New firmware v1.0.45 for ZIDOO_X6 Pro release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by warren_wh, May 10, 2017.

  1. romasiux

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    On fw 1.0.45 HDMI CEC stopped working. Before it woks OK.
    Thank You
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    Will new updates be made for zidoo x6 pro?
  4. Magnus71

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    My H96 pro plus came this morning 3 weeks after the order (I'm in Italy).
    Nougat and last Kodi loaded with usual crap for pirate movies and series.
    No native video player with SMB support, no system video resolution setup, poor 4k playback on 5GHz wifi network. I wasted 52,73 €!!!
    Nothing that was working on Zidoo X6 pro some minutes before so I decided to keep Zidoo with some flaws but at least IS playing fine mkv from my NAS.

  5. Rene Veen

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    Use a videoplayer from appstore like VLC or Emby or any you like. There are many to choose from
  6. PacoRabanne

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    The only problem is that Media Center uses only Zidoo Player (asked for an alternative, no Zidoo answer), and I'm not able to use another external player except Zidoo Player in ZDMC (done the suggested tricks, no success), and VLC or MX Player aren't able to browse SMB shares or (for ZDMC) UPnP servers.
    Never tested Emby...
    P.S. there are some UPnP brovser, none with an interface (compatible with IR remote) that I like. Maybe there are something other I don't know, so any advice is welcome!
  7. Rene Veen

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    Check bsplayer free version or vlc for Android beta both are smb capable
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  10. symish

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    A couple of questions:

    - does hdmi deception apk work with this rom? I need this apk to use skygo

    - does the official kodi 17 work well on this rom? Now I have kodi 17.3 installed on my zidoo rom and HD streaming channels or HD streaming videos go slow (audio is ok, while Both video and audio are ok with sd videos). Is this an issue from kodi 17 or is it an option I should change in kodi 17 (something like "hw acceleration" or similar)?

  11. What about the instructions to flash this ROM? Is it the same as flashing Zidoo's firmware with the native firmware update tool?

    Checking, since there is a Flash_Tool_&_Drivers.7z file alongside the ROM file.

    -- Update --

    I found these down the post you provided. How did you go about it though?


    Before Installation
    - Make sure USB Power saving mode is disabled for the USB Port you use to flash the device
    - Use a PC Back USB Port and not ones from the front or a laptop
    - Pause Antivirus software for 10 minutes to not interfere with the flashing or cause high disk usage.
    - Make sure device was connected to PC before in flash mode and drivers were installed

    To Install the drivers
    1. If flashing for the first time, you need to install the drivers with DriverInstall.exe
    2. If you recently upgraded your operating system to Windows 8.1 or higher, it's also a good idea to install the latest drivers.
    3. Let your PC recognize the device and automatically install the drivers
    - Connect the device with an OTG Port and cable to PC
    - Now connect the power adapter
    - Before plugging the power adapter into the device, hold a paperclip into the reset hole of the device, keep holding it while connecting
    the power. You will hear a 'click sound' that Windows has now recognized the USB device.
    - It will ask to install the drivers or install it automatically.

    Flashing the ROM
    1. Select 'Upgrade Firmware' in AndroidTool v2.35(Second tab)
    2. Click on the 'Firmware' button to load the firmware(update.img that you extracted from the 7zip compressed file)
    3. Click 'EraseFlash' to wipe your device, wait for it to finish.
    4. Click 'Upgrade' to flash the new firmware.
    5. Wait about 2 minutes after flashing and before unplugging device for firmware to settle.
    6. Disconnect from PC and connect to TV.
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    Hi All,
    just downloaded v 1.0.45. When i go to iAbout my software version is v 1.0.39 and when i click update i get a different screen than the tutorial says ;
    - Online Update
    - Local Update
    - Recovery
    - Update log
    # Automatically check online upgrade

    When i enter it says " now is the latest version"

    And on this page i can't get to my extern harddisk to unzip the v 1.0.45 file to install !

    thx in advance
  13. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    unzip what ? you don't unzip, just lick local update and point the app to the ota zip file
  14. Bogdan

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    It looks that you are new in using this boxes. Unless you got it for free, you should do yourself a favor and return it. The box is not anymore appropriate for what is around on the market and in apps area and the support is lately totally missing. So buy a cheaper and better device, it will bring for sure more for you.
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  15. mkme

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    its from june 2016 with ZDMC, Kodi and Confluence under Settings
  16. mkme

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    the shop died a silence dead......hmmm wonder why :rolleyes:
  17. nice159

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    Bro X6 is dead since end od 2016. Zidoo support sucks big time. Return or ask for the refund if you can and never buy Zidoo devices.
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  18. BowWow1954

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    Have now given up on this box and ordered Minix U9 - I'll never buy any Zidoo again and will actively advise people not to touch any of their products!
    If I'm happy with the Minix, they'll get another 5 sales from friends of mine who are waiting on my opinion of it.
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  19. Folks, I followed the instructions and flashed the ROM mentioned above. It is superfast! Especially noticeable when coming from Zidoo's stock Lollipop. Please make sure you use a good quality and working USB Type-A to Type-A data cable. There are two or three minor crashes while going through some of the settings menu items, but they are negligible.

    No crashes in its Kodi variant yet and is a smooth experience.

    One thing however, the homescreen on this ROM sucks. I got around this by flashing Nova launcher. Nova is not ideal for a TV box; this is where Zidoo's own launcher comes first class. I haven't flashed (or sideloaded) Zidoo's homescreen app, and not sure if it can even be done or if would work if somehow done, but this is something migrants to this ROM need to be aware of.

    As this thread pertains to a release version, I will post this on another thread to benefit other users of the X6 Pro until we continue to use the model before boycotting this company's products, like they did its customers.

    If you do upgrade, hope all goes well for you. Cheers and good luck.
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