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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by manifesto1969, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Blade1001

    Blade1001 New Member

    I agree the labels would be too small on the 'Overspread' setting, but they would be fine on the 'Small' setting. The resulting cover art on 'small' is plenty large enough on a 120" screen!
  2. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    not every one have 120" screen
    like me i`m only use 55" lcd tv so it would be too small to read if the lab tag in small size poster :(

    but what zidoo should do is to seriously take care about scrapping from data base escpecially for tv show
    coz when i just add 8eps from mid season 4 Fear the Walking Dead, it cannot get the data and dump in unmatched area
    i have do it one by one episodes with put the imdb id and still it just only can recognize the episode to the season part but not with the info or their poster :(
    so they do not get the plot and the movie fanart :(
  3. Blade1001

    Blade1001 New Member

    Well of course not everyone has a 120” screen but why base the label options on only small screens. If it’s user selectable, then at least it is down to the user to select the labels, which covers all screen sizes.
  4. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    yeah i got ur point, you want that option still up so if someone have big screen can choose it and have a proper size with it
    and if i choose it so the label is still there even i cannot see it
    but i think maybe all because the wallposter gui is still use 1080p so the resolution cannot fit it
  5. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    This may not be proper thread, but it applies to goal of hometheatre..
    Lets say Im using the EMBY plugin, which works pretty nicely.. It'd be great IF i could get the files to DIRECT PLAY with zidoo's player.. The functionality is built into the emby app.. in settings there is an option for EXTERNAL PLAYER.. just can't get it to work, but I bet it's an easy fix...?

    combining these two would be the ULTIMATE jukebox.. emby serverside is very mature & can run on almost ANY OS or NAS... takes all that pain in ass stuff off zidoo player shoulders... If we could get direct play to work with the ZIDOO media Player, it should play EVERYTHING just like in mediacenter?
  6. skelton

    skelton Member

    I am having a problem adding my own backdrop images and the problem is that after selecting an image and re-open the info page for the movie title, it`s still blank and no backdrop image appears. Anyone else experiencing the same and is there any solution to this?
  7. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Is it me or HT 2.0 with the new firmware v.2.1.12 is not scraping actors and director. Only movie posters and artwork for all new movies.
  8. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    HT2.0 still good on scraping new movies
    but not for the tv shows and if you got nothing from the first try so it cannot be fix
    maybe all you have to do is to factory reset coz deleting the ht data wont do either :(
    for example, i`ve already scraped fear the walking dead s04e01-08 and it got all the fanart and the plot include the actors and the director, perfect
    then after the mid season, i add s04e09-16 and nothig for the fanart,plot and just a copy of the list of the actors
    once you got this, you never can fix it unless you do a factory reset and scan the whole again

    i know this is just a cosmetic, but i think maybe its not too hard for zidoo team to take a look for that
    and please add a function to scrap a .nfo that we can create
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  9. JohnS

    JohnS Member

    Agree, it would be nice if we could add an .info file to scrap from
  10. Camel4

    Camel4 New Member

    Suddenly if i choose a movie or a tv show and enter the info panel where you can see the summary of the movie,actors etc, the info of the resolution and the frame rate of the movie-tv show is missing although it was showing correctly for all the movies-tv shows i had before.I dont know what is the cause of this and if its happened before the last firmware update...The only solution is to play the movie-tv show (doesnt matter for how long) and if i stop it and return to the info panel it will show up the resolution and the frame rate...
    I tried to update my sources,to clear it and also tried to remove it and rescan it with now success.
    Any ideas?
  11. skelton

    skelton Member

    Interesting, i havn`t been able to get those info details (resolution, framerate, audio etc.) at all after scanning a source. I have to do it manually like you described for each title and open the info page, play the movie/tv-show and then return back and i can now see the info details.

    Just out of curiosity, when you say it was showing correctly before, does that mean that those details appeared directly after you scanned your source(s) or did you have to do it the manual way described above?
  12. Camel4

    Camel4 New Member

    Yes after the scan the resolution was showing on the info page but not the frame rate .I think it was before the last firmware update.
  13. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    after scanned, only resolution and file format that show
    after playing it then the frame rate info shows
  14. Tukker

    Tukker Member

    How to remove series with more that 1 season from compilation ?
    If i do they show up as seperate seasons.
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  15. floydo

    floydo New Member

    HT has had some irregular issues. FW 2.0.34 I have a couple series that just disappear or are not scanned in....The disappearing is very weird. For instance, The Pacific (2010) mini series has 10 episodes, I have 6. All are named like this - The Pacific.S01E01.mkv ...The Pacific.S01E04.mkv would not scan in. All others would. Rescanning all did not find it. After doing a custom scan of that directory the whole series disappeared.....Rescanning all or custom does not find it in the wall...
    Short of resetting and starting over are there any suggestions? This would be the third time resetting for HT scanning issues and it gets frustrating.....
    One other oddity the other day was all the icons disappeared for a period, even after rescanning all and rebooting. Oddly the wall art did come back....

    Would be nice to be able to look at and edit the database.......
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018
  16. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    Id be happy just knowing ALL my files were included in the database so I could type a portion of name and get a list... Shouldn't THIS be a PREREQUISITE to pulling posters, actors, & plot?? What good are aesthetics if you cant even be sure all your videos are in the database?? whether they are blurays, dvds, tv shows, or home videos all should be databased..(My 10yr old players do this with 100% accuracy. If you want to add a cover or tag you can do it manually, but at least everthing is there)

    You asked about nfo files and creating data ourselves.. a kinda workaround is to use ZDMC, which is supposed to use the same native zidoo player as hometheatre as I understand it?. that utilizes an nfo file if one is there.. So one solution I've tried is installing Emby media server on your server or nas or on the zidoo.. You can have it scan your files using "MIXED" as the category..what this does is create an nfo for almost every video file type..single files, and bluray, & dvd etc.. If it can find it in one of the online databases it will generate the movie info and covers.. if it can find the tv show it will do the same.. and if it isn't found anywhere it at least creates an .nfo file with the file name & it's properties..
    Now that ALL of your files have an nfo you can scan with ZDMC or KODI and it will create a library based on those nfo files.. Just make sure the SCRAPER you select for each folder in zdmc/kodi BEFORE scanning is" LOCAL nfo based " scraper opposed to selecting IMDB or TMDB..Obviously from there, you can then edit anything in your library inside ZDMC or you can manually go make changes to the nfo files themselves or add posters etc. and do a rescan to pick up the changes.. TADA!

    I think a much easier solution would be to let EMBY do the database creation and wall since they've got that down pretty well..bcuz u can run it serverside or on the zidoo itself.. Then all you need is the emby CLIENT to view everything..the ONLY sticking point using EMBY client is to have it properly allow the zidoo player to PLAY the file DIRECTLY! (there are even advanced settings available to configure DIRECT play with an EXTERNA player!) So I bet that Zidoo or a knowledgeable coder here can get that done EASILY! & then all the database and scanning issues can be put to bed! for good! ;)
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  17. richard southcott

    richard southcott New Member

    does anyone have the problem of 3DBD coming up in the corner of the covers when the film is not 3d

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Plus one

    I get that also
    Was going to post about it when you exit or click on movie as such .

  19. richard southcott

    richard southcott New Member

    if you put the posters on small settings it seems not to be there but its there still in movie collection
  20. Techead

    Techead Member

    Would be nice for the scraper pick up words smaller then 4 charcers for TV shows like 9-1-1 or Mon and movies like It

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