Recommended Settings and other knowhow for HiFi players/playback

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    Thank you so much for your answer, what I am looking for is an alternative to my music system which is composed of a PC and Foobar connected to the dac, this is my main system, with Foobar I reproduce everything and control it with a smartphone application called Foobarcon pro which I find fantastic ........ I did not know UAPP, would this be? very, very interesting, so I should install UAPP in the Zidoo (I have a Z9X), connect the dac to a usb of the Zidoo and then how can I control it with my smartphone? Also reads .wv files (wavepack) with DSD? Does it need DLNA or is it also okay with Samba? I absolutely prefer Samba and not install DLNA client in my Nas, with Foobar I do everything with samba and browse by folders etc .....
  2. Nice Monkey

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    UAPP can be controlled reasonable using a standard remote on the Zidoo directly as any other APP. A pointer mouse is easier though.
    @rozel can tell you how to use "Team Viewer" to control it fully from a smartphone.

    Working with SMB is not a problem next to DLNA which can be used too.
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    Thanks for the answer, I asked if you can control it from smsrtphone because I don't want to use the TV screen, I have been using foobar for many years and I have never had to use the TV screen to listen to music, I have set foobar to open when starting windows, I turn on the pc, wait about 30 seconds, open the foobarcon app and then I do everything from there including turning off the PC, with this I think it is not possible?
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    I used to use "Team Viewer" to control my Zidoo from either my Samsung (Android) phone or my Android Tablet. Now I simply control my Zidoo using a new Bluetooth Mouse - much more control and as @Nice Monkey has aluded to, much easier . The standard Zidoo remote, especially the V8, which is much better than the one bundled with the Z9X isn't much good I've found, hence the move away from Team Viewer, the Zidoo's remote to a mouse which I can use from my Arm Chair. Only cost me a tenner from Amazon. My PC though is in a completely different room than my Zidoo and HiFi but it is connected over my network. UAPP can be found here: -

    And apologies in advance (if I'm not allowed to provide external links) but this is the link for UAPP the Owner's website and the extremely informative website for usage of UAPP: -

    The latter is where I've gleaned most of my information for UAPP from and as previously said is the way to go. I only use Foobar when I am in the process of transfering files from my PC to my Zidoo's internal HDD to check that I've copied discs etc., ok

    Not sure about .wv files with DSD - DSD files are in a different format (DSF/DFF) and come in different qualities based on their bit rates and sample frequencies. Using Native DSD, I'm finding they are better than straight forward Flac files or .wv files, although very good.

    FWIW I've spent months getting to where I am as previously had little experience of HD Audio at this level.

    Hope this helps - hope you've read my thread about my journey so far - please contribute and/or ask questions there if you would like to :)

    Edit: - another member over there is having issues with his Ziddo not working as it should when he closes his TV screen, so probably worth a read there too
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    Do you have any idea when MCH SACD capability is coming? I do not need native MCH SACD, only converted to MCH PCM and sent via HDMI.

    I am currently using a Panasonic UB-9000 to play MCH DSF on NAS using UPnP. Bought the UBD3000 to play MCH blu ray saved in BDMV folders and MCH DVD concerts saved as Mkv files. Ideally, this is what I would like the Zidoo to do:
    1. Play MCH blu ray and DVD via HDMI, set to bit stream
    2. Play MCH DSF via HDMI, set to PCM5.1 (software detects DSF format and sets to PCM5.1)
  6. Nice Monkey

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    Playing MCH BD including Pure Audio BD's should not be a problem unless it gets stuck on the BD Menu processing (my problem list item-1)?
    Good question but unfortunately no answer. I know it is being looked at but it it is feasible seen the CPU power required and if it ever comes and when????

    The Dune Vision series media players using the same RTD1619DR SOC do convert and play MCH SACD with MCH PCM conversion via HDMI. They also have far less BD Menu and DVD Menu problems.
    So it can be done on this HW for sure but their Music Player is stripped to the bone (similar to the OPPO MP) and bundle Hiby Music as an alternative player for more advanced MP features. Zidoo maybe could do the same and provide a second barebone MP as an alternative for Audio Purists? Suggested that before.
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    Does the MP6 still have the bug where the first second of the song is silent?
  8. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    For 2CH sources gapless does work so probably the first song but you won't be hearing that as it is typically a silence.
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    Is there someone on the forum from Zidoo who can tell us more about the MCH SACD development plan and timetable?
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  10. Nice Monkey

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    Added Video settings for HDMI 1.4 restricted AMP's to Chapter-1: recommended settings. All thanks should go to Mark.
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  12. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    BTW is there any way with the Zidoo, you can "minimise" an app, like you an on a PC or on a phone? I'd like to check memory whilst UAPP is open and playing but don't see how I can do this. Seems like just one app at a time - is that the case?
  13. toshu

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    @rozel you are saying that if you go to Home or open another app UAPP stops playing?? That didnt happen on my other Android TV. I will try and test that this week on the Z9X
  14. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    @toshu no not exactly. I am saying that: -

    1. I need to stop playing the track playing before being able to Search
    2. I don't know how to minimise or open another app without closing the first
  15. Nice Monkey

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    The basic post was edited and re-ordered. The sequence of chapters should above all be more logical now.
    Also the introduction was updated to explain for whom it is.

    Added some bypasses to keep old AMP's with 4K/DV & HDR10(+) TV's.

    Please stay on topic here.
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    I am on topic - sorry if you don't agree.
  17. rozel

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    It looks to me that this thread is now no longer for the Z9x, Z10 Pro or the Z1000Pro - please tell me this is NOT the case
  18. Nice Monkey

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    It never was specifically intended for those models but adding an External DAC to any of these models makes the combined setup definitely a direct target. For sure it results then in a HiFi media player setup. :)
    Also those playing 2CH plus MCH music using any of the disc formats released are encouraged to read the topic. It does not matter which model player actually is used for that. I hope todays reorganization of chapters in fact highlights that intention.

    The on topic remark was for going into very deep UAPP details, which I frankly don't mind on second thought. ;)
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  19. rozel

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    Great stuff - yes that makes perfect sense as long as a Zidoo is in the chain. So in this thread and any other for that matter, we should be allowed to discuss UAPP, provided it is installed on a Zidoo, whatever the model. I shall refrain from discussing it however, should I use it installed on a Smart Phone or Tablet outputting direct to an external DAC for instance.

    Keep up the good work!
  20. qxy

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    Does Z9X support DOP or Native DSD when using external USB DAC with roon? I find roon convert DSD to PCM.

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