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    48BC4CD0-F045-47E2-AB72-0C7BAAE07C83.jpeg .
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    13F9CBE2-C023-4F35-BBD2-ACA31149DE57.png F255CB21-A6C8-4882-A444-D6C7DF076F86.png 85B9D203-28F1-4D61-B2D3-F02F69AADAA5.png 2AEBB6D4-6DA6-4F8D-A237-2F84C06664E7.png 879C4AE8-77D1-47B1-A06D-AABCD12AB4B8.png Some Specs :
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    It could not miss and a new HiFi Vision range topmodel is coming from Dune being the "Dune HD Ultra Vision 4K" model.
    The price is € 1700 with VAT included for the EU and $ 1.500 for the US so not a bargain. It is € 200,- above the already not cheap previous Dune HD Ultra 4K model.

    Regarding specifications it looks a lot like an in all aspects upgraded Dune HD Max Vision 4K model. Dimensions: W430 x L350 x H100 mm which is higher and also deeper than average HiFi units.
    I would not be surprised if the display in fact can be used later with a FW update as screen clone with touch control just like Zidoo? It seems big enough for that and has the right aspect ratio (guess it is about 5 inch in size too).
    There is an extra HiFi S/PDIF Digital Output in the DAC marked area stated for External DAC connections running via the XMOS processor. How useful that is?
    All SOC related inputs/outputs are provided just like on other Vision models including even the standard analog SAC outputs. These should work concurrently with sound via HDMI which makes it not such a bad idea after all despite confusing some for sure.

    Not mentioned is it's potential support for MQA as it has the XMOS XU216 chip onboard which is the upgraded XMOS version for specifically that.

    A clear challenge for Zidoo so I expect Neo X to come now quick too.
    About time to revive this thread I think after this big teaser.

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    Maybe or maybe not....month of June

    And I will move my thread to the Neo X when the time comes

    See you

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    Neo X Spec - Details above
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    Thanks for these. Back to using Sabre with the ES9038Pro in this case. I wonder how they get MQA with that one? Using XMOS XU216 too?

    I see the back panel changed too with several Digital Inputs sacrificing HDMI-Input and SOC Analog Outputs.
    That is a very good swap in my view.

    It is a pity other specs are not upgraded like 4 GByte RAM and 32 Gbyte Flash with BT 5.0 or is that just a mistake? The in itself very nice BT module CSR8675 is actually 4.2 level it seems (but I see also 5.0 being mentioned). There is an extra BT Antenna now so something must have changed!
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    Specs may have changed hence the Delay …….?
    There must be an issue or just tweaking the firmware who knows .

    Bluetooth should really be 5.0 or 5.1 spec wise deff .

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    Just added hard drive access photo .
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    Hello Delucas,

    Why don't you put the link of the fcc website it would be easier
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    Yeah perfect for populating it permanently with music content using a 2.5 inch HDD (absolutely silent)
    Took me a while before realizing that HDD slot was present.

    I still do like those local controls of Neo X on the front a lot. It makes it a real standalone capable music player without needing a TV or even a remote control.
    I don't know why but it looks nicer in silver for me. Probably the contrast of the front text. The anthracite should have white text?
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    Just uploading the important stuff .
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    Finally :)
    Why only 2GB RAM?
    OLED panel is "HD", does this mean 720p or 1080p?
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    BT is confirmed to be 5.0 on the Zidoo home pages.

    I think they still use the original mainboard from 2 years ago with 2Gbyte RAM and 16 GByte Flash confirmed. It probably has dedicated circuitry for the Front panel interface.
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    Is it a pity the pictures are not high quality. Boards are put into 2 layers hiding a big part of the design. The SOC mainboard, analog XLR section, main PSU circuitry and DAC input circuitry remain completely hidden. The Transformers, first board with DAC panel combined with its stabilizers and the front outputs is visible. Next visible is the board with the top layer rear port circuitry this is including RCA outputs having the AMP's on sockets.

    Nice overall design though showing a high quality build for both the chassis and the boards.
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    It is announced as High End player!? There must be one additional HDMI Audio Out, Dolby Atmos and MCH DSD support.
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