My Zidoo Z1000 PRO.... on Long Term

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by OlivierQC, Mar 9, 2021.

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    Now there's interesting...

  2. OlivierQC

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    Hello Mark,

    I know nothing about it but we can see that some components are missing in several places on the z1000 pro, it seems to me.

    VANLUC New Member

    Perhaps components according to the drive power ?????
  4. Markswift2003

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    A lot if that is do with the front panel display which is offboard on the Z1000, but it's essentially the same board.
  5. OlivierQC

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    Thanks Mark for this informations :)

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    Remind me what i Won again ? ha ha
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    A Photoshop award!
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    With or without Cut out ?

    ha ha
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    You get the cut-out.
  10. Nice Monkey

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    Z1000 Pro is a nice player but the 2x USB3 and SATA connectors should have been at the back.

    Re-using the same motherboard that did not match.
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    I wonder if there are revision changes on these motherboards just like there were on the X10 models way back .
  12. Nice Monkey

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    I think all Zidoo boards have a printed version name.
  13. ulna68

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    I wonder what motherboard they used in the UHD3000?
  14. Nice Monkey

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    I think it is floating around on this site. But it has all connectors at the back and a dual cable interface with the Audio Panel. Dual HDMI outputs but no HDMI-Input on it.

    I can add pictures to the UHD3000 review. Also took a picture of the Switched Mode PSU + Transformer board.
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  15. OlivierQC

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    Hello Nice monkey,

    Yes I agree with you and it's these little details that sometimes make the difference between 2 ranges of devices.

    It's just my opinion but for me the USB ports become secondary on this kind of device compared to a Z9X for example, when I buy this kind of device it's to use the HDD bay of the device and usually we also have a NAS and I have the USB ports on the front for the updates it's perfect.
  16. rozel

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    I totally agree and agree too with @Nice Monkey that the Z1000 Pro is a nice player, once you have got to grips with it. Why oh why there are USB sockets on it's side, I'll never know and it's a crime that it hasn't got 2 HDMI Outs. I mean do we really need a HDMI In? For heaven's sake! Wishing for a firmware upgrade to change the In to another Out, but I think Hell will freeze over first :mad:
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  17. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    My opinion about this device will be based on my own experience and may not be the same for others.


    This thread is especially for people who are not familiar with Zidoo devices and are looking for a multimedia device.


    The Z1000 PRO is a platform offering a high quality image processing with a customizable management interface called PosterWall or commonly known as HT4.0.


    I use standard audio/video equipment.

    Pioneer Elite SC-LX704
    Zidoo Z1000 PRO
    Sony 77A9G
    Focal Dome 5.1.2/7.1
    Monster Black Platinum (27 Gbps)


    You should know that :

    I subscribe to several video streaming services that I use only with my Sony TV and my receiver that are linked in eARC.

    I subscribe to Spotify premium which I use with my tablets, cell phones and Nest hub Max and I am not an audiophile either.

    My video collection only includes ISO, MKV Remux and MKV in Full HD and UHD HDR format.

    I don't have any video in DVD or HD Ready format.

    I never use subtitles (I hate it) except for forced subtitles with some movies.

    My movies are on 2 NAS in SMB and an internal HDD in the Z1000PRO.

    In summary, I use my Z1000PRO as a platform to view my movie collection, that's it & that's all.


    I'll tell you right now...

    Not everything is perfect and depending on your needs or expectations, you may encounter some irritants with a Zidoo device.

    If I can make a suggestion, inform yourself as best as you can by going for example on the Zidoo forum, you will have a wealth of information that will allow you to make a decision on an ad hoc basis.

    And of course, many people think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence at the neighbor's house but it is not the case, on the other hand they may correspond more with your expectations/needs.

    Trying several brands and models of multimedia box to find the one that suits you best in your daily use is a good idea if it is possible for you.

    And I repeat, my opinion on this device is based on my own experience and may not be the same for other people.


    To be Serie ''PRO'' or not to be...


    Sleek and elegant look and will easily integrate into an audio/video system.

    Concerning the quality of the product, it has an excellent standard of finish.


    HDMI, coaxial and RCA connectors are gold-plated

    Chassis rigid, no creaking, no squeaking.

    High quality switching mode power supply, which has metal shielding treatment to effectively reduce the magnetic field interference.


    Whether it's the outside or the inside (which I'm not supposed to see, I lost the warranty when I took the chassis apart) but no regrets when I see such a neat job.

    The people who own this model on the various forums I frequent are unanimous in saying that it is a quality multimedia box, which confirms my opinion on this model.

