ZIDOO Z9X subtitle flashing blink

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by Eleonor, Dec 29, 2020.

  1. Eleonor

    Eleonor Member

    I also noticed it.
    Sometimes they are too long and sometimes they show up too late

    I did a test - I put the same strings inside the mkv file and outside.
    The inside works perfectly and the outside goes crazy

    However, there is no flashing of subtitles

    Please @mirror and engineers to take a closer look at the subtitles
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  2. maglione

    maglione Member

    Any news in this new bug? not more flashing but..... some lines later, some lines gone too soon, some lines stay more time.

    I think, the flashing bug was less annoying, this new bug is more annoying.
  3. Eleonor

    Eleonor Member

    Maybe they don't believe again ....
    The error is, as you wrote.... some lines later, some lines gone too soon, some lines stay more time.
  4. gogo789

    gogo789 Member

    If you identify the issue maybe you could burn external subtitle into the video track (in red and bit bigger) and display this video with the external subtitle on z9x. Take a video of this with your phone to show that the external subtitle aren't in sync with the burned subtitles. It would be a proof for the devs.
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  5. maglione

    maglione Member

    Zidoo Team don't forget this bug.
  6. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

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  7. maglione

    maglione Member

    Solved the flashing, now more annoying for me bug, some lines stay too long, some pass too fast, etc, etc,

    The external sub .srt don't work ok.
  8. ghostshadow

    ghostshadow Member

    Hello I have a bug that appeared on the subtitles, in firmware version 0.90, it recently appeared not just after switching to 0.90
    I am set to HDR mode: VS10 SDR
    When I watch HD series, they are well read in Dolby vision, but the subtitles are unreadable, we just see the outline which is pixelated white or green.
  9. Eleonor

    Eleonor Member

    Today I was doing .srt subtitles for a movie from a .sup file extracted from a BluRay disc
    I did it as usual with Subtitle Edit
    The times of showing and fading out are exactly the same, I use PotPlayer on my computer and I can select .srt with .sup in it When I open the movie, I have text on the top and bottom They are perfectly synchronized, i.e. they show up and disappear at the same time
    Nestets are not like that on the Z9X, they are usually slightly delayed by about 0.5 seconds, sometimes they show well. I don't know what it depends on, but I'm not the only one who can see it.

    As of today, I can say that the blinking of the subtitles has disappeared, but there is a problem with synchronization.

    I am talking of course about external subtitles .srt

    Please @mirror and engineers to take a closer look at the subtitles

    This is how it looks on a computer in PotPlayer 2 types of text at the top .sup at the bottom .srt

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  10. wally

    wally New Member

    I've notice a new malfunction with external subtitles. Blink is solved, and display is constant. But. Now, and that's regular, subtitles diplay correct at first, for a few minutes and then I get a constant reschedule for about 200 ou 300 ms late.
    I need to use the resync tools.
  11. with .srt all is fine for me. But .sub .idx combinations only 70% of the subtitle content gets shown...............also on X9S so an ooooooooooooooold bug
  12. maglione

    maglione Member

    Old bug, woooowwww, it's a shame that the subtitle system doesn't work well in a mediaplayer. this bug must be priority number one.
  13. Eleonor

    Eleonor Member

    It's not okay ... I thought so at the beginning when they stopped flashing .....

    Now to see it you need to know the subtitles well - that is, you need to know exactly when they are supposed to show up and end
    Only then will you see it.

    This is best seen in the subtitles burned in the movie in a different language - when, for example, on a computer the .srt subtitles appear exactly at the same time on the Z9X they will be displayed differently - most often later.

    Look at the photos I have attached
    On 1 it is on the computer - the subtitles show and disappear exactly when they are shown burned into the image

    In photo 2 it looks like the Z9X - this is the moment when they should show up and they show up 0.3 seconds later

    Sorry my english

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  14. That is in deed strange ( I have all subtitle files in the same directory and named like the movie file). I check the sync also with VCL on my laptop before.....then i put the files on the NAS. My Z9X displays all .srt like VCL on the laptop (so in sync). as stated for .sub and .idx also in sync but not all of them are shown.......in my case so I can only speak for my box.

    When I download .srt subtitles and they are not in sync I correct them here: https://subshifter.bitsnbites.eu/

    Best regards,

  15. Eleonor

    Eleonor Member

    Make yourself an mkv file with the inscriptions inside .srt and .sup for testing
    And external inscriptions .srt

    The condition is that all 3 types of inscriptions have exactly the same display and extinguishing times

    Then you will see there is a problem with external subtitles .srt

    I am very precise - pedant :)

    I make subtitles with Subtitle Edit - there is probably no better subtitle program

    We're not talking about errors in seconds, but in milliseconds Mostly it's 0.3 to 0.5 seconds late, but sometimes the same line is perfect --- that's weird
  16. I use the very same program to edit subtitle files :) as mentioned with my boxes Z9X and X9S the .srt files are ALL in sync with my movie files external or embedded....

    Problems I face are with vobsub files .sub and .idx You just have to accept that on MY devices all is good :) as some people here face issues with SMB and NFS and some are not.....

    best regards from Vienna,

  17. Eleonor

    Eleonor Member

    We are constantly writing about external .srt subtitles here

    There is no problem with the same strings if you mux them into the mkv file

    I can cut off my hand that you think that the external .srt subtitles are displayed perfectly .....

    This is what it looks like - it's not tragic, but it's not perfect. Inside the file there are numbers that tell you exactly when the text should show up and disappear - for example:
    00:00:50,592 --> 00:00:53,011

    I have been working with subtitles for several dozen years I see this problem only on Ziddo - other players I have had and do not have this problem
  18. got you, I also do subtitles myself for english german translations sometimes, so I know how it should look like....so I am sorry that on your boxes there seems a lag in the subtitle display...
  19. Eleonor

    Eleonor Member

    As for the Z9X, we have the same :)
    However, you do not have to apologize - for one, slightly out of sync subtitles mean nothing and for me a lot
    I want the Z9X to show the strings as they are in the file, not microseconds later or earlier.

    Note that the blinking of the subtitles has disappeared - somehow all Zidoo had this bug for several years and suddenly, when we proved it, it was fixed :)
  20. Then let's hope also the other subtitle bugs get fixed too. Only showing approx. 70% of .sub .idx in the native player are also not nice (and this since X9S which has the same issue still).....
    But working in ZDMC and that is something I cannot understand. How about your subtitles under ZDMC ? The same problems, or also only with the native player?

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