Plex client for zidoo early version(24 Sep updated)

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Jul 28, 2022.

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    I've not heard anything...
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    Thx for the feedback @Markswift2003
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    I dont suppose remote streaming works with this? Like playing from a Plex Share or a server not on your own network?
  5. qsnake

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    Remote streaming works fine for me (Tested by connecting z9x to hotspot from mobile phone working on 5G network, Plex server running on NAS)
    It's the best solution for sharing media files with family members out of my network, hope Mirror can make it perfect to use, like external subtitles support. If possible, integrate this feature into the Zidoo player as one of the media sources.
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    Do you mind testing something for me? I will reach out in DMs
  7. At my side. Zidoo Native video player starts movie perfect but after 5 min or so it stops the movie and give error video cant play or sometime video player goes at background by itself and i see plex movie poster but no video only Audio i can hear. This happen only with Zidoo Z9X Native player if i use ti play my Plex media .. need help plz
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    I had a different version for zidoo I think. That one didn't let me use my local library and acted as a plex server. Can I use local library from my zidoo hard drive as local files onto the plex app? I'd like to use it as a new ui and to get a channel app running (dizque tv).
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    FYI, as Zidoo has given zero indication that they will do anything beyond this brief and very limited beta, I went looking for a suitable replacement for my plex needs.

    The new amazon firetv cube (gen 3) looks to be that box. They recently enabled passthrough for TrueHD/Atmos, so I decided to give it a try. Works perfectly so far, direct plays everything I have thrown at it, and does dolby vision everywhere (gui and video) when using an ezcooo 4K hdmi splitter for the LLDV hack. The plex client on the firetv is miles faster and more responsive than a sideloaded Plex client on the Zidoo. It's also faster than the HT4 for that matter, posters snap in quickly, etc. It does resolution/framerate switching if you want (although it doesn't have the nice video pause feature on the Zidoo.) Since it's Plex's client you never have to worry about feature\functionality limitations inherent in someone trying to hack into the plex apis, etc.

    Video quality seems to be the same to my untrained eye, but I'll do some more critical viewing and try and compare over the Christmas break. I can tell you that videos play quickly, pausing, resuming, chapter skips are instant or very very fast. Another bonus of using a native plex client is all that plex data can be used in integrations\automations in things like HomeAssistant. I finally managed to tag my movies in Plex as being Scope or Flat aspect ratios (used the Edition title tag since it displays on the poster wall and details screen.) I can now use that tag to automatically execute a zoom/mask combo on my projector when the movie starts playing. Its bloody awesome and I have been chasing a reliable way to do this for years, without spending 1000s of dollars.

    Sorry if this sounds like a commercial for a competing product, that is not my intent. If I was doing that, I would extol all the other benefits like alexa, voice search in apps, netflix and other apps, etc. ;)

    I'm trying to light a fire under Zidoo, and let people know there is a really strong alternative for local content streaming using Plex. I certainly like the firetv cube better than my nvidia shield Pro too.

    I'll keep checking the forum and applying firmware updates when they come out hoping for updates that are meaningful (file matching that competes with other products and basic feature requests come to mind) because playing with these devices is almost as much fun as watching movies ;) But I'm not holding my breath that Zidoo can come up with anything that competes with Amazon/plex on a software level.
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    I tried the app but it gives me an error attempting to access plex servers it said. It was the .21 and .25 versions. Is there any other update out?
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    I didn't know that there was a new Fire TV Cube so I did some quick research and came across this guy on YouTube from a day ago

    TL;DR from his testing with the new update enabling lossless audio passthrough, Dolby Vision no longer was passed to his TV reverting to HDR10 when playing DV Content and lossless dtsX isn't working.
    perhaps with the LLDV hack the DV isn't an issue, but perhaps this is just his experience.
  12. qsnake

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    I still hope Zidoo can make Plax one of the sources in Poster Wall! If so, I must continue to support this brand when the next product comes out
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    Does this Plex version have the feature to sync across devices to continue watching a problem when signed in to your Plex account ?
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    Tried both versions of the Zidoo/