    Honestly it has nothing to envy to other brands and I get value for my money.


    This is a quality device at a fair price.

    I can say that Zidoo offers 2 distinct ranges that will satisfy users with different expectations while offering the image quality of Zidoo devices to all their range of devices.


    Z1000 Pro or Z9X... which to choose ?

    Is the price difference between the Z1000PRO and the Z9X/Z10 PRO justified by a possible difference in image quality, personally I would say... No

    This is only my opinion, but the high quality image processing of Zidoo devices is in the top tier in this category of multimedia boxes and this concerns all Zidoo (RTD1619DR/VS10 Engine) devices whether it is the Z9X or the top of the line UHD3000.

    For me the price difference of the Z1000 PRO is justified by the fact that it is a distinct model in terms of design, manufacturing and quality components used.


    In theory (according to serious people or articles on the Internet), this would be beneficial to obtain optimal efficiency of the device and theoretically improve the quality of the image and sound.

    And for a category of buyers that's very important, and Zidoo is offering it at a price that seems fair considering the specifications of the Zidoo Z1000 PRO.


    To have both devices in my hands, they are 2 different worlds.

    The Z1000 PRO is a no-compromise Z9X, kind of like the cream of the crop of trio Z9X, Z10 PRO and Z1000 PRO

    The Z1000 PRO can be a good choice for users who want to be sure to get the most out of their audio/video equipment, have peace of mind and a unit with a sleek and elegant look and will easily integrate into an audio/video system at a fair price.

    The zidoo Z9X is in my opinion the best performance/price ratio multimedia box in its class, and in my opinion it has no competitor.

    Whichever one you choose, you'll make a good choice.

    This is my point of view.


    Remote Zidoo V8


    Zidoo V8 is a Bluetooth backlit remote and is included with the Zidoo 1000 PRO.

    I have one for about 2 years, it was included with the X20 PRO and since then I use only this model, personally I am satisfied.

    It is imposing but solid, my young children use it and I am not worried.

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  18. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member


    I strongly suggest for those who are new to Zidoo devices and are a bit lost in all the options available to visit Markswift2003's excellent thread that explains in detail all the options and gives advice.

    You can ask him questions, he is always there to help those in need.

    ''Recommended Settings and other useful stuff for RTD1619 Players''



    Something important to know and that Markswift2003 has just explained to me following a problem with one of my new MP4 DV TEST.

    And this would answer to the people who have this question in mind:

    Why some of my MP4 DV don't work properly with the Zidoo ?

    Here is the answer from Markswift2003:

    There is an issue with lipsync for ''Profile 5 MP4'' and a general playback issue for ''Profile 7 MP4

    And the solution :

    It's best to stick to MKV


    Why choose a Zidoo RTD1619DR

    The previous generation of Zidoo devices have proven their quality and the new generation is no exception, retaining all the qualities of their predecessors and adding new features.

    Zidoo is looking to the future to provide you with a multimedia system that will allow you to enjoy the new formats available on newer TVs, but Zidoo does not forget about those who have older TVs (depending on the capabilities of your TV) that do not have support for the new formats.

    Whether it's for advanced users who own a previous generation Zidoo set or people who are new to the world of media boxes, Zidoo with its eco-system is currently one of the best choices.

    2 reasons to upgrade to this generation that also offer users the opportunity to future-proof their purchase.

    The VS10 engine allows older generation TVs that are not compatible with new formats like Dolby Vision to enhance the picture according to the capacity of your TV to give you a show that will make you realize your old TV still has potential.

    Dolby Vision support allows you to enjoy your ISO, MKV or MP4 video files in the best possible quality.



    VIDEO (FW6.2.5)


    Nothing special to report, all works

    Zidoo devices are now compatible with different Dolby Vision video file formats offering improved image quality compared to HDR and honestly the difference is immediately noticeable without having to make a comparison with the same movie in HDR version on my Sony TV.

    In the last few days I had the opportunity to check if the fix for the "problem of the 76th minute" was resolved and I used my Z1000 PRO for that.


    I am using a Gigabit Ethernet network with an entry level NAS that is in the basement, the RJ45 cable runs through a Dlink switch that serves several devices including my Z1000 PRO and my Z9X.

    My TV is a 77A9G and uses LLDV.

    I use Markswift2003's advice for my settings which are available on my thread.


    I checked movies in MP4 DV, MKV DV and ISO DV with various bitrates (the highest being 95.7 Mb/s).

    I also tried several times the pause/fast-forward/rewind functions and nothing to report.

