Some news for X10/X9S/X8

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  1. rik81h

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    @Nice Monkey yes that is what i was wondering, if the x10 had the hardware capable of hdr10+, shame if it hasn't.

    From my understanding hdmi 2.1 isn't specifically needed for 10+, LG and some other sets have already been updated to support for streaming apps, my panasonic will follow. My new Marantz receiver i believe should also be capable of pass-through.
    Of course 2.1 will be needed for most other features of 2.1.
  2. Nice Monkey

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    HDMI2.1 enables multiple new standards (HDR10+ is just one of those) to pass the HDMI interface and also offers more bandwidth.

    - HDR10+ as such does not require HDMI2.1 ( translated to higher bandwidth) but when combined with the current standards for UHD/4K Blu Ray it may.
    Streaming services use highly compressed UHD/4K and can be combined with HDR10+ or DV easily still staying within HDMI2.0 bandwidth capabilities.

    - Running a streaming APP on a TV will not require HDR10+ to be supported by any HDMI EDID handshaking HW, just supporting the HDR10+ decoding standard itself will already do.
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Hdr10 plus will be added to 2017 brand tv and also can be implemented in to the 2016 range tv via a firmware update
    So no sign of hdmi 2.1 on those sets .
    and hearing can be added to 4K blu ray players .

    Hearing its just a firmware update provided the chip can support it .
  4. leonkoum

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    Any news for new fw? :rolleyes:

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Fingers crossed this weekend .........
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  6. HaoSs

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    They are probably working to lounch the x20 right now. So I don't think will see one before that
  7. New FW 2.0.25 for X9s is already released. Hopefully FW for X10 is on the way :)
  8. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    Oh. Surprise me. Than yea.We should see one soon for rest
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  9. Husak Gabor

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    And the Picture problem persists, I do not understand how not Zidoo repaired like that? Clipping- und Banding-Problem ???????

    Only - System
    1. Solve the flashback problem with Raytheon iii at 1:55:00
    2. Added the HDMI sound output shutdown function
    3. Optimized online video playback
    4. Added theme switching for desktop and ZIDOO applications
    5. Fixed the problem of no sound on the DTS-HD audio track for some films
    6. Fixed the problem of playing some video occasionally green screen
    7. Optimization of small offset of 23.976 frame rate in some resolution and color depth modes

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