Beta version v6.3.2 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000 released

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, May 7, 2021.

  1. Netmask

    Netmask Active Member

    Do you have a link for "Renew My TV series" ?
  2. sandyj

    sandyj New Member

    Rename My TV series
    File rename format I use under renaming rules

    Also I find it works best to put all the same TV series in one folder and not split them into separate folders e.g don't create series1 series2 folders under each TV Program folder as I have had intermittent problems with the Zidoo with this. Since doing this I have had zero issues with tv series detection by the Zidoo.
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  3. sandyj

    sandyj New Member

    Agreed those ones you mention have better detection however I find it no real hassle to use Rename My TV series and TinyMedia as I like my media with good naming conventions it makes them work with a wide range of applications and different media players and usually only has to be done once correctly. I have had to always use some form of media management tools in the past anyway with other media players so I guess for me its expected as I would never like the media player to rename files (which of course they don't) I like to do this in a controlled way.

    TinyMedia does support downloading trailers and subtitles might be worth a go.

    I believe Zidoo will in time make there media detection better especially with media Tags and labels etc but this does not stop the enjoyment overall as the most important thing to me is the playback works correctly and I am not thinking every time I use it is the file going to work this time this is now the best media player I have ever owned in that regard. I did have issues with the player to begin with but now that I have fully worked through that it just works for my needs I do not want to load every firmware release just to add some features but will wait for others here to do the testing first and see what they report.
  4. JohnG

    JohnG Member

    Thanks, I will give that a try and report back!
  5. sandyj

    sandyj New Member

    Yes its a frustrating issue I also found issues with the HDMI cables and I no longer have any handshaking problems either not really a Zidoo issue as it occurred with other devices as well.
    I have a JVC NX-9 projector with 112" Stewart 130 G4 which presents its only problems with hdmi cable lengths your setup is almost the same as I use.
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  6. Cristiango

    Cristiango Member

    Hello, now it has been put to enter the movie directly, but the ones that have a menu (fullbluray) would be nice to be able to enter the movie with a menu and not the movie without going through the menu, can you?
  7. bipbip2077

    bipbip2077 New Member

    I have the same problem.
    my tv is Samsung Q80t.
    Is there any solution?
  8. bipbip2077

    bipbip2077 New Member

    Many people have the same problem and zidoo does not fix it.
    I would not recommend the product with such a serious bug
  9. vibs

    vibs New Member

    I've not received any solution for this issue. It's not a pleasant experience. :(

    User should be able enjoy movies and TV shows the way the filmmakers intended!
  10. Armin Moesslacher

    Armin Moesslacher Active Member

    By the way since 6.3.2 I have a small stutter on the start of any file for around 2-5 seconds, picture freezes and sound starts from the beginning, after that it runs nice.....anyone also having that issue???
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  11. vddan

    vddan Member

    Same thing with me and not better with the 'wrong last' update.
  12. Armin Moesslacher

    Armin Moesslacher Active Member

    with 6.3.7 the start issues are even worse (at least in my setup).....
  13. bipbip2077

    bipbip2077 New Member

    I sent an email to zidoo and he replied the following:

    Could you tell us which Z9X firmware you are installing now?
    We will contact engineers to check the problem.

    Best regards,
    Zidoo Team

  14. Armin Moesslacher

    Armin Moesslacher Active Member

    I found out that this is related to automatic audio and subtitle settings (in the menu main settings -> "player") in 6.2.5 the delay is around 0,8 sec from 6.3.2 onwards 4-7 seconds just for Zidoo notice (my files have sometimes German as main but I selected english (USA) in the menu settings for audio and subtitle.
  15. blenky

    blenky Active Member

    Installed 6.3.7 for shits and giggles. Seems to be an alpha version! You can certainly get DV via bluray menu but not very stable. Done some testing but not comprehensive as late

    Movie trailers fixed

    Pressing the info button while playing DV movie from bluray menu can kick you out of the movie back to HT4.

    HT4 has changed a lot of things around names of widgets and dialogs.

    'TV' is now 'TV Series'
    'Movies' is now oddly 'The Film',
    'Unmatched' is now 'Not Matched'
    'Sources' is 'Device Management'

    The font seems different as well.

    Other strange translations in the HT4 gui. For some dialogs have option 'Cancel' or 'Deter'? I guess Deter should be OK.

    Many other buttons now have titles that are longer than the dialog box which causes them to scroll - looks a mess. Example is the TV 'Clean up matching information' function.

    When changing a poster you get the option to change the Poster and Stills. Surely 'Stills' should be called Background poster?

    There is an odd new TV series feature that allows you to set an offset to start episode later and to end earlier. This is supposed to allow the starting after the titles and ending before credits. It seems pretty useless as you have to actually set a time. What if you get it wrong? You will miss the start or end. Who thought this was a good idea?
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  16. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter
  17. Mabon

    Mabon Active Member

    Google Translate gives:

    204. 电影 as "The Film" but I changed it to "Movies" as a plural makes more sense.

    205. 电视剧 as "TV Series" so that's what I put down. If they want "TV" then the Chinese text is incorrect?

    206. 合集 as "Collection" but I changed it to "Collections" as a plural makes more sense.

    All of the translations are being dealt with right now :). Please join the group and contribute!
    Details on how to join:
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  18. blenky

    blenky Active Member

    I have already joined and did some checking of UK-GB some weeks ago. What I don't understand is how these issues have crept in such as 'Cancel' and 'Deter' instead of 'Cancel' and 'OK'/'Confirm' and changing 'Movies' to 'The Film'?!
  19. Movie78

    Movie78 Member Beta test group

    Why was 6.3.7 wasn't released in this forum?

    I am still have issue with my Spears & Munsil UHD HDR Benchmark.ISO.
  20. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    It was a Chinese test version that shouldn't have found it's way here. Links were removed by the OP.

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