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    1. Troykm
      Hi. Can you please delete this thread I started in the DMP-A6 forum titled “ok I found a QC quirk”

      I thought my A6 was faulty but it wasn’t. I had done something wrong. Sorry
    2. randyle778
      I have zidoo x6 pro
      Can you help me active this. It show up illegal authorized

      Net mac : 80:0a:80:54:40:c4

      Thank you
    3. Jacza33
      Does Eversolo intend to implement a cast option from Plexamp to Eversolo DMP-A6 in the DMP-A6, as in the case of Roon? Currently, Plexamp does not see the DMP-A6 streamer on the network. He sees the Chromecast. In the Roon Remote app, you can designate DMP-A6 as the player. Unfortunately not in Plexamp. This is a major flaw in the overall Plex experience. Regards, Piotr
    4. Leon Pal
      Leon Pal
      Hi, I have purchased the new Zidoo z9x Pro and it appears that the SUPPORT section of www.zidoo.tv does not contain any support for the new model. Please kindly update. Thank You!
    5. Ralph Galli
      Ralph Galli
      I have the Z9X and just factory reset it. My issue is the weather will not allow me to set a location without it stating that it "cannot obtain weather information, please try another location." This has been an ongoing issue for several months.
      Can you give me any advice?
    6. Mohsin Raza
      Mohsin Raza
      Dear Sir, i have bought Zidoo Z1000 pro and using with TCL LED C715 - i am not able to acheive 4k result on LED - Pls. help for the settings
    7. FatShadow
      Hello, I have the Zidoo UHD 3000 - I am using a Synology NAS to store my movies. I can see the NAS and movies from the File Manager. But from Home Theatre 4.0 is doesn't see any sources.
      ANy ideas how to fix or get support? Thx Sam
    8. erni111
      Witam. Jestem nowy więc Dzień dobry. Mam Zidoo z9x mam pytanie czy jest wsparcie Netflix, HBO. viaplay? mam firmware v6.3.41(_G)
      Z góry dziękuję za info.
    9. Gells
      Weather tempo parou de funcionar, como eu faço para funciona?
    10. ryu_loong
      hi,i am having a problem from my zidoo x10 after update to the latest firmware v2.0.34
      after use the next time i open i get stuck on the zidoo screen,i try to flash it...after flash the box only show boot on screen and no pic on the tv...
      can anyone please help.
    11. RTM
      Another user suggested using the USB 3.0 port and I have tried all of the available USB ports and the power button still does not function on the V6 remote. If they don't have an answer and are not willing or able to correct the issue then they should offer refunds on the current V6 remotes or at least offer a deep discount on the original X10 remote which I believe works on the x9x TV box.
    12. RTM
      I just want to know what work is going on to resolve this issue with all the V6 remotes. You can find my posts in this forum and if you are a staff member from Zidoo then you have also seen my e-mails.

      Please help to clear this up. Thanks
    13. RTM

      I have a Zidoo x9s and a couple of months ago purchased the Zidoo V6 remote. I have posted multiple times and sent many e-mails to service@zidoo.tv and support@zidoo.tv. For all my efforts I have not received a single reply from Zidoo in regards to their V6 remote power key not working with their x9s box. Can you please help?
    14. omega doom
      omega doom
      Hello,I am a holder of zidoo x5 and i have a problem with my philips tv.
      I have the problem with the color changing.
      After a couple of minutes of using the Zidoo,
      the screen turns "green" and I have to press the display button on the remote to get it back to normal.
      How to fix this?

      Thanks for any help/suggestions!
    15. warren_wh
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