Beta version v1.0.85 for Z9X Pro release

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619BPD)' started by Markswift2003, Apr 25, 2024.

  1. robsainz

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    Sorry for the double posting, but as this is for another issue separate from the reply i did, i thought it better than to include it in my previos post:

    Some apps are still missing on the app list and quick menu. Specifically the Nebula app is correctly downloaded, installed and executed. But its nowhere to be found in the OS. I have to get into the google play store, search for it and open in from there.

    I have a Zidoo z9x pro and i'm running the latest 1.0.85_G firmware.
  2. Racer X

    Racer X New Member

    .52 also beta. Currently there is no non beta release versions for 1619bpd players.
  3. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    Not so many since I have just 2GB HDD for media. And how to count them?

    P.S. I have just 203
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  4. Markswift2003

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    Ok, that's interesting - this firmware shouldn't have made any real difference to the caching in that case - I have 518 movies on my Z9X Pro but because of collections, only about 300 or so show on the "All" poster wall and I've never seen any refresh issues - once you've cached them all, they all pretty much appear instantaneously - that goes for the older Z9X too which I use in my cinema.

    It's only once you get above 500 and really into the thousands that HT had any real issues, so it's interesting you see a difference in this release with about 200.

    I'm away at the moment but when I get back next week I'll see how larger (1000, 2000 and 4000 titles) libraries fare with this release...
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  5. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    yeah ,Iso mch is bad but the .dsf files from the isos play clean but only in stereo
  6. theory

    theory Member

    2GB??? Did you encode them all with Xvid? :p
  7. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    I do not use iso rips, lazy boys. :p That's all.
  8. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    dont you mean 2 TB
    2g would hold 1 /45th of say a LOTR movie :p
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  9. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    I see the difference. Before, the entire collection was never cached or cached but with longer read response time... So while scrolling down the wall, the posters keep loading with much longer delays, especially after watching some movies... Quite noticable. Now entire wall is cached much better. How to describe it? Before, the poster wall posters were loading fast but at the bottom of the wall noticeable slower. Now all parts/sections of poster wall loads almost unnoticeable fast.
    I know, I have not so big collection. I am picky and do not store rubbish movies.
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  10. kawara

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  11. Faceman2k24

    Faceman2k24 Active Member

    The default launcher hides some apps for some reason, use a third party launcher and you get full control over apps and layout.
    I use Projectivy for example, since my main media player is ZDMC and my most common secondary is just youtube, I don't use the default stock apps at all, it makes it easier just having them there where I want them.

    Keep in mind Nebula wont automatically switch frame rates, so since there is a mix of all the common framerates there you will find some content that judders/stutters, so you will need to get used to switching refresh manually if its a problem for you. TVs are usually good at making 24p look smooth enough at 60hz, but then you will find 25p or 50p content still looks awful without manually switching modes.

    Actually that raises a point of suggestion for the zidoo, the resolution/refresh switcher on the remote should open up a selection box to more easily switch between 24 and 60 for example, instead of having to rotate though all the modes at different resolutions.
  12. robsainz

    robsainz Member

    Gotcha, thank you for your input.
  13. Faceman2k24

    Faceman2k24 Active Member

    Just on the SACD playback issues, I know they are probably pretty low priority since Eversolo but I went through a while ago and converted all of my SACD multichannel to PCM FLAC multichannel at 24/88.2 since support was poor and they play pretty much perfectly in ZDMC now, minus a couple of bugs where it drops to stereo after switching to and from Atmos (specifically low bitrate Atmos like DD+ tidal rips) and PCM multichannel formats occasionally, seems to correct itself by switching to and from tracks anyway.

    I have the ISO and extracted DSF files still archived of course, just in case but I only have a couple of these SACDs anyway as I never got into the format so it's not a big deal. most of my multichannel music is from DVD/DVDA and Bluray releases in 5.1/7.1 PCM or TrueHD Atmos, and a few DTS CDs that i've decoded to PCM already.
  14. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    I have maybe 100 albums of the 750 ish which are mch sacd i basiccly have one drive with all the stereo .dsf files and a second with all the mch .dsf files plus a portable dsd player with a playlist of all the best dsf and 24/192 flac stuff
    I got sick of waiting and brought a Panasonic ub420 which has built in mediaplayer which plays all the stereo/mch dsf files over hdmi perfectly (which was like 300 nzd on sale)

    The mch dsf files played perfectly on the previous Z9X and still do thou off on a sony dn1080 reciever in the bedroom
    Its just still waiting for the Pro to catch up

    Theyve had a few tries at it and the MP7 apk file has changed in .75 .83 f/ws but all those have done is make mch dsf files more playable ,compared to broken staticcy mess they were in 60 and 52 Thou mch iso dsd is still broken staticcy stereo
  15. Nicholas Hewitt

    Nicholas Hewitt Active Member

    it listed two things that they say were fixed, but are not. Hard drives are still not being recognized, and freezing at the beginning of videos.
  16. Sinatra

    Sinatra New Member

    Which one do I use for a Zidoo Z9 Pro?
    Not sure what the G version is
  17. Faceman2k24

    Faceman2k24 Active Member

    the G version includes google play store (and play services) for third party apps.
  18. Sinatra

    Sinatra New Member

    ok thanks
  19. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    thou , its android tv so not as many apps will work with it compared to last range of players with android OS ie USB Audio Pro
  20. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    haha, You got me!

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