New firmware v2.0.5 version(beta) for ZIDOO X9S release

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, Jan 24, 2018.

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    Where can i find apk for HomeTheater2.0, because it not start and I uninstall it.
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  3. OlivierQC

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    hi all,

    I do not know about the HD version, but for Prometheus and Covenant (ISO UHD HDR), they work properly (language, subtitle, extra, ...).

    see you
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    Hello Nice monkey,

    i confirm


    Hello Mirror, Free Roc and spring...if you read this message.

    is it possible to check on your side, Jack Reacher 2 ISO UHD HDR.

    see you
  5. There is a problem with Home Theater V2.0. The app allows for creating a folder to cache movie information from the internet. This information is not being retained and requires refreshing every time the Z9s is turned on.

    The information collected is only partially retained for my library. The movie information metadata (year, description, rating etc) is always preserved in my experience but the movie poster and movie image background are only retained for a random amount of the movies in my library and need to be refreshed by the internet connection which means for some time, the items are missing. Why can't this information be retained?

    Is this how it was intended to work?

    Another issue the software has is in the area that the movie description shows. If the movie description is longer than four lines, the remaining text is cut off. There is no way to see the rest of the text.
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    + 1 im experiencing the same thing .
  7. More HT V2.0 issues:

    1) The poster backup function will allow the selection of a location to backup the poster files but not a location to restore. - Never mind, not an issue. Just Didn't understand interface

    2) I wonder if the backup function actually works because it saved the backup in about one second.

    The concept as imagined for HT v2.0 is great but like many things with the Zidoo X9s/X8, the actual doesn't measure up to the idea.
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    Hello Zidoo Team,

    Jack Reacher 2 iso UHD HDR creates a problem with the BD menu of all my movies ISO / BDMV.

    If I use the BD button to open the BD menu of Jack reacher 2 (as we know the BD menu of this movie does not work with the zidoo devices) the BD menu will not work for all movies after that, and you have to restart the zidoo so that everything come back in order.

    For information : I thought it might be a problem with the video file Jack Reacher 2 but
    it is working properly with Egreat devices.

    I do not know what's inside this video file that creates this problem with Zidoo Devices only.

    see you
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  9. OlivierQC

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    Hello Zidoo Team,

    Westworld ISO UHD HDR tv show is not recognized by Home Theater V2.0, and according to other people there are a lot of tv shows that are not recognized correctly.

    see you
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    MKV with H. 264 60P Codec still didn't play with 60 FPS, only with 50FPS. This results in Stuttering. :mad:

    MP4 with H. 264 Codec plays well with 60 FPS, but playback hangs very often. :(
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    Where are te subtitle preference settings where I can put preference language, intern or extern subs etc.
    I don't mean the settings per movie but the system settings.
    Now for every movie I have to set the subtitles (language, color, intern/extern and so on) This is annoying.
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    Thank you for the update, but this a 2.0.5 beta version. Not bad and I see something developed. It has succeeded in showing the italics letters (only srt) and the subtitles is no delays.

    I found the following mistakes:
    1. The display did not turn off (There is already "OFF" set in setting). I use it in the back ON-OFF switch. I do not want to show clock, I'm distracting.
    2. Every time when ZDMC starts, always error message pops up: "Remote communication server failed to start." - Same problem from Sommerman
    3. Movie Theater 2.0 is not yet perfect. They can't normal read the all movie data. I don't want to be in a movie collection (etc. Police Academy 1-2-3... because there is mixing). Only good ZDMC can read the movies data.

    I'm glad there Zidoo is continuous development. :)
  14. This is beta - yes or no.

    in the download area has v 2.0.5 but does not say that it is beta
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    here too
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    Me too the same issues... i hope to fix it
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    I do not have this beta firmware installed as I'm a new owner, but I see wesk05 reported that on version 1.5.0, 23.976 content is output at 24.000 when YCbCr 4:4:4 or AUTO color space is selected, causing a stutter every 42 seconds or so. I hope he doesn't mind me quoting him - I'm just trying to address the issue here:

    "It is also interesting that YCbCr 4:4:4 mode refresh rate is 24Hz instead of 23.976Hz. It switches to 24Hz both in Auto Color space mode and when 4:4:4 is selected manually. Wonder why no one is complaining about stutter. "

    "Yes it is output as 24Hz. I think this is something new to firmware 1.5. I don't think I have seen it in earlier firmware."

    "It is on the HDMI analyzer that I noticed the output was 24Hz"

    It would be nice if we can get some confirmation on this, because this is a serious issue. Can this be confirmed on 2.0.5? Was this something that others experienced with 1.5.0?
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