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  1. Telesnapguy

    Telesnapguy New Member

    I just purchased a Z10 and love all the features. On the HT2 screen, would it be possible to update the functions so you could add an unassigned video from the Others group to a Collection. For instance, I have saved several extras from a disc in the same folder as a movie. I would like to create a Collection for that movie on the poster wall and then add the movie and all the extras to the collection. Since the extras aren't recognized in any database I would be fine with just moving them to this collection I would create. Currently this is not possible as you can only re-match videos in the Others folder.

    An additional question: an alternative way would be to re-match these extras to the movie itself. This then lists each extra by a letter on the info screen (A, B, C, etc). When I do this, it movies the actual movie file over (i.e. the movie becomes option B and the extra that has been added becomes option A). Is there a way to re-sort these A, B, C, etc by a user-defined option?
  2. camerinik

    camerinik New Member

    Hi guys,
    my firmware is 1.8.9.
    Zidoo X9s firmware is 2.1.22
    I can't find the updated firmware for HT ... could you help me?
    Once started the upgrade will overwrite the old one?
    Thanks a lot
  3. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

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  4. audioguy123

    audioguy123 New Member

    I'm using HT 2.0. I have multiple sources set up (e.g. 4K Movies, BluRay Movies, Concert Videos, Movies to Re-Watch, etc) and I need to be able to select from those sources without having to look through my entire collection. And I can't figure out how to do that. Ideally, having those listed on the left side of the main poster screen would be great, but any solution would be helpful. See image:

  5. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    I don’t think you’ll find it in HT.
    Home Theatre is an amazing simple interface with scraping capabilities. It works great for smaller libraries around 200 items. Once you exceed this number you probably need to install ZDMC.
    You will find your sources listed under Videos. Complete database will be under Movies. There is extensive search capability and other good stuff. Put a better skin like Black Glass Nova and enjoy all benefits that Kodi has to offer :)

    I have my selected titles all HDR and 3D ISO in Home Theatre. The rest is in ZDMC.
  6. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    if you want your 4k movies got in 4k section then you should add .4k in your file name
    same with 3D, add .3D
    for example:
    Captain Marvel (2019).4k.mkv
    Captain Marvel (2019).3D.mkv

    but for music video their's no tag we can add :(
    for re watch, maybe you can look add History section if it just watched before or in Watched section

    for Bluray its gonna automatically devide if you have a .iso files
    and TV is the same, its its automatically coz it file naming
    for example:
    Captain Marvel (2019).iso
    the Walking Dead S09E01.mkv
  7. gollygosh

    gollygosh Member

    Anybody know how to get Specials i.e. episode 00 to work right with HT2. I go to TVMB and use Name My TV Series and 100% confirm that the special is labeled exactly as it is on TVMB - but many times - HT2 labels an episode wrong or different to TVMB. It's a computer program pulling data from a source, then via some kind of twisted logic it then labels it differently to that source (TVMB)! This is one of those things I think a Chinese software engineer got wrong, FIX IT ZIDOO, your ALGO or function for working out specials (season 00) is wrong.

    Of course if it's me, then please let me know in the comments below :)
  8. gollygosh

    gollygosh Member

    Also I have noticed some 1080p x265 10bit encoded videos will not play properly without showing smearing or unwanted artifacts on playback, some files encoded this way playback just fine, but others will not. The exact same files will playback just fine on other devices BUT this dedicated MEDIA CENTER android box and software will not. Makes me a little mad that other hardware / software combinations can get this right, but this piece of kit can't, especially when it is sold and hyped as THE MEDIA BOX to have. Also some older AVI (div3 standard files) also will not play. How hard can it be to get this to work, especially from a company that puts out this many firmware and software fixes.
  9. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith New Member

    After scrapping external USB drive for MKV movies, the Home Theater 2.0 groups some movies like Godfather 1, Godfather 2 and Godfather 3 as an "A" "B" "C" selection under one poster instead of 3 individual movies or as a Collection of those 3 movies. How do you correct that or keep it from happening?
  10. starboard

    starboard New Member

    Your answer is on page 20, post #394 by JohnS
  11. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith New Member

    Thanks so much for guiding me to the correct page and post.
  12. Blade1001

    Blade1001 New Member

    I’ve just downloaded the latest X9S update which presumably included an update for Home Theatre 2.0. At long last Zidoo have answered my prayers and have now included media symbols on the movie wall covers in ‘small’ view. So now I can see straight away whether a cover is for a 4K movie, or a BD etc etc.

    It’s a brilliant step forward and I’m very pleased . . . with one notable issue.

    With the media tag has come also a rating score?Every cover now has an ugly one decimal point score on every single cover with absolutely no way to turn it off without losing the media type symbol at the same time.

    Seriously, who’s idea was this?

    Who in their right mind wants to see the rating other people have given to a movie in their own collection? It’s in my collection because I like it and I wanted to keep a copy of it - I couldn’t give a rats ass what anyone else thinks about it, so why on earth would I want to see their ratings all over my screen?!

    Similarly, but to a lesser extent the padlock symbol to indicate it’s locked the children. Whilst it’s great to be able to prevent children accessing adult titles, I don’t want to see it plastered over the cover art on the movie wall.

    Zidoo guys, if you’re watching this thread - please for the love of god, give us the ability to toggle the score and paddling off whilst keeping the media type symbols in place!!
  13. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    How on earth can one remove incorrect 'posters??

    I have probably 10% of the posters incorrect in one way or another. This doesn't count the ones that have none.
    This problem goes as far as using completely incorrect titles that aren't even close to the actual mover. One was for a foreign movie (Italian I believe). It seems to be more common with somewhat older movies (5, maybe 10 years and more).

    Also, movies deleted from the HDD are still showing in this annoying poster wall. How does one get rid of those? Where are these images stored? Can I just delete the folder?
  14. davidson

    davidson New Member

    I got a second X9S. Is it possible to copy my Home Theater 2.0 poster infos from the older box to the new one? Or do I have to repeat the scraping process all over again? Thanks.
  15. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    backup first your old X9S in HT
    but if not choose custom directory for saving all your movie database then its gonna be pain in the ass to collect it one by one :(
    but if you already choose custom directory at first, so you only have to copy it from that directory to your thumbdrive or else then paste it to your new box
    and dont forget to paste the backup file too so you can trigger it to restore in the new box
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  16. kam186

    kam186 Member

    Anyone know how to remove ~Marvel (manually added) and one of the 300 collection (has 2 of it) from the collection management ? Some of it also not my movies also inside like 9 1/2 weeks. See the photo shown. Thanks.

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  17. s4t4n

    s4t4n New Member

    can somehow create a Video playlist in HT2.0?
    I would like to play a random trailer from a trailer folder before a movie!
  18. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    All kind of selections, like 4k, 3d, tv series ect.
    But not for all movies only!!
    Terrible and unuseble app.
    Not to mention the lack of a screensaver.
    Your oled or plasma can be permanenty
    damaged by this app.
  19. gollygosh

    gollygosh Member

    Any chance anyone knows how to get the Babylon 5 TV series to scan properly in HT2 - no matter how I label it, it never scans properly - babylon 5 so1eo1 for example = Babylon 5 Thirdspace - I have tried many label combinations and it just won't get it right - yes I know I can do it manually... It's not the only series it has issues with of course, but I was really hoping maybe someone else here has an answer.
  20. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    yeah, tv shows scrapper is the flaw from HT :(
    using imdb id may be help for your babylon 5

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