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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by Temearoo, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Temearoo

    Temearoo Active Member

    I will report in this thread some requests coming from me or french users. Feel free to add yours. :)

    • To add a new option in the Pop Menu of HT4.0 to "Refresh Informations" of the scrape in the database, especially for the TV shows (but for the movies too). Very usefull when somes informations (for example, plot or name of the episode in your own language) or background images were not there when you first scraped the show or the movie, or if some corrections have been made since then on TMDb or TVDb.
    • To be able to use a structure with folders for every season of a TV Show, and not only a structure with one folder containing all the episodes from all the seasons , and still get a good accuracy in the result of the scrape. Just as we could do in HT3.0.
    • To have an option to keep the database alive on the posterwall of HT when a source is disconnected.
    • To be able to to select different movies on the poster wall to put all of them in a personalized category in one shot, instead of adding them one by one. Same to mark the selected ones as viewed or to add them in a collection.
    • To be able to display the different categories on two rows on the welcome page of HT (using a structure in W, to keep the scrolling to the right if more categories?). More convenient to navigate through these categories when you have a number of them.

    • To improve the scrape accuracy with the TMDb api. For example, a year in brackets should be considered as the only release date possible (like the "y: release date" tool on the TMDb website) to avoid conflicts when there is a date in the title of the movie. That would also help to improve the accuracy of the global result. Much better with the 6.3.75 firmware but the results are not always the same from a version of the firmware to the other. Still an issue when you have a year or numbers in the name of the movie (the release date in brackets still not used as it should, to get the best accuracy).
    • To be able to navigate through the details pages of a collection (movies or seasons), for example using the "Page" button of the remote or something like that. You open the details page of a movie (or a season) and you can go to the next or the previous one in the collection, with a loop.
    • In Media Center, to hide the folders such as System volume information, Android, $RECYCLE.BIN and LOST.DIR just like the folder .hometheater used for the images. That would help to navigate in our folders and that would look cleaner.

    • To sort the special characters as they should, just like few firmwares ago (for example, a movie name starting with "É" should be placed with the other movies starting with an "E").
    • To improve the menu management for the iso and the BD files, even if it comes with some restrictions.
    • To get the trailers in the HT language when available and not only in english, as it was before.
    • The "Watched" icon is quite small and its colour makes it almost invisible when displayed on a white or light poster. That would be nice to have an icon a little bit bigger and maybe using a different color (or using a dark outline), to be able to see it in any conditions.
    • On the details page of a TV Show, the next episode should be selected automatically when the previous one is within the window to be marked as watched and you press the stop button to go back to the details page.
    • For the TV Shows, could it be possible to display the duration of each episode on the details page in HT 4.0? Idon’t know if it’s the same with TVDb or TVMaze, but with TMDb as the source of the scrape, we only have an average duration for all the episodes. We have the information when we press the info button during the playback but that would be nice to have it when you are on the details page.
    • To be able to mark an episode of a TV Show as watched in manual.
    • Internal subtitles in SRT should display correctly the italic and top position texts, just as they do when they are external. And the colors in the user interface are absolutely not the ones displayed on screen when you select one of them (HDR, DV).
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  2. Whitfield

    Whitfield Active Member

    I recently have begun playing around with the HT app and experiencing it's look & feel.
    IF I'm not mistaken I've recently learned that, for matching videos HT has two Main Categories: "Movies" and "TV". I appreciate that HT is programmed to make a choice during scanning and it does roughly assess a video to be "movie" or "tv". However, it is not possible to move videos from the initial main category to another (custom) category. Currently, the option "Add to category" will result in the video also staying in its main category. Which strikes me as unlogical.

    Of course I could create all custom categories myself, including those for like "movies only" and "tv-programs". Then "Add" all videos to the concerning ones and hide the HT's two Main Categories in widget's Edit menu.
    All this would actually feel like a quite cumbersome workaround, which wouldn't be necessary if an option would exist, where you can simply move from one (main) category to any other.
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  3. Temearoo

    Temearoo Active Member

    I know that sometimes, you have 2 choices with TMDb: I have a TV show in 2 parts which can be found as a movie or as a TV Show. I just have to choose the one that I want to use. But I suppose that is not always the case.
  4. Whitfield

    Whitfield Active Member

    Online databases assessing video as "movie" or "tv" (or whatever, for that matter), I'd wonder which problem would yield the HT app-developers unable/unwilling to implement a "Move to other category" option. I can hardly imagine it's a technical one, as we already can "Add to category", "Create new category", hide them etc. So why not "move"?
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  5. fsim2000

    fsim2000 New Member

    I really would like to have a rework of the (already now very useful) info-page of the actors of a movie:

