Beta version v1.0.52 for Z9X Pro/Z20 Pro/Z2000 Pro/Z2600/UHD5000 release

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619BPD)' started by Markswift2003, Jul 21, 2023.

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    Every time I update it wants to update again? How do I stop it from downloading? I pulled the usb out and it still downloads?

    It wont stop updating.. Every time I reboot it wants to update agin and again? wtf

    wtf it finally stopped updating after 5 times. This has never happened ever.
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  4. Polypenko

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    I initially had the same issue.

    I assume the official fw releases should be any day now?
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  5. Simon Belmont

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    I'm owned many players and that was the first time I've ever encountered this? It was weird. I hope they fix that in official fw?
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    Maybe that's the reason Zidoo didn't announce it.
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    Hello there,
    I'm not sure where to turn to, so posting here to ask for help and guidance.
    I just received my z20 pro and installed a previous used EXT4 WD 10 TB drive. It was not recognized / visible anywhere. So, I updated to 1.0.65_G. No change...
    When placing the hdd in it's old home (mediaplayer VU+ Duo), the drive and all data is available. And as the VU+ can do SMB, I published that. The z20 pro does see the SMB share, and as soon as I click on the folder, it says 'unknown error'.
    How do I get EXT4 drives working on this box?
    Cheers, M00dy
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    I have issues playing 3D files on my Zidoo Z9X Pro connected via Denon X4800H AVR to the AWOL 3500 Pro PJ. Projector has been set on 3D frame packing setting however when I try to set the 3D on the Zidoo it says Your TV does not support 3D. Connecting the Z9X Pro directly to the PJ doesn't solve this. Any idea what else should I try?

    Update 1 : Updated to the latest beta firmware .75 and finally my Zidoo plays 3D. But not without some quirks. In the middle of the playback, the play stopped and when resumed, I got a split up and down images, had to put on custom EDID, restarted and untick back the custom EDID. Will try again with another 3D movie today. I really hope that this would be fixed.
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