    I didn't have any problem of Audio/Video LAG


    Reminder :

    As stated in the previous FW 6.2.0 changelog, BDmenu with DV ISO is not supported at the moment.


    Currently, all my video files are properly supported whether it's movies or TV shows and whatever the video and audio format, everything works and this only confirms what I've already said several times about the latest generation.

    I would even say that everything is perfect in my case because I have no particular problem to complain about.




    Nothing special to report, all works

    The Z9X decodes all the audio formats available in my movie collection and therefore all the variations of DTS and Dolby.

    As for the previous generations, the decoding of the different sound formats is accomplished without problems whether it is with my movies/TV shows or my Atmos and DTS demos.

    In Settings/Audio I use... Audio/HDMI Audio/Auto


    My opinion about the Zidoo Z1000 PRO

    As usual I will only talk about my experience related to my equipment and my viewing habits.

    The Z1000 PRO and other Zidoo RTD1619DR devices are part of a platform... or should I say a plug and play multimedia system that combines their media box with a movie poster management system called PosterWall (HT4.0) to enjoy your movie collection and in my experience is a winning combination, designed and developed to make the most of the possibilities offered by their devices and see your movies in the best possible conditions.

    Currently, the Zidoo system is one of the best choices for those who need a device to use with a local network or one or more external hard drives.

    Zidoo offers with its Z1000 PRO a video player of the ''PRO'' range that includes hardware updates giving us the assurance of not making any compromise with a sleek and elegant look that will easily integrate into a quality audio/video system.

    While maintaining an excellent quality/price ratio that Zidoo has the secret.

    That's my humble opinion.


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  19. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    The new generation of Zidoo devices with their RTD 1619DR support Dolby Vision format (under certain conditions).

    Here is a table below offered by Markswift2003 and which indicates the profiles supported by the Zidoo RTD1619DR


    The Zidoo Z1000 PRO (as well as the rest of the RTD1619DR series) incorporates the Dolby Vision VS10 image engine which uses advanced dynamic metadata processing technology.

    According to various reputable people and based on comparisons they have made, the VS10 Engine provides a noticeable improvement in image quality and depending on the capabilities of your TV over previous generations.

    For users who own an older generation and are wondering whether or not to upgrade, it may indeed be worth considering.

    Here is a table below offered by Markswift2003 and which indicates the profiles supported by the Zidoo RTD1619DR


    Source Markswift2003 :
    ''Recommended Settings and other useful stuff for RTD1619 Players''




    Zidoo devices are designed for local content, not online streaming, and they do not have agreements in place with streaming providers.

    If you want to stream content from sources like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+ etc..., an Android TV device or native TV apps will be a better choice.

    So I repeat, don't buy a Zidoo device hoping to use it with video streaming service apps.

    On the other hand, if you're looking for a great value media player to enjoy your movie collection using your NAS or external hard drives, you can't really go wrong with a Zidoo device.

    I've had several brands of media boxes in the last few years and Zidoo is the one I chose.


    For your information and to avoid disappointment to eventual buyers

    Here's what I'd like to see resolved by Zidoo​

    Black Level Issues
    BD menu processing

    Music Player problems with mainly HD FLAC sources being 24-bit (88.2, 96, 176.8, 192)

    DSD => PCM conversion with HDMI output is still 16-bit instead of 24-bit.

    3D not triggered when playing 3D-BD ISO with Menu.

    Roon certification problem


    Here are some examples of recurring problems and it causes a lot of disappointment to the users.

    Confirmed aggregated problems FW V6.3.2


    source Markswift2003

    ''Apparently it is a SOC issue - The engineers will try to solve the issue, but as VS10 is from Dolby, Zidoo has no permission to modify.
    Hopefully they can find a solution, but at least it has their attention!''

    This message will be updated in case Zidoo fixes these problems



    For those interested

    To find out where to order a Zidoo device and questions about customs duties, here's how I do it.

    Personally I've been ordering directly by email for a long time (and I did the same with Egreat and Himedia at the time), I like to have a contact person to talk to and get good service too.

    Here are the 2 emails you can use to order a Zidoo device, you will get excellent service, they are courteous and listen to customers, personally I use David's email.

    When I order a unit, I ask what can be done with customs documents about the value of the device and take their advice / advice into account, after that it is a personal choice and it is up to you to decide.

    Do not hesitate to write to them for more informations.


    Zidoo Official Store

    Zidoo German Store

    Zidoo Aliexpress Store ... 1234gUyM3i

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    loving this thread

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