Beta version v6.3.2 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000 released

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  1. mirror

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    The change logs will be the same as 6.3.0, and some playback instability has been fixed.

    Change logs:
    1. Added the support for MP4 Dolby Vision dual-track dual-layer file.
    2. Optimized the stability of local Dolby Vision playback.
    3. Optimized system stability.

    1. Optimized the display of information user interface.
    2. Added CLEARLOGO on poster wall when starting playing.
    3. Optimized some language translation.
    4. Optimized playback stability.

    Poster wall
    1. Optimized the settings of the scraping source.
    2. Increased the duration sorting function.
    3. Added TVMAZE online matching for TV series.
    4. Added TVDB V4 interface function.
    5. Added local trailer only setting.
    6. Optimized the matching accuracy.
    7. When sorting by duration, the poster will show the duration of the video.
    8. Optimized scanning stability.

    Music player
    1. Optimized playback stability.
    2. Optimized the interface for obtaining album cover.
    3. Fixed the problem that the bit rate of music is obtained incorrectly somtimes.
    4. Fixed the occasional issue that some audio file cannot be played.
    5. Fixed the occasional lag problem when playing some high-sampling-rate music.
    6. Fixed the problem that the data in the playlist is occasionally incorrect.
    7. Fixed the problem that the device status is incorrect after the scan occasionally flashes back.
    8. Optimized audio file sorting function.

    Quick settings
    1. Added HDMI signal format settings.
    2. Optimized HDR settings.

    ZD Link
    1. Added screen mirroring background playback function.
    2. Added AirPlay music screen mirroring function.
    3. Added Spotify music screen mirroring function.
    4. Optimized the problem that some video software cannot cast screen.
    5. Optimized the problem that the PC cannot be cast to the screen.
    6. Added Play/Pause key response function for screen mirroring background playback.
    7. Fixed the problem of entering into screensaver when playing video.
    8. Optimized the stability of the screen mirroring.

    1. Added beta version receiving option.
    2. Optimized partial display.

    Home page
    1. Added shortcut options(For Z1000 Pro, UHD3000).
    2. Added weather display in the right top corner of the home page (For Z1000 Pro,UHD3000,weather diaplay can disable in settings).
    3. Fixed the problem that the file manager shortcut does not display.
    4. Added the application version in popup menu(For Z1000 Pro, UHD3000).

    Download:Check online update. If you have upgraded 6.3.0, should be enable the "receive beta version" option.
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  2. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    much appreciated :)
  3. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    Tnx @mirror
    Lets see this s time…
  4. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    If we did not do the 6.3.0 OTA , we have to wait for a local update vs OTA at this point, correct?

    Look like dropped the ball this time! j/k

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Thanks mirror team . :)
  6. Bill-Z9X

    Bill-Z9X Active Member

    Beta version v6.3.2 for Z9X released
    1. Added shortcut options(For Z1000 Pro, UHD3000).

    Only Z9X?
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  7. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    If your after ideas to add

    Id love an amazon echo interface
    Ie " Echo turn on Zidoo" ,since its the only way i can get hdmi handshaking to work but means i cant use the panasonic supported Echo commands to turn them all on
  8. ammar11

    ammar11 Well-Known Member

    Thanks @mirror, that was quick!
  9. ammar11

    ammar11 Well-Known Member

    Should be available via OTA.
  10. Nicholas Hewitt

    Nicholas Hewitt Active Member

    When I change the scraper source to TVMaze It matches, but when I try to change the poster or background image. They are all blank.

    Edit: I originally had it on TMDB for a tv show, but when I change it to anything else but the TMDB the images are blank.
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    UTAVATU Active Member

    Dear @mirror

    Thanks for the new FW. I would like to inform, that Green Flashes Screen still exist, when changing Previous/Next Chapter, nothing has changed in this matter. Only for Dolby Vision movies. I have checked on .mkv files for 6.3.2_G.

  12. Nicholas Hewitt

    Nicholas Hewitt Active Member

    Also, I'm having issues with my mp4 DV Files audio out of sync. I was trying WandaVision and when continuing an episode it plays the opening Disney logo, then asks me if I want to continue. That's when it resumes with the audio way out of sync.

    Edi: I just tried an episode I have not seen yet and it was out of sync as well. Not by as much as the resumed one, but noticeable.
  13. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    MP4 out of sync was reported after v6.3.0 so hopefully we'll see a resolution soon...
  14. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Thanks Nicholas, In this case no improvement over 6.3.0 ?

    I was checking out an mp4 DV but I can stop with what I read.
  15. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    So, it’s not solved yet?
  16. vddan

    vddan Active Member

    Well, no improvement for me on the 'dolby vision' Zidoo is always released in SDR and not HDR .................. therefore not good colorimetry !!
    To be continued...........
  17. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    This is only for me but for the next few months...

    My wish...

    Would be to have this table with 2 identical columns. I'm sure Zidoo will manage to do it...but when.


    A better support of BDmenu...This has been going on for years.

    The problem with the 3D/BDmenu ISOs that people are waiting for too
  18. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    I don't care about spotify and apk support, what I'd like to see is a multimedia box that can play different video formats properly before starting to spread out and do other things while trying to pass itself off as an Android TV box
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  19. Markswift2003

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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    So 6 more tick boxes req by Zidoo im sure as we progress a few more will be ticked . :)
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