ZIDOO Z9X subtitle flashing blink

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by Eleonor, Dec 29, 2020.

  1. Magyar Péter

    Magyar Péter New Member

    I must say I don't know what do I think...
    One hungarian colleague marked on a hungarian forum that also his X9S player has already shown this flashing effect and now he has a Z9X and the situation is changeless.
    I have seen the list of nation I think it is language specific problem and it relates with subtitle encoding of player.
    It seems the player use two different subtitle encode engine(?) because the internal and the external subtitle are shown different font and size. (The characters of external subtitle were visualized bigger size than in internal with factory default settings)
    It's my theory. Correct me if I'm wrong
  2. Verata2

    Verata2 New Member

    Count Bulgarian too. And another 'bug', Bulgarian subs are recognized as Russian. After all cyrillic alphabet originated from Bulgaria, not Russia.
  3. Eleonor

    Eleonor Member

    @Magyar Péter
    Also I don't know .....

    But I don't need to know your language or any other to see the problem of blinking subtitles
    Since the times in the file are correct and the player keeps repeating the same thing for a split second, maybe the programmer will be able to fix it

    The question is whether he will feel like it
  4. Magyar Péter

    Magyar Péter New Member

    Another remark for the developers from the hungarian forum that worthy to check. May the player is sensitive the break between the rows? If the break between the texts is shorter than 0,2 seconds the flashing effect is more upfront.
    Just a suggestion
  5. Eleonor

    Eleonor Member

    That's a valuable note

    Maybe there is such a thing as sensitivity, range .... The programmer should know

    We'll see if the @mirror replies

    it comes out that they flash in: Polish, Hungarian, Greek, French, Spanish, Turkish, Bulgarian......
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  6. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    I think we've solved it. Now I'm worried about the eyes of our test engineers
  7. Eleonor

    Eleonor Member

    Well, we are waiting impatiently :)
  8. ammar11

    ammar11 Member

  9. Eleonor

    Eleonor Member

    @mirror Thanks

    Can we be happy?
    Thanks for the very quick fix :

    7. Optimize the problem that the external srt subtitle will occasionally flash.


    new firmware v6.0.90 :
    v6.0.90(Without Google play)
    MD5: 20B87A79C5F46626C450B7F7371F0439

    v6.0.90_G(Build in Google play)
    MD5: DB3F350CA1001B1EB62DF02E5D4818E2
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  10. Magyar Péter

    Magyar Péter New Member

    Yeah, could we start to hope? :)
    Thank you all of test enginers!
  11. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Don't be shy to report the result. We want to hear problems but also confirmations for things being fixed.
  12. Eleonor

    Eleonor Member

    Of course I will inform you about the result :)

    I hope that the subtitles will not flash now.

    I am glad that the engineers noticed this error, which from what I read was with Zidoo for quite a long time also in older players
  13. ammar11

    ammar11 Member

    The new firmware is out for half a day now. Any results yet?
  14. ulna68

    ulna68 Member

    New Year's Eve everyone is drunk :)
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  15. ammar11

    ammar11 Member

    And from the way they complained I had the impression that this was urgent. :D
  16. Magyar Péter

    Magyar Péter New Member

    I watched 2 movies with external subtitle on new 6.0.90 firmware. The flashing effect really stopped but I think some text has been visualize with some ms delay and I had to correct the delay. I tried the new fw with internal subtitle movies but there visualizing is henceforward perfect.
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  17. ammar11

    ammar11 Member

    Thanks for update!
  18. Eleonor

    Eleonor Member

    Today I watched 2 3-hour films

    I did not notice the blinking of the subtitles.

    I dare to say that version 6.0.90 of the firmware has improved this inconvenience.

    Thank you to the engineers and @mirror for not leaving it, but doing their best

    Good job
  19. maglione

    maglione Member

    The flashing has stopped, pero some lines stay too long, and some lines have some ms delay.
  20. Magyar Péter

    Magyar Péter New Member

    Yes, you are right. I have experienced the same. Lot of texts pop up with some ms delay and some texts stay too long and the next lines delay because of it. But it is henceforward with external subtitle. Internal subtitle hasn't flashing and delay.
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