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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by mirror, Feb 6, 2015.

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    I bought my Zidoo X9 with installed. When I check for an update over the internet with the Zidoo x9 system icon, it says I have the latest version. This is not true. and are both out. I assume they are official as you list them on this site. Why are they not available to me using the over air update through the internet? Is there something wrong with my x9 that I am not seeing them? What is the purpose of this update feature if it is not giving the latest version? Or is it that these updates are not fully proved out and are beta release. Please make it easier for us, I prefer the internet method through the x9 rather than mess with USB drives and possible copying error? Thank you
  3. papiguy

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    I do not know why the latest versions of the firmware are not directly available. However, there is not significant difference between the last version (v1.0.4.2) and what is installed on your X9.
    Thus, you may waive updating, although there are no risk of copy errors with the manual updating (there is a check of the file before installing).
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    I don't like OTA updates as they are not future proof and do not allow the user
    to go back to an oldest version if it better suits its needs.
    When asked for, most of the time, we allow an update without knowing
    what it does and if we need it:
    Support for Klingon language is of absolutely no use for me :)
  5. strainu

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    Sadly they messed up with the native features and took away the virtual private network capabilities. They mentioned in a post that they took away the android native feature to make room or make it run smoother. I'm in pain and struggle a lot to install third party vpn apk's that are informing at install that tun.ko is missing or other binary file in system folder or bussybox is not there and so on and so on. The unit works if cooled by a small fan, otherwise it occasionally hangs up in a middle of the search and if prompted by home button might display that kodi is not responding, or I have to do a hard reboot from the on/off on the back of the unit. I called the at the phone number on the top of the page and a lady that can barely articulate a word in English kept repeating angrily "You listen to me" while I was asking to speak to tech support to no avail. So customer service is totally nonexistent. Once you buy their products you are on your own and could experiment based only on what other users are sharing from their knowledge. The lack of VPN access bothers me the most.
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    If they're not going to provide updates, at least provide us with kernel configs and bins or whatever so we can build our own version of Android. Something like Android 6 would be nice because then TV launchers would work. Android version from this decade would be nice. Ya know something called security updates and all that jazz? It's unfortunate the price of this device doesn't make it toss-able for the new shiny PoS that will forget about it's customers/fanbase as well.
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    This firmware situation is really bad , how can a box with such good specs not get updates?

    What's worse is that there seems to be no replies from the support team about the X9, it is just not right to not give after sales support on this .

    At some point can we get an update for


    Guys does someone have the apk for mirror cast and air play for x9? I dint get these apps pre-installed on my x9.
  9. Scott

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    It's too bad support for this box has died ! Would have been nice to up the firmware to 5.1 Android at least like Tronsmart did with the MXIII boxes !
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    Why we need wait so long for new firmwares? We need 5 or 6 android for ZIDOO X9, some programs not working on 4 android.

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