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    I think that would make it all very confusing where they overlap - I think best to just continue this one..
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    Being one of the contributors on both: It's fine for me. ;)

    Checked all mine and removed those off-topic or not relevant anymore.
    Carried over one being the French comments on the Neo X with my updated comments in blue :
    This is very actual and valuable feedback.

    - No Dual HDMI audio and video separate output
    Strange for me too. Seems to be the original motherboard made for interworking with the front panel.
    - No optical digital input (a pity for those who would have liked to connect their TV to listen to headphones for example or to use the DAC).
    Digital input is far better above all for HiFi sound. Convertors do exist but should have been easy to add this port too? Yes TV's mostly use Optical only (despite being the wrong choice).
    - No analog input to connect a CD player with a quality DAC for headphone listening.
    OK For using the Headphone AMP section only. Not a very common deployment. But you can DAE those CD's connecting an USB CD/DVD/BD-drive.
    CD-players with a better DAC but no headphone output (if existing at all) are very rare.

    - No XLR 4 pin balanced headphone output (obliged to use a Jack 4.4 / XLR adapter)
    Using a plug adapter is not a real big deal. Too many plug formats around to include them all.
    The headphone provision is excellent and complete in my view.

    Of course, depending on your way of use, these points of view can be relevant or not.
    Agreed. The first point is the most relevant for me.
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    Up for Pre order Neo X £1599.99
    5.2 inch Oled Touch Screen .
    did say it be Available to all Dispatch 3rd August 2021
    form an orderly cue . 0A9722B1-26EF-48AA-857D-F64286F2AAED.png
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    Great news! It seems that after the initial preorder Futeko is not stocking the device but only ordering it from Zidoo when customers are ordering.
    Understandable given the price and the expected amount of potential buyers.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Dont blame them it is an expensive unit to be sitting on your shelf waiting for orders to come in .
    Now wheres my Demo unit coming …….
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    For those who are interested, here is a link with lots of details and pictures about the Neo X

    It's a review from our friends (from Taiwan/China ?) but with chrome you can translate it in English

    Link :



    See you soon
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    Even after translation is is fairly difficult to read for me.
    The inside pictures are vey nice to really starting appreciating this player.

    My own review will be starting the coming weeks as my unit is due to arrive next week. :cool: :D
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    Great !

    I'am waiting for your DAC and headphone review :cool:
    I don't care about the picture :p
    I already have in my homecinema the UHD2000.

    I think this Neo X would be perfect in the living room wired to my HiFi system
    I will read of course your feeling about the picture also because one day I will replace my old Plasma TV and the Neo X will have to feed the brand new one ;)
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    This saves me from dismantling the box myself. :D :cool:
    A quick peak at it learns me the following:

    The first thing that strikes me is how big this thing really is (W=292, Length=395, H=110). The pictures don't show it in perspective with other models. Made some pictures of the Neo X with Z9X on top myself. See attachments: Maxi and Mini.

    The length/depth of the box is directly related to the DAC and Analog processing board which includes all relevant components residing on a single board including the DAC's PSU stabilizers and the headphone amplifiers. It stretches all the way 40 cm's from the front headphone connectors to the rear XLR connectors.

    A second board, in this case unit wide, holds the Analog RCA outputs, PSU main stabilizers and other circuitry including the trigger circuitry, IR-in, RS232 port and the S/PDIF outputs.

    The 3rd board mostly covered by the previous is the motherboard and was clearly designed specifically for this player. It e.g. also holds the DAC External Input circuitry, AC input logic and the 2 toroidal transformers.
    That explains why the RAM is still 2 GByte, the Flash 16 GByte and having only one HDMI port. Having experience with other players using those specs too, I frankly don't regard it very relevant or functional limiting in any way. That second HDMI Audio output is a real miss though as many will be using quality old(er) AMPs'. From the marketing perspective it may look a bit odd (the topmodel having lower specs here than the UHD3000 for HDMI outputs and memory).

    Unlike UHD3000 this PSU design uses Linear PSU's for all parts and isn't a hybrid design. The PSU shield on the mainboard only covers the AC input filter and voltage adoption for the transformers it seems. This also seen the size of the PSU stabilizer heatsinks capable of dealing with bigger loads.

    The last 4th board is the front panel board making it a compact design with very few cables.

    The remaining free space is fully allocated to the HDD docking bay in a shielded cage.

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    Got my unit. Questions about it will be answered as long it is not about sound quality. Running FW 6.6.15 which is a general FW6.3.15 equivalent I suppose.

    It sounds very well no doubt about that but a lot more listening and comparing is needed for a bit more objective judgement.

    For those asking themselves how MQA works with an ES9038PRO DAC the answer lies in the fact that this DAC panel uses a superior XMOS XU216 interface which takes over the MQA processing. For sure an improved combination over ES9068+XU208 for UHD3000.

    Power measurements:
    Standby: 1.6 W
    Idle: 16.4 W
    HDD 3.5 Startup: 45+ W
    HDD 3.5 Active: 31.6 W
    HDD 2.5 Active: 19.4 W (using a 2.5 => 3.5 adapter)
    These figures confirm the sole use of 2 Linear PSU's and are slightly above those of the UHD2000 using a single Linear PSU. No surprises here.

    Warning: Typical front panel related setup items can only be found and changed using setup via the front panel.
    These are not to be found under Quick Setup using the TV interface nor the Zidoo Controller APP. This includes the use of VU-meters/Spectrum Display (ironically called screensavers here because it is timer driven), Volume Control Steps, Headphone Gain and black/white skin etc. It really got me confused for a while as it is not mentioned in the setup manual.
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Christ it is big but so Deep to .
  12. mirak

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    Do you mean you can't use the remote control to turn down or up the main volume for the Headphones ?
  13. Nice Monkey

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    Both do work next to using the Zidoo Controller APP for that. :)
    Just used for setting the increase/decrease per click using the volume knob (0.5, 1, 2 or 3 db). Nice detail.
  14. mirak

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    Good thing !
    My Neo X will be delivered tomorrow :)
  15. Nice Monkey

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    Good to know. :cool:
    Please share your experiences. :rolleyes:

    I hope your rack is big enough, had some serious troubles to get it fitting into mine

    You may P.M. me too.
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    The biggest thing in my modest view is the need for some urgent updates is the actual use of the Front Display. This amongst others taking over the functionality of the Front Panel on other Zidoo models (Icon's and time display) with the various players (Video, Music, Picture).

    It has high potential but is not used as it could be yet even for core player functionalities. I am in dialog with Zidoo about this.
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  17. Sledgehamma

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    Can you make a video or some pictures how the display behaves?
    I’m told that it doesn’t do anything while video playback :/
  18. Nice Monkey

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    Confirmed: It doesn't do anything during video playback as-is. I expect Zidoo to change this asap.
    Expected to see some Info and/or the time display at least readable from a distance!
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    I really hope so. Progress bar, title of movie and cover would be nice.
  20. mirak

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    As I said on another forum, this touch screen is dedicated for Headphones listening session.

    The NEO X is first a Headphones amp / DAC.

    Who needs to see the movies poster wall or a progress bar on this small Oled screen ?

    We use the App or the TV screen fot that.

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