ZIDOO X9 Official Firmware Releases

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by mirror, Feb 6, 2015.

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  2. kayak-kit

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    My box has not received OTA update since I updated it to Do some boxes not receive the OTA update? Do I need to look for a notification somewhere?
  3. Dokter Tekno

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    I usually update via local update with flashdisk
  4. warren_wh

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  5. devrob

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    No, mounting SD card at a place other than /mnt/sdcard is nothing but a business strategy
  6. devrob

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    Zidoo !!! Fix it Make SDcard external mount on mnt/sdcard!!!!!! pllllllzzzz
  7. Davidnclearlaketx

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    To the tech support at Zidoo--
    I am getting several problems when trying to use Kodi version built into X9 software. I'm getting failure to connect to server, DVR problem messages as well when I launch the pre-installed Kodi. I can use the XMBC that I installed OK. What is the best way to get the original or updated version of Kodi to work properly? Thank you for your help in advance.
  8. warren_wh

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    Dear ones, you can rotate the Kodi version according to your own hobby, if Kodi is the original good use, you can uninstall the x9 built, to googleplay and other stores to install you need.
  9. wrighty

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    Hi David,
    I upgraded Kodi on my x9 in the normal android box manner (download the APK from Kodi's 'older versions' database, remove the existing version, install the new version) and all went fine, now on 14.2 and contemplating when to go to 15.x isengard. Its all good, took about 20 mins on a clean install.
  10. Gary W.

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    Where are new firmware versions? It seems almost like Zidoo has abandoned the X9. I have a problem, perhaps it is fixed in a new release, but until I get it, I won't know. Last night I started an HDMI recording at 11 P.M (23:00) for 2 hours. Apparently HDMI Recorder does not handle the midnight transition well, as the Zidoo was still recording this morning when I got up. Also, you have never fixed the problem of audio sourcing. If I have an air mouse with microphone plugged into the Zidoo, the recorded audio comes from the microphone on the remote rather than from the HDMI cable. Please address these issues!


    G. Walborn
  11. papiguy

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  12. frolix8

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    In this case why buy a zidoo box ? without update, I prefer to buy a cheapest box & change it every 6/12 months, silence from zidoo team is unacceptable (same problem on X1 no update news since september)
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  13. papiguy

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    You are right, the silence of the Development Team is deafening...
  14. papiguy

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    Or may be, all the staff is focused on a new product, possible improvements on X9 being limited or too expensive. We may understand this but why keeping silence ?
  15. Sarco

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    Because they only want to use us as there customer support.
  16. Sarco

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    I forgot to mention, right now they use x6 user for translating product.
  17. papiguy

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    "Because they only want to use us as there customer support.":
    No problem for that, provided they answer all questions related to the firmware (v1.04.1 , end of upgrading of x9,..)
  18. For me, I think they will be taking a huge step back if they start work on a new device. X9 is everything that is could be, hardware speaking. The only problem that I saw was the heating, that donĀ“t really matter at a point of start a new product.
    I believe that they can improve the software on X9 and doing so, They will have a better device than actual new FireTV from amazon, or even the Shield, from NVidia.

    They could spend some dolars on developers and have a awesome firmware with new apps and start selling in south american countries.
    Here in Brazil we only have the TIM Blue Box, that is the worst, hehe. One device like this, with a proper IPTV app would be awesome.
  19. Gio

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    Buy a mac mini...?
  20. frolix8

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    2 days ago geekbuying sells (flash deals) Tronsmart pavo M9 for $39.99 & regularly sells CX-X3 (like zidoo X1 but with BT) for ~$30

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