Recommended Settings and other useful stuff for RTD 1619BPD Players

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  1. My devices support DV. I watch converted Blu-ray to DV via Zidoo with no issues. I was only asking about DVDs.
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  2. Markswift2003

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    Neither did the Z9X unless you loaded a DV EDID…
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  3. andyt1000

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    Going to upgrade later in the year,still using my H6 PRO for 4K Remuxed discs without problems.
  4. Jim N

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    Just got my Z9X Pro. Im sure I will run into stuff as I ramp up use of it but for now have a couple of questions. I have the Z9XP running through an Emotiva RMC-1 processor then to a JVC NX9 projector fitted with a Panamorph lens.
    - The Zidoo does not recognise the NX9 as being able to handle 3D so wont play the respective content in 3D. I have bypassed the Emotiva without any luck as well.....any ideas?
    - I have noticed that before I go anamorphic on the projector the top and bottom bars are a dark grey not a black (colour range issue?). None of my other devices have this. I see a setting on the old z9x wrt "HDMI Range" and assume it may help but it isn't there on the new version. Thoughts?
    - Does anyone have an EDID file for a JVC NX9 (RS2000)?

    Thank you for your help.

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  5. My DVD issue converting to Dolby Vision is fixed. All my Blurays and DVDs convert to DV using VS10.
  6. blenky

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  7. woodymogs

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    We're obviously following the same threads lol.

    I've been experiencing some issues with DV playback and noticed the comments above. I've been using TV led on my Z2000/Sony A80j and noticed this evening that changing to player led shows 12 Bits BT2020 DV on screen (TV led shows RGB 8 bits). Like you, this stuff is way above my pay grade and normally I just use the recommend settings from this forum but having had some DV problems already I'm curious to hear what someone more knowledgeable can advise.
  8. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    That's correct as TV led should show as 8bit as its using RGB tunneling, which sends through the 12bit data. What I don't understand is the claim that the Realtek chipset is not doing it correctly. TBH on my TV, TV led and player led look the same?
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  9. woodymogs

    woodymogs New Member

    Right now I find it really confusing because there's been a FW update for the Zidoo players. Prior to the update I had several problems with DV playback. Since the update, and having changed the Zidoo to player led, no problems.

    Is DV playback better.. Only played one file and I thought so, but is that the new FW, changing to player led or a placebo effect?
  10. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    I honestly don't know. Just asking on here if there is an issue with TV led DV as I haven't noticed anything. I use TV led as I want the TV to handle the DV info and not the player.
  11. Markswift2003

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    Sorry for the late reply - been sunning myself in Spain...

    So without having to trawl through pages of nonsense, is this about tone mapping being carried out in the player in TV Led?

    If so, this might help shed a bit of light:

    Dolby Vision has been a bit of a s**tshow since Sony messed up their processors in around 2015 or so when the original ethos of Dolby Vision being the same on all devices was blown to bits because of a cockup by one of their biggest customers.

    But bottom line - no - enjoy the movies... it is what it is and it works.
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  12. When I start a movie whether it is Blu ray or DVD, the subtitle come on and I have to manually turn it off in the menu. Is there any way to turn the subtitle off permanently so it won't show up when I start a movie?
    Is there a way to turn off the subtitle but Zidoo automatically shows forced subtitle when the actors are speaking a foreign language?
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  13. Markswift2003

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    Settings/Playback/Default Language/Default Subtitles > Off

    Settings/Playback/Forced Subtitle > Auto
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  14. Many thanks Mark,
    It worked. Appreciate it.
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  15. LFA

    LFA New Member

    Does z9x pro support Dolby Vision/4K/Dolby Atmos for streaming services: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video?
  16. LFA

    LFA New Member

    Does z9x pro support streaming services: Kanopy, Hoopla?
  17. electrobento

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    No. This device is not meant for streaming services.
  18. kokobsb

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    So i used the recommended settings the only issue i ran into is bluray menus , some will work no problem but others will not i think it has to do with resolution , when i changed the setting to switch frame rate only and i locked the resolution to 4k 23hz then all bluray menus started working , i compared it with the z9x setting and that was the only difference.
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  19. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Unfortunately, as has been talked about many many times, BD menus are the Zidoo's Achilles heel - they can be very hit and miss.

    It's a great MKV player. Not so much for full BD rips with menus.
  20. swinskyi

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    @Markswift2003 If I remember correctly you use your Zidoo with a JVC projector? Do you setup the Pro in a different way compared to previous gen? SDR and 709 or HDR and DTM by the JVC? And have you made any side by side comparisons on the old vs new Z9X?

    I use the old one with a Sony VW290ES/VW325ES. The Zidoo to output VS10 for all content and 709 EDID + limited HDMI range. Projector set to SDR and Reference mode in Rec.709. Really happy with the performance with this setup and minimal HDMI handshakes (only when there is a change in framerate). I wonder what my benefits could be by upgrading to the pro besides a snappy interface?

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