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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Correct me i maybe wrong on this but you cant carry over the Dolby Vision coding via file transfer ?

    So it maybe a waist going that route .

    Anyone can confirm this Dolby Vision transfer .
  2. Gianmaria

    Gianmaria Member

    I suppose that cinavia Can stop the playback if you don't use a legal UHD but....Who knows

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Cinivia is only comes to effect if you use a blu ray drive / 4K drive - optical drive
    Or a unit has one installed .

    Android boxes dont seem to be effected on this .
  4. 4kHD

    4kHD New Member

    the Oppo 203 will play the DV layer intact if the UHD Blu ray is kept in .iso format, i know HT.V2 also plays UHD .iso's as i have tried a few but sadly for DV we would need Zidoo to add it to these players

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    I thought Oppo dropped iso blu ray support via a later firmware update starting with the oppo 93
    3/4 through its production .

    Or has things changed with the 203 model and firmware ?

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    We need to go Android 7.1 first before we go Dolby Vision route or the hint of it .
  7. 4kHD

    4kHD New Member

    if you use the CFW firmware for the oppo it will do .iso playback
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  8. Gianmaria

    Gianmaria Member

    So oppo 203 Can playback DV files also without a UHD Bluray disk. Have i understood It correctly?
  9. 4kHD

    4kHD New Member

    There are conflicting reports some say it will playback DV and some say it will not.
  10. Gianmaria

    Gianmaria Member

  11. 4kHD

    4kHD New Member

    You asked could it playback DV without UHD disc and i reported on that, i think everyone knows that the 203 can playback DV titles from disc no problem with standard firmware.

    I am talking abount Custom Firmware and playing back from USB with .iso file.

    tell you what why dont you buy oppo 203 install CFW and tell us all on here if it plays back DV title with CFW from .iso file
  12. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    Sony stuff! Remembered VHS vs Beta? DV is proprietary of Sony, few month ago there were no DV media because Sony did not released it sooner. Lot of 4K TV do not have DV, 4K bluray does transcode DV to HDR. Propietary mean you must comply to Sony rules. Sony kill 3D TV by buying the main provider of TV 3D chips (NVidia) and over charge to other TV manufacturer. Android 6.0 do not natively have support for DV, android 7.1 start support DV but need to be activated by device manufacturer. Maybe Zidoo could have DV because all the internal video support are reengeneer (not android api) but no need to post again and again, wait for future firmware!
  13. 4kHD

    4kHD New Member

    DV is not a proprietary of Sony, DV (Dolby Vision) is owned and maintained by Dolby Laboratory

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Correct and they charge a heavfty fee per unit for products to carry that Dolby Vision Logo
    Wether Zidoo could afford it ?

    But Like said before Android 7.1 is req
    The unit would have to be fully tested for a while
    New software written
    The cost would go up

    But you never know
    But more than likely it come on a newer box with new chipset .
  15. 4kHD

    4kHD New Member

    you will probably see Android 7.1 on the next release something that uses the RTD1296 chipset, and this time it will run Android TV software and not the Android Mobile version that is used on the X8/X9/X10

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Thats my way of thinking
    Ive not seen anywhere yet of a 1295 chipset on Android 7.1
    At this moment in time but Dune on its release notes say 6.1 / 7.1 Android on same chipset ?

    Be awesome if the X10 / 9s get 7.1
    Fingers crossed we may .
  17. SaskMedia

    SaskMedia Member

    Dolby Vision requires a licensing royalty.. from what i've read on other forums it's about $3 a device. Whether Zidoo will absorb the cost is anyones guess... I would personally pay $3 for a license key to activate it.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Yes ive mentioned that in numerous threads
    Or one way round is just have a “ Zidoo Dolby Vision app £4.99 “ you pay for from this site or google download
    So people who want pay for it and those dont .

    Hence box will stay the same price as such .
  19. rik81h

    rik81h New Member

    Just to jump on the end regarding DV, i presume it's possible for hdr10+ to be added down the road? DV is all but a flop at this point with the support that's now backing 10+, just waiting on firmware update for my tv so i can have prime back in hdr.
  20. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    I read somewhere Philips is doing this for their new disc UHD BD players launched in the US. The DV capable versions are $ 50,- higher in price.
    Very much doubt the mere $ 3 license for DV mentioned here. Those $ 50 extra asked by Philips sound far more likely. That amount is a real reason for manufacturers to drop the DV feature.

    HDR10+ (dynamic HDR) very probably will come soon but never will come with a mere FW update. It requires HW processing and also a far bigger bandwidth enabled by the newly released HDMI2.1 standard.
    My educated guess says that HDMI2.1 with all the new Video modes supported (HDR10+, 8K, 4K-3D, 4KP120 etc) is going to be the next big innovation requiring new TV's, new AMPs, new media players and even new HDMI cables. Start saving money if you want to go for it.
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