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  1. Deano86

    Deano86 Active Member

    Well, FWIW on the rare occasion where I notice that a particular source has a scan that keeps going over and over again... I simply go into the source settings and manually stop the scan... then I will look at my other sources and see if they are awaiting their scans to finish... If so, I will manually select another source and manually start its scan... then when that is complete I go back to problem scan source and rerun the scan ... everytime it then completes with no issue. But, this was on my X9s running one of the last versions of H.T. 3
  2. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    I ONLY use manual! automatic is very problematic.. DESPITE using manual, it will never scan any shares in WAITING after the initial finishes... and thats IF IT FINISHES.. half the time it fails by getting stuck on a particular file, or CRASHING completely, or FINISHING with a result of ZERO files found??:confused:

    its quite a headache & frustrating but I do have a fairly large database...10,000 RECOGNIZED posters, & about same unrecognized.. altho after upgrading HT I removed all unrecognized to rescan.. apparently those unrecognized files are now just stored under random WRONG POSTERS... there is no way to find the mistakes without searching ONE BY ONE.. some posters have 50 - 80 films incorrectly stored under them..:eek:

    HOW to ever fix this IDK... WHY can't we have an alternate database to search solely by filenames? my 20 yr old net gear uses this method.. it recognizes dvd folders & bluray folders as a single file & anything else as its exact file name.. I can search easily & quick,quick, to FIND ANYTHING by file name.. the only downside with this was that u had to manually add movie info or a poster.:mad:.. But its an EXCELLENT backup search method bcuz it doesn't rely on RECOGNITION of the movie or TV show or personal recording!!

    I cannot RETIRE my old netgear streamer for this sole reason! whether its HT or Kodi Id lose access to HALF my library without this older database on my netgear...( btw- its a Netgear EVA9150, digital entertainer)

    any advice much appreciated?;)
  3. Slava_1976

    Slava_1976 New Member

    Good afternoon, everyone ... After the latest firmware (although maybe earlier) ... Zidoo stopped updating or just finding movie posters ... Moreover, thetvdb.com and themoviedb.org sites themselves function perfectly and films by titles are there at times two ... No one had such a problem?
  4. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Sorry, no - all working here (UK)
  5. burton

    burton Member

    Hi everybody
    I have a problem with HT 2.0.
    I scanned all my sources and then made a backup.It all worked fine including playback via smb.
    After a while, when i tried to restore my posters after a reset i did, it will not play movies through smb.I push the play button and does nothing.
    any ides?please help.
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  6. VonMagnum

    VonMagnum Member

    So do any newer versions of Home Theater work on the X9S (I think they're up to 4.0 on the Z9S and above?) or is this X9S box just now totally unsupported and outdated?
  7. Emmanuel81

    Emmanuel81 Member

    I'm using HT 4.0 now with my Zidoo X9s . Once you update the firmware it will included the latest version of Home Theater.
    Check out the attachment to see HT updates.

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  8. VonMagnum

    VonMagnum Member

    Thank. I'll give it a try. Have you tried the newer version of ZDMC based on KODI 1.9? I don't want to replace/update it unless it works OK.
  9. Emmanuel81

    Emmanuel81 Member

    I haven't used Kodi/ZDMC for years, so unfortunately I don't have the answer.
  10. VonMagnum

    VonMagnum Member

    I normally just use it to keep a full count of 3D titles (Zidoo interface counts collections of movies as 1 title). It has more sorting options. If it activates the same player, though it shouldn't matter which interface is used.

    I don't know if the new firmware supports any regular KODI versions (I 17.6 on there with an up-to-date network list of my 2K movies as a backup in case my NVidia Shield craps out or something). I have a hard time exporting the KODI database files from the Zidoo to backup, though. It refuses to copy them to my USB stick I use for updates and backups. No idea why (It says check log, which I cannot find since the Zidoo seems to hide everything from view somehow).

    I installed the new firmware and Home Theater 4.0 seems to work OK, but sadly, there's still no PCM audio support for their native player (i.e. Redtails has no sound, let alone Auro-3D playback which KODI somehow manages to botch on Android hardware as well (can't be bit-perfect or the receiver would see the Auro-3D signal inside the PCM audio). I was hoping the updated Zidoo firmware might play PCM correctly, but no such luck.
  11. Emmanuel81

    Emmanuel81 Member

    Sounds like you have an intricate setup, but sounds rewarding once everything runs the way it should. Good luck with everything, I hope they fix those bugs.
  12. Deano86

    Deano86 Active Member

    For the few remaining titles that had PCM soundtracks in my collection, I just used the FLAC profile on MakeMkv and it rips them to multichannel FLAC lossless audio files which play just fine on the Zidoo's.....
  13. VonMagnum

    VonMagnum Member

    I tried FLAC before, but I still didn't get Auro-3D passthrough from it with the movie Redtails. Come to think of it, that was with KODI. I should probably try it with the Zidoo. I'll have to make a FLAC version and test it. There's always a chance conversion to FLAC could somehow alter it by a single bit somewhere and that alone could make it not detect Auro-3D. But I'll try it on the Zidoo just to be sure....

    Either way, I'm afraid it might come down to Android and its apparent inability to properly pass PCM unaltered to the receiver since I've been told by KODI Windows users that they can pass Auro-3D through PCM using a certain driver option in Windows and that Android's drivers are the problem, not KODI (and thus Zidoo might not play it either since it's running on Android also). Somehow using the DTS-HD MA wrapper avoids the problem as it does pass the wrapper and its contents intact correctly.
  14. VonMagnum

    VonMagnum Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. You were correct. FLAC doesn't work for Auro-3D playback on the NVidia Shield using KODI at all, but it does work 100% correctly on Zidoo's Home Theater Player. Finally, I don't need to play it directly off the disc any longer. :D
  15. Lisa Harris

    Lisa Harris New Member

    A subwoofer is a purpose-built speaker designed to exclusively deliver bass, yet it may be the most important single part of any home theater
  16. Kavorka9

    Kavorka9 New Member

    Is there a way to move something from the TV Show section to the Movie section? I tried a workaround but it won't let me add something it thinks is a movie thing to a TV Show collection.
  17. NormanC

    NormanC New Member

    How do I change the category/categories for a movie?
    A lot of the movies have really weird categories. What is the source for them?
    I am used to being able to do that in the Zappiti desktop software and think it is a really good feature.
  18. Netmask

    Netmask Well-Known Member

    http://IP address of your Zidoo:9528/pc/
  19. NormanC

    NormanC New Member

    That does't let me change or control what goes into the default categories. I can only add new ones.
    The default "Children" category has all kinds of movies in it, not related to kids at all.
    So where do I change/control the DEFAULT categories and what determines if a movies goes into it?
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  20. Netmask

    Netmask Well-Known Member

    [/ATTACH] BFFE6E6F-505F-4DA4-A48D-6FD612BE2B5B.jpeg In the webUI under a search category Children’s the movie ‘71 is listed, what I see with that there are children caught up in that civil mess not so much “suitable for children”. However on the HT entry for 71 on the Zidoo it correctly shows War, Action, Drama etc. now they can be changed deleted or added from within the webUI that will be reflected in the Zidoo interface. How and if one can change some of the search parameters in the webUI I really don’t know. So if dies depend a lot on how you workday interpret Children’s ie as having children in the film or as a rating?

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