Keep calm, don't fight for nothing. We're here to exchange information and find solution that if you dislike, simply give up!!
  19. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Kodi (ZDMC) trailers don't work either. It refers to tutorial on how to set up your own API keys.
    Zidoo needs to get this option with API keys working or the struggle never ends.
    @mirror, please let us know, any update.
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  20. Phil181

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    They still generally work in ZDMC using the remote with file Information/Play Trailer setting (if held on YouTube)......

    I've not bothered with setting up Kodi's YouTube using Google codes, as the Android app is working fine for me from Zidoo main menu, when required.

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