    - show all movies where the actor is participating (separated from the films which I own) - this for example worked on my old Dune
    - show posters as I have them in my collection (so it is more clear which film is meant)
    - show one actor / person only once in the list (often when director, producer, etc... is one person the list gets confusing)
    - maybe usage of a bigger font below the roles of the actors / movies (it is a little bit hard to read...)

    thx! :D
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  6. maxhim

    maxhim Active Member

    I would support that too. My Dune player knows this very well.
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  7. Whitfield

    Whitfield Active Member

    I would agree on more filtering using actors and directors.
    Personally I feel that Hollywood history calls out for collecting eg. bodycount data, where fake- and real-life kills can be compared per actor. And what about director's tags that tell how many people they have harassed sexually in the last few weeks. Just a few examples.
    Of course a real-time monitored Top 10 for these categories has to be implemented. Preferably where users can conveniently vote in online held HT4.0-polls with just a click of a remote key.
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  8. lanz

    lanz Member

    Scraping clearlogo from tmdb for tv shows should be great.
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  9. Sampinto89

    Sampinto89 Member

    Being able to distinguish between two episodes on an iso container is the my only request. I have several shows rip from bluray so it's a pain...
  10. sojer2005

    sojer2005 Member

    Hi, I have a request regarding the screen saver. Can I ask for an ordinary black screen saver with a floating clock and date displayed on the screen?
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  11. TifKag

    TifKag Active Member

    Would it be possible to remove one, several or all resume points.
  12. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    My biggie from the beginning of the HT is the lack of maintaining of movie database when one of the sources is disconnected.
    We need the check mark by the source selection "Keep database alive when sorce disconnected".

    Kodi has it. I have older hard drives with older collection of movies. I keep it powered off unless needed. I don't watch or brows through those movies all the time. The database has all those movies missing if the source is down :(
  13. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    I understand why it does that though - if the source is down, the movies aren't there, so why would you want them on the wall? - it's a bit like Dune and it's stupid way of showing you a bunch of movies you don't actually have! Or choosing a movie on Netflix and then being told, actually, sorry, we don't have that movie.
  14. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Kodi shows all movies scanned all the time if the source is there or not. You need to manually initialize the cleanup. It will ask if you want to delete the sorce as a network drive path. It makes perfect sense to me.

    Some of my older collections are on separate drives on the network. I don't have it powered on and spinning up every time a computer or any device refreshes network drives. In my setup I do have those movies and would like to see them in the database. I can turn that drive on if I want to watch it but don't need to be on 24/7 when I already watched it.

    I'm sure some other people would appreciate the option of keeping scanned movies in the database if the source network drive is off.

    This is not a case of single movie like a NetFlix. It's a case of entire drive powered off.
  15. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    My 3D ISO collection of movies is on separate NAS. A lot of those movies are part of collections. If that NAS is down it breaks up my database and collections. All we need is an option (a check mark) beside the path of the source drive: "Keep the database alive when the drive is off".
    Check mark for Yes - my case of NAS down
    Leave it empty for No - your case where you have one big NAS and always on.

    This option would satisfy everybody.
  16. Temearoo

    Temearoo Active Member

    Trailers in foreign language works with the firmware 6.3.60. A bit slow to load but they work.

    For the TV shows, the next episode is selected automatically when you are within the watched windows of the previous one, but not right after you press the stop button; you have to get out of the season and to go back.
  17. AngryVirginian

    AngryVirginian Active Member

    1. Add option to ignore "A" and "An" when sorting. For example, "A Quite Place" should be be grouped with "Q" titles and sorted alphabetically below, say, Predator. This is similar to now "The" is currently handled.
    2. Add custom sort order in collection. For example, so that I can sort the Marvel Movies chronologically instead of the default alphabetically.
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  18. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    First one is a great idea....


    Actually you know what, I'm not 100% sure it is.

    I know on the face of it it makes sense, but there is a very subtle difference between using the Definite Article and the Indefinite Article.

    The Definite Article places the emphasis wholly on the subject whereas the Indefinite Article, although seemingly doing the same thing, also tends to be used to create an expression rather than simply specifying a noun which of course it can do as well.

    It's a bit like considering numbers in titles - for example "6 Underground" would never be filed under "U".

    I'm a bit divided on this one - what do others think?

    Second one you can already do.


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  19. Sledgehamma

    Sledgehamma Active Member

    For „the“ it’s very helpful and it makes sense. But ignoring “a” doesn’t make sense to me.
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  20. Netmask

    Netmask Active Member

    What do professional librarians say? Dropping “A” doesn’t make sense to me either.
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