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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by Temearoo, Oct 24, 2021.

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    Meeee Toooo
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    Why TVDB or TVMAZE are not in french?? Only TMDB working in french...please make something for that
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    Could it be because the tmdb site is multilingual, and the tvdb and tvmaze sites are only available in english.
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    TVMAZE I don't know, but tvdb is multilingual I just have the impression that the setting on "french" is not taken into account...
    with Kodi (TVDB) everything is in French..
    maybe take inspiration from Kodi (for that and other things like trailers for example) for use on HT would be interesting
  5. I would love to have the ability to only scan media that has changed instead of doing a FULL library scan every time HT detects a file has changed. Its kind of ridiculous and takes too much time. Plex and Kodi are capable of updating the library like this. Please implement it in HT.
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  6. Purple

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    I was thinking this the other day as well. Would be a great feature to have!
  7. Visconti12

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    At this moment Zidoo scans the new plugged HDs, USBs, NASs searching changes. You may add new files via USB which is easier to rescan.
  8. Gramophone

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    I also thought, that when automatic scan is activated, it will only update new files.
    But sometimes I can see, that it is rescanning the single drives in my nas, and is always trying to rematch files, that I rematches manually.
    I am not sure yet, what is happening. Sometimes the rescan even stands still at certain files, and will not proceed.
    Is that something that can be changed?
    Thanks :)
  9. Respectfully, this is not a solution to the issue and is not a helpful answer. Why would I add new files via USB for an "easier" scan when my files are coming from a NAS?
  10. AngryVirginian

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    I have about 100TB on my NAS separated into 3 volumes. The largest volume is 40TB on 5-drives SHR1 (i.e., kind of like RAID5). Scanning for new files only takes about 2 minutes on the largest volume. It used to take much longer when I had a lot of unmatched files. I came from Plex and had a lot of extras with Plex naming standards. I configured the HT4 exclude file name pattern options to exclude -featurette, -deleted, -behindthescenes, etc and now scanning is fast & quick. It used to try to rematch everything not matched and now it just skips over them.
  11. Visconti12

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    Obviously it may not be a solution for you while depending on NAS but it's for me. NAS-SMB is NOT working in my not-local server, receiving the data by antenna (Wimax). It's running fine in my Zappiti but stuttering in my Z9X.
  12. Markswift2003

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    I've no idea why yours would do that - that's not how the mechanism works and in all the years of testing I've never seen that happen!

    If auto-update is on, the box continually monitors the sources (for network storage you can see it doing this with WireShark) and then scans when it sees a change and it only scans the change.

    If for example I add a new movie, the auto-scan takes about 10s - and 7s of that is the refresh wait.
  13. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your settings or something because mine definitely does not do that.

    I have a 60TB Unraid server, so we are a little close :)

    But yeah, if you guys could share your settings, It would help a lot. I am very used to how quickly Plex updates the library and HT was kind of pissing me off with doing the full library scans.

    I can share mine too but Im in DC at work at the moment. I'll be home this evening and I can show a screenshot of my settings.
  14. Ditto.
    I have 2 media directories: a folder for movies that contains ~1400 files & a folder for TV that contains 110 series subfolders, with a combined ~6500 episodes. Whenever I add or remove a file from either of those directories, the Z9X runs a full scan (on boot-up), which takes about ~2-3 minutes if there's a change to the Movie folder contents, & ~5-6 minutes if there's a change to the TV folder contents. So for me, a combined scan usually takes at least 7 minutes, during which time the Posterwall is prone to crashing & restarting. Frustratingly, if I'm casually browsing for a movie or episode during the scan, every 5 seconds when the Posterwall refreshes, I'm sent back to the top of whatever directory I'm in.
    If there's a way to reduce this media scanning time, I'd love to know how.
  15. Markswift2003

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    I wonder if it's something to do with Unraid. Can't think what, but there's nothing in Settings that would cause this problem..

    These are my HT settings though:

  16. Marjen

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    I would really like a 2.35 mode. I have a 2.35 screen and if I am watching a move and then go back to menus half the info is off the screen.
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  17. Sledgehamma

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    Mine scans the whole source as well, takes quite some time. Rocking unRaid, too.
    72Tb used with 8528 episodes and 643 movies.
  18. Markswift2003

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    Didn't know that.

    It used to be that if If I sharked it I would see the constant traffic monitoring the NAS but I've just tried and that's no longer the case. Now what you see is the NAS drives sending packets whinging if the ethernet is disconnected but no active traffic from the Zidoo so I'm not sure what the mechanism is now - even if I shark on MAC address there seems to be no traffic related to scanning.

    Such a mechanism would usually be either an addition, a deletion or a change in Modified Date and/or file size. None of those should change so maybe Unraid is doing something that fools the Zidoo into thinking that the whole library has changed?

    As quick test, if I change the name of a movie for example, it takes 18 seconds for the library to refresh from the moment the file is changed. 13 seconds of that is just waiting for the scan to start. But the odd think is I see nothing to of from the NAS on Wireshark.

    Hang on scratch the top bit - it's me being a numpty - I mirrored the wrong port on my switch to wireshark :)

    Ok, so yes, I can see constant scanning traffic monitoring the NAS drives, so Unraid must be doing something the box doesn't like...

    Here's an example:

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  19. Okay, so my settings are exactly as yours only I had "Automatically scan devices" on

    Welp, I have no idea on that front. This is the first device Ive used my Unraid NAS with that has this issue. I've used a lot of boxes in the past with Kodi or Plex and never ran into the problem. Hopefully, someone can investigate and find out whats up.

    For now, I have to leave the box on at all times because the scan times are unforgivable and I just want to turn on the TV and hop into a movie or TV show.
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  20. Purple

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    My box also scans through the full library when auto updating which takes a few minutes due to the TV section having ~5000 episodes. Seems like it verifies the older files have matches and then skips to the newer ones. Not just scanning the new files like plex/Kodi would do for example. This is from an SMB share.

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