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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by Temearoo, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Markswift2003

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    Automatically scan devices is only for if you have content stored locally - if you don't do that, leave it off.
  2. I'd love for Zidoo devices to better handle multi disc TV series box sets.
    There has been a suggestion to allow it to handle multiple episodes in a single image (which HT4 needs anyway for regular files) - eg:
    --- ShowX S01E01E02E03/
    --- ShowX S01E04E05E06/
    But I've recently got my hands on this box set: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Neon-Genesis-Evangelion-Ultimate-Edition-Blu-ray/282440
    ... and that just won't work, and the 11 (12?) discs contain the entire series (TWICE), and a few movies.
    I'd love to do something similar to what we can do with movies, and have custom naming for each disk, so that way we can have something like this:

    --- ShowX.(1#Disk 1)/
    --- ShowX.(2#Disk 2)/
    --- ShowX.(12.Disk 12)/​

    That way, in HT 4, it'll still be presented as "ShowX", but instead of listing episodes, it'll list disk numbers.
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  3. Sure thing, I turned it off. Thank you for explaining what that setting does!

    Any chance the file scanning thing with Unraid will be looked at in the future?
  4. Netmask

    Netmask Active Member

    A very minor update I would like to see is the ability to reorder the position of the 8 images of the recently added titles. Just a touch up but one might want to put the item that is hard left down towards the end. Definitely a first world problem
  5. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Unfortunately that probably won't happen simply because that row is "Recently Added" and if a custom sort is added it kind of negates that.

    Also it's a fair bit of work in the database because those posters are just derived from the first 8 in order of ADDED_TIME or MODIFIED_TIME in the database and this would at least mean another field and possibly another table.

    I have my recently added sorted by MODIFIED_TIME because I rescan the database so often that ADDED_TIME is meaningless.

    If something gets out of order - for example I modify an old file and it suddenly becomes first in that row, then I use this to change the dates:

    http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/bulk_file_changer.html which is brilliant for multiple files..

    Or this for simple single file jobs:

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  6. Netmask

    Netmask Active Member

    Yes I thought of doing that, I might give that a go to push a couple of recent updated files appearing as the first 2 items. I just know if a couple of friends spot them I’ll have to sit through them again! There are too many others to catch up so these two are low priority.
  7. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    I've got movies from the mid 1990's to catch up on and I still regard them as "new"!!!
  8. Gramophone

    Gramophone New Member

    Hi Marc,
    I am not sure, what „local“ means. Is that like a direct attached drive. Or is it a local network via nas as well?

    I am still having problems, that some of my sources, meaning drives in a nas, are permanently scanned.
    My Setting is automatic scanning of sources on. Devices off. Although I have to admit, that I don’t quiet understand the difference. ;-)

    Also, I am having an effect, that at least with one movie, after I do a manual rematch, it goes back to no match, after the automatic scanning.
    But then, the movie still appears in the poster wall, and in the collections, too.
    Is there any solution?
    Mainly I am wondering about the permanent scraping in the background.
    So maybe I should switch it off?

    Many thx and greets, Gregor.
  9. Gramophone

    Gramophone New Member

    One more info about the scanning problem.
    It will only rescan one hd on my Nas . This hd has a lot of unmatched tv series files.
    I am just too lazy, to match them manually. Could that be the reason, what it is always rescanning?
    There are other drives as well, that are having a few unmatched files. But not as many.
    Again, many thanks for your help. Gregor.
  10. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Yes, "Local" means a physically attached local drive - so either internal storage in the Zidoo itself or an attached USB drive.

    Your setting of Automatic Scanning Sources On and Devices Off would be correct assuming all content is on a NAS.

    Once content is marked as Unmatched, it should remain that way and the fact that content you "rematch" reverts to "Unmatched" is strange.

    However, the key to a working database is a clean database so it may be that some corruption has crept in there somewhere.
  11. Gramophone

    Gramophone New Member

    Hi Marc, Thanks. So would you recommend, to erase that source and make a new scan?
  12. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    It kind of depends how much work you want to do - I often reset HT4 (HT4/Settings/Library/"Clear") and rescan everything while testing but I make sure to export NFO and Images first so that when I rescrape I can use local resources and everything comes back as it was before.

    So it's up to you, but yes, removing the source and rescraping might help - but I would't include any content that I wasn't going to rematch if matching fails. So anything you don't want to maintain in the library I would move to another folder - you can always access the files through Media Center if you want to.
  13. Gramophone

    Gramophone New Member

    I would actually try not to invest too much time. As I am having a second R81/Z9x I will check, what this one is doing.
    I also did an export of all info files. So maybe, when I erase the library of the one, that is making the problems, and then replace it with the other library , provided this would be ok, then everything should be ok, right?
  14. Koloss

    Koloss New Member

    My problem is mostly:
    Add a movie do Folder and HT add this in library but i have not the technical informations automatic.
    I must do the procedure with "more" and "update" button per movie manual, but not ever. Sometimers i see the technical informations automatic.

    How can HT do this full automatic?
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  15. Antman0505

    Antman0505 New Member

    I have recently updated my Z9S to Z1000 Pro. I'm connected via Marantz AVR to Sony VPL-VW500ES (Early Sony 4K Projector) with anamorphic lens and cinemascope screen. My projector unfortunately does not vertically stretch the image so I'm stuck with a letterboxed image with any 2.35:1 movie. My old Oppo blu-ray and Apple TV (Infuse) allowed me to vertically stretch the image. The Z9s (FW v2.3.88) gives me a Zoom option to do this strtetch for 2.35:1 content as per the attached image and this works perfectly for my situation. Can anyone tell me how I can do this with the Z1000 Pro or can add this to the feature request list?

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  16. Mano9423

    Mano9423 New Member

    Not really an HT4.0 feature just wasn't sure if it was worthy of it's own thread, but would love to see the Zidoo player have a "Skip Intros" function similar to Plex.
  17. Yohmi

    Yohmi Member

    What's the purpose of this function ? If it's meant to skip the intro for each episode of a series, you can do that in HT, it's located on the upper right (you can see the icon of a guy running), and you can either skip the opening title, the end credits, or both (by entering a value in seconds). And it will be carried through the whole season.
  18. AngryVirginian

    AngryVirginian Active Member

    Not going to happen I think. In Plex, it took weeks to process "Skip Intros" for Games Of Thrones 4K. HD shows took hours to complete. Zidoo was not designed to be a server so it won't be running all the time.
  19. Mano9423

    Mano9423 New Member

    First of all…I had no idea about this function so I will check it out! Thanks for that!

    By your description, though, it sounds like it just skips the beginning and end by a set amount of time? Most shows have an ambiguous opening, followed by the intro. The idea would be to allow the show to start normally, then recognize the actual opening credits and skip them.
    If the current option allows for that, forgive my ignorance. Not near my machine to test atm.
  20. Mano9423

    Mano9423 New Member

    I didn’t realize it was such a resource intensive endeavour. If so, totally not a deal breaker. I love my Z9X! Just a “nice to have”, that’s all.

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