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  1. DzigiBau

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    Recently, with the newest firmware 6.4.62 on my Zidoo Z1000 Pro, I have an issue in Posterwall (v4.2.50), since it does not show IMDB rating for new added movies all the time. Some times IMDB rating is there automatically, sometimes it is not. If I use Posterwall Settings/Preferences and select in Display Rating drop down menu IMDB, it scans for a while and I have IMDB ratings for all movies. Previously it was fully automatic, now it is semi-automatic. :)

    For TV shows, there are no IMDB rating at all. If I use the same method for Display Rating/IMDB, it scans, but nothing happens, there are no ratings at all.

    I prefer IMDB ratings as more accurate to my taste.

    Could you give me a hand and tell my if I am doing something wrong or how to solve this small issue.
  2. LenniePaz

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    Nobody seems to have an answer for this, but HT4 isn't scanning for some reason. I'll remove a movie from my PC, but it still shows in HT4. I have the setting turned on and I even tried a factory reset. Anyone have any ideas?
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  3. burton

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    Which is the latest original version and from where can i download it?
    Thank you
  4. Visconti12

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    Go to setting of HT4 and rescan the unit manually.
  5. LenniePaz

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    Yes, I know I can do that. I want it to scan automatically though.
  6. burton

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    Cannot see at all the imdb ratings, i am on 4.0.25.Any help?
    thank you
  7. burton

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    Could you please repost the video?
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    Legend of a man.
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    check out my icons and wallpaper
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    some people have actually requested this, to show the entire library even if something has been moved out to archives of storage somewhere. ;)

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