Firmware 1.0.43 - Color space RGB fix

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by bovirus, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. bovirus

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    For user that update from 1.0.39 to the new 1.0.43 how can enable Color Space = RGB for old TV Sony/Philips


    Could you help us?

  2. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    OK, I'll try to ask via PM.
  3. bovirus

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    I believe that web site/forum require a big job to align many items missing (sometimes from a long time...)

    X6 Pro

    please post
    - OTA ZIP
    - 1.0.43 Fuull image flash
    - 1.0.43 for Philips/Somy (RGB Colro space)
    - Update in Zidoo web site the info about latest X6 Pro firmare

    - A5/A5S

    Missing section. Please add it.
    Please post OTA update and full image flash for A5/A5S.
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  4. HoneCharles

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    The special ota zip for philips tv click here
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  5. PacoRabanne

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  6. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    well at least one showed up :eek:
  7. bovirus

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  8. Yanche

    Yanche New Member

    Trying to resolve some errors in applications I accendently install
    Where can I download standard full 1.0.43 OTA update? I can't install v1.0.42 over 1.0.43.
  9. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    just reflash the box with last .img you can find then update to 1.0.42. OTA should update to 1.0.43. , that was a small update, never posted on forum
  10. Yanche

    Yanche New Member

    I have a problem with flashing tool. I have windows 10 (latest version) on my PC and it says that it couldn't load configuration file. I had tried to start program on compatibility mode and like administrator but the problem exists. When I press OK button the tool starts with empty screen. Because of that I can't downgrade my box. I must mention that I'm an experienced user. Please if you can send me link for the last OTA package or I will wait for next firmware version.
  11. OferD

    OferD New Member

    Great solution.

    Thanks !!!
  12. lvdoan

    lvdoan New Member

    My X6 Pro box is on v1.0.43 now but sometimes I got blue screen on Toshiba Regza LCD TV (connected thru HDMI). The box got stuck and could not be controlled by its original remote (when pointing the remote to the box the green led was still blinking but nothing happened even with the remote power button). I had to unplug the power adapter and re-plug again to power on the box.
    I wonder whether the above OTA can fix the problem?
  13. fdishy

    fdishy Member

    Why don't my 1.0.39 boxes update OTA. When I updated some (with flashdrive) the keyboard no longer works and add ons just disappear at random. Is it smarter to run 1.0.39 if possible? Either way these boxes can't update to Android 6 can they? Some of the older boxes are still working? I like to keep the boxes all the same but I also tried SPMC versions and with Zidoo anything higher than 16.4.2 also causes keyboard errors. I thought Zidoo was 4K ready? Now they want us to buy a new model? After not updating files as promised. I am now selling them at a loss.
  14. fdishy

    fdishy Member

    Why doesn't ZDMC allow 25 video add ons under video? 5 or 10 are not enough. I use a different skin that was updated in 2016.
  15. werner

    werner New Member

    The ota can't fix your problem, the ota is about philips TV cannot show the correct color.
  16. werner

    werner New Member

    ZDMC is actually on kodi zidoo company increased the ac3, DTS audio passthrough, and 3d, etc., if you don't need these functions, you can uninstall ZDMC, then install kodi version you need.
  17. fdishy

    fdishy Member

    I am getting very mixed results. My audio is now going off most of the time. I have found this on all add ons and live tv. Some boxes are still on 1.0.39 and will not OTA, should I update to 1.4.3 with flash drive or leave it alone? I am having this problem with several boxes. One is 1.0.40. It also won't update OTA. I am having terrible audio sync problems with ZDMC and SPMC on 3 different boxes.. I read SPMC should not go past 16.4.2 because of Android 5.1, is this true? Is there no way to run 17.1 on these X6's? I never had problems until I updated from 1.0.39. I am scared to update past 1.0.39. If anyone knows please let me know. If 1.0.43 is the problem should I set them back to 1.0.39? I rebooted several times.
  18. fdishy

    fdishy Member

    How do you know the difference between A5/A5S?

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