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  1. Suwat Jaikam

    Suwat Jaikam New Member

    pls suggest how i can make it separate 2-3 HT when i add source it usually show in same page
    but i want to separage Movie , Series , Documentary
  2. Zidoo identifies my 3D movies when I add “3D” at the end of the movie name (with a space).

    How can I make Zidoo identify children movies?
    I added “children” after the movies name, but it didn’t work.

    Does anybody know how to do that?

  3. Deano86

    Deano86 Active Member

    It doesn't identify children movies as much as just displaying all those movies that you haven't locked as being "Unavailable for children".....
  4. thanks again :)
  5. starboard

    starboard New Member

    Can anyone help??

    Bought a Z10 & X20 this past summer and having issues with collections. I figured most of everything out but collections is a dead end for me. Collection takes almost all of my movies and makes them part of a collection even though they are just a single movie. I can get rid of those that I do not want in there.

    My problem is with the list of collections that pulls up to the right of the screen that you add movies to them to make a collection. How do you delete movies from that list? I tried to make up a new collection and I added three of the same movie to the list by mistake and can’t delete the extra ones. Also I cannot add the movies I want into the new collection I added. It seems that you do not have any control deleting or adding new movies on your own with collections.

    Thanks as any help would be appreciated.
  6. Go to the collection folder, choose the movie you want to remove from the collection and hold the OK button for a second while the movie is selected. It'll give you a few options including to remove the movie from the collection.
  7. starboard

    starboard New Member

    Thanks Shahrokh for the reply…noted that I know how to get rid of those movies in the collection folder. The movies that I want to get rid of are not in the collection folder. It’s the collection list that comes up to add new movies to the collection, right side bar that pops up. Can’t find where that list of collections is actually stored. Actually just want to be able to delete movie collections from that list. Holding any function key on the remote does not give you a pop up option to remove/delete any of the movies from the list. Do you know how to delete movies from that list?
  8. Now, I know what you're talking about. I tried one before to delete one of those collection folders but I wasn't able to. I couldn't find the delete option for those folders.
  9. starboard

    starboard New Member

    And yes......thanks again...….that is where the problem lays...…...the delete option is not readily available...….it would be nice to know where that list is buried at, I have movies on that list under collections that I don't even own and never even heard of. Need a little more control and options over that static list Zidoo.
  10. Brad Scott

    Brad Scott New Member

    When I upgraded to the latest version of the firmware the HT app lost alot of the manual movie matching I had done. Under setting in the HT app there is a poster wall backup.
    Has anyone tried this before moving to a new release? Does the restore fully bring the new release up to where you left off in the old release with all the manual matched still in place?
  11. Deano86

    Deano86 Active Member

    Yes, that is the point of the backup feature.. although, when I updated to this latest version, my HT2 lost nothing match-wise that I could tell, so I didn't need to run a restore. But, just be sure to give HT2 plenty of time to run when first starting it after the update... it took some time to reload everything from my sources...
  12. fib1985

    fib1985 New Member

    Hi guys ! Which is the best naming convention for the correct movie scraping ? Any suggest ? Thanks
  13. Brad Scott

    Brad Scott New Member

    Try Using the IMDB name with spaces between the words, make sure to include the year.
  14. Telesnapguy

    Telesnapguy New Member

    I just purchased a Z10 and love all the features. On the HT2 screen, would it be possible to update the functions so you could add an unassigned video from the Others group to a Collection. For instance, I have saved several extras from a disc in the same folder as a movie. I would like to create a Collection for that movie on the poster wall and then add the movie and all the extras to the collection. Since the extras aren't recognized in any database I would be fine with just moving them to this collection I would create. Currently this is not possible as you can only re-match videos in the Others folder.

    An additional question: an alternative way would be to re-match these extras to the movie itself. This then lists each extra by a letter on the info screen (A, B, C, etc). When I do this, it movies the actual movie file over (i.e. the movie becomes option B and the extra that has been added becomes option A). Is there a way to re-sort these A, B, C, etc by a user-defined option?
  15. camerinik

    camerinik New Member

    Hi guys,
    my firmware is 1.8.9.
    Zidoo X9s firmware is 2.1.22
    I can't find the updated firmware for HT ... could you help me?
    Once started the upgrade will overwrite the old one?
    Thanks a lot
  16. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

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  17. audioguy123

    audioguy123 New Member

    I'm using HT 2.0. I have multiple sources set up (e.g. 4K Movies, BluRay Movies, Concert Videos, Movies to Re-Watch, etc) and I need to be able to select from those sources without having to look through my entire collection. And I can't figure out how to do that. Ideally, having those listed on the left side of the main poster screen would be great, but any solution would be helpful. See image:

  18. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    I don’t think you’ll find it in HT.
    Home Theatre is an amazing simple interface with scraping capabilities. It works great for smaller libraries around 200 items. Once you exceed this number you probably need to install ZDMC.
    You will find your sources listed under Videos. Complete database will be under Movies. There is extensive search capability and other good stuff. Put a better skin like Black Glass Nova and enjoy all benefits that Kodi has to offer :)

    I have my selected titles all HDR and 3D ISO in Home Theatre. The rest is in ZDMC.
  19. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    if you want your 4k movies got in 4k section then you should add .4k in your file name
    same with 3D, add .3D
    for example:
    Captain Marvel (2019).4k.mkv
    Captain Marvel (2019).3D.mkv

    but for music video their's no tag we can add :(
    for re watch, maybe you can look add History section if it just watched before or in Watched section

    for Bluray its gonna automatically devide if you have a .iso files
    and TV is the same, its its automatically coz it file naming
    for example:
    Captain Marvel (2019).iso
    the Walking Dead S09E01.mkv
  20. gollygosh

    gollygosh Member

    Anybody know how to get Specials i.e. episode 00 to work right with HT2. I go to TVMB and use Name My TV Series and 100% confirm that the special is labeled exactly as it is on TVMB - but many times - HT2 labels an episode wrong or different to TVMB. It's a computer program pulling data from a source, then via some kind of twisted logic it then labels it differently to that source (TVMB)! This is one of those things I think a Chinese software engineer got wrong, FIX IT ZIDOO, your ALGO or function for working out specials (season 00) is wrong.

    Of course if it's me, then please let me know in the comments below :)

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