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  1. godalmighty

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    yeah, tv shows scrapper is the flaw from HT :(
    using imdb id may be help for your babylon 5
  2. gollygosh

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    OK after much hair pulling and having had issues with the way HT2 scans I think I may have cracked it, first you will need to use:-
    rename-your-tv-series-files then once installed on a windows pc - open it - then click on File - then Preferences and make sure it is setup like this %N S%S1E%E1 - %T - this denotes the way TV episodes are seen at the file level eg - Babylon 5 S04E05 - name of episode. The rest is just GUI logic - simple once you figure it out. So once you have your episodes arranged just so, add the source with these rightly named files into HT2 and then use this neat trick, use Re match on the Others folder -
    then type the name of the series into Poster Search - then the name of the series should appear under the search bar - click OK on it and then find the series on the left hand list - click OK again on the series name then a list of all the episodes should appear under video match - then DON'T click OK again, find Match Rule and change it to Episodes then click on OK and it should sort it out the right way.

    If you play around with this and remove some sources or your library is already clean with no others then it turns your Others into sort of a dedicated season or single show kind of folder that can then be scanned correctly using the above method - works for me. X9S V2.1.30 Firmware + HT2 2.51.

    Hope this helps out some end users :) also switching to Title also worked most of the time - but Accurate in that menu list seems to give HT2 a headache on some shows. Also noticed that some shows will scan some episodes right and get the rest wrong etc, use the the batch edit tool to just clear match info for ALL then use the above method, just tried it with another series that was acting up, this method fixed it. I have been using my x9s for a long time, but this is the first time I really had the time to play around with it, now I know this, my life just got a lot easier :)

    Oh and one last tip for movies that get mistaken usually for some strange foreign movie etc, try just using the name of the movie - then the year of the movie in brackets straight after it.
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  3. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    i rarely have problem with tv show to scrap the right scan result
    but almost every my tv shows have incomplete scan result, for example, from 10episodes sometimes only few episodes got the complete result and others with no fanart or no cast or no plot or alls :(
    when i download that tv show in my PC, before i transfer it to my hdd in X9S, i always do manually renaming all that filename, tv show title SxxExx - episode title
  4. s4t4n

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    which playlist generator can you recommend?
  5. Benton

    Benton New Member

    wow i never though that it can be work like that, thanks for sharing such amazing tips!
  6. Al Perez

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    Does anyone know how to fix the Mandalorian description and background scrapes, mine seems to stop after the second episode.
  7. remiart

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    Anyone knows, whether it's possible to stream movies directly from Google Drive in Home Theater 2.0?
  8. looun

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    try install https://rclone.org/ into openwrt ,maybe you need external device like raspberry pi
  9. remiart

    remiart New Member

    Thnx looun, but rclone working on the command line, hmm this can be difficult for me. Did you try this solution? Is it working?
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  12. Tony77

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    This is a bit interesting, but hear me out...

    Ive got 9,000 identified videos, from across 30 sources, yeah 30 SMB Nas DRIVES..These consist of a MIXTURE of films (domestic & foreign) & tv eps. with file types ranging from 20yr.old avi's to DVDS(iso &video_ts) to Blu-ray muxes(mkv, m2ts, mp4)..
    Here's the best....they r all mixed on EVERY source & only my DVDs have a consistent folder method of folder name of DVD then inside either ISO or video_ts folder.. Now ive also got at least 9,000 or more unidentified or incorrectly identified.

    BUT. considering this vast range & size I must admit the newer HT has IMPRESSED me with it's identification improvements & it CRUSHES ZDMC or KODI in comparison..while not perfect..the BIGGEST improvement they've added is ALLOWING SEARCH of all library INCLUDING THE UNIDENTIFIED.. this allows for at least a filename search!!!

    I understand the suggested renaming programs, BUT...wouldnt it be possible to utilize zidoo s awesome NFO OPTION?? so essentially...if I ran a good MEDIA MANAGER on my pc that I could edit on pc that CREATED corresponding NFOs, then theoretically I should be able to run HT or KODI & just tell them to use NFOS before attempting to scrape!!

    WOULD this not work?? The significant argument for using NFOs is that your library is then UNIVERSALLY compatible with almost EVERY device & software!!
    Anyone tried such a solution??
  13. snaptube

    snaptube New Member

    Thank you so much! For this great post!
  14. okun

    okun New Member

    someone will advise how to switch to 3D in this device, I just bought it Switchonshop and I really didn’t ask
  15. 3DBuff

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    It will play 3D sources in 3D by default. Check your TV or PJ. If you want to force one or the other use the setting is in the menu button when the movie is on the screen. Go down to 3D glasses.

    If you start the movie from BD menu you probably need to exit and go to Quick Settings to make adjustment.

    By default it will play all MVC frame pack good source files and ISO’s in 3D.
  16. okun

    okun New Member

    Thank you very much, I’m getting a little bit of a start, so I have to repeat several times to remember.
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    Two discs for one movie: a "Director's cut and the Original cut"
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. paxnn

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    Movie part a, Movie part b, extra disk 1, extra disk 2, behind the scenes disk
    one movie with 5 disks in one poster.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  20. Zwanzig

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    Home Theater - Movie Collection
    How to load collection graphics - poster and fanart ??
    I load movies via NFO in KODI format, load all information about movies well, including poster and fanart.
    But it doesn't show the Movie Collections graphics - poster and fanart.
    Where should the graphics be placed and under what name to correctly load into the Movie Collections ??

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