New firmware v1.0.45 for ZIDOO_X6 Pro release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by warren_wh, May 10, 2017.

  1. warren_wh

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    v1.0.45 for ZIDOO_X6 Pro
    1,Improve the robustness of system.
    2,Add Quicksetting which is in the upper right corner.
    3,Add a password comfirm when set the password of APP lock.
    4,Add a wizard apk for the first boot.

    1,Fix the incorrectly display of progress bar when copying a large file.
    2,Fix the error which occurs when you open a CUE file.

    1,Optimize the sharpness of posters.
    2,Fix the recognition problem when the filename include special characters.
    3,Fix the saving problem when the posters are from the samba has a password.
    4,Improve episodes sorting.
    5,Improve the accuracy of scanning episodes out.

    1,Improve the robustness include fixing certain movies' crash.

    1,Improve the compatibility of playing in background.

    MD5 :CFBD63E6220926B4CE56438C40775AC0

    How to upgrade: l0BGlgAydKKmVViAFMcQ==.html#

    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 6.png 7.png 8.png 9.png
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  2. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    ... and somebody affirmed that X6 Pro support was dead...
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  3. Alex

    Alex New Member

    At me since v1.0.42 and above, HD channels in IPTV, a little twitches video, and in old firmwares all is good, because of this problem I returned again on v1.0.40, what has changed in new firmware?
  4. villasg

    villasg New Member

    Great news .
    Now i waiting the ZDMC 17.1 for X6 pro
  5. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    Good news indeed! Try Nodi 17 works great on X6.


    v1.0.45??!! but v1.0.44 where is it?? ahahaa
  7. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    in the same place as windows 9
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  8. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    And you call this "support"? Slow your roll funny guy. Please enlighten me on this update... And this is not the first time that worthless update come out. Another changelist full of BS.
    Where is the new ZDMC? The basic thing people bought this box for. Users wanted the new ZDMC and they gave us background music and sharper posters??? How about some changes in the clock digits for the next firmware so we can have it in color and bold? Like I said before, Zidoo support sucks big time and died 6 months ago. Prove me wrong.
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  9. ramz201417

    ramz201417 New Member

    Normal box, support commercial.No money, fuck off.Rockchip no support. terpily who bought it. goof.
  10. Andrea

    Andrea New Member

    same here...I thought it was a network issue, do you suggest me to downgrade?
  11. Leoben

    Leoben Member

  12. Alex

    Alex New Member

    Yes, try lowering to version v1.0.40, and see whether it became better, I compared several times and made sure that v1.0.40 is better for IPTV
  13. IM35461

    IM35461 New Member

    Along with my X6Pro I bought a Android tablet at the same time (last November).

    This week it updated to Android 7.

    My X6Pro however just has a wonderful new setup wizard which omits setting your time zone so you still have to access the android setup which is now more clicks away.

    I was hoping for at least a new version of ZDMC based on Kodi 17.1

    Another item I guess for the recycling centre :(
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  14. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    @IM35461 Let me quote one post from Kodi forum...
    "Its very very common for these Asian Android devices manufacturers and sellers to:
    - outright lie in their marketing propaganda material, saying that everything just works out of the box.
    - provide shit Firmware, that goes unsupported
    - upgrade Hardware every 6 months when a new Android OS comes out and that leaves previous generation Hardware owners behind.
    - take your money and run, because they are better at Marketing than actual after sales support".
  15. natzen

    natzen Member Beta test group

    ugoos update to android 6.0.1 ...why not zidoo x6?
  16. nexy33

    nexy33 New Member

    because zidoo make promises they have no intention of fullfilling do a bit reading find out which companies are good and which ones are bs buy from amazon so if its bs youcan return in first year, then the people who buy these en masse will start buying the better boxes because they dont want s hundred or so useless legos back in a year
  17. bigpoppapaul

    bigpoppapaul Member

    @PacoRabanne As a beta tester, what do you think of this new firmware? Worth the upgrade? I'm still on .39 and everything runs beautifully.
  18. OferD

    OferD New Member

  19. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Zidoo currently is no more involving bete tester in any test/debugging... who knows why?

    I don't know (yet) if this update give better results. Installed but not yet tested.
    Currently I'm using my X9S, and trying to becoming familiar with my new TV (LG 55B6V)!

    Maybe I'll try to do some tests also on my "old" X6 Pro.

    In the meanwhile, if you are satisfied by 1.0.39 FW release, keep and enjoy it.
  20. Kenny72

    Kenny72 New Member

    Hi, my X6 pro box is on FW version v1.0.43, i use only ZDMC and i have no problems, upgrade the box to FW v1.0.45 or not?
    Did someone already upgrade the box? Any problems after upgrade to FW v1.0.45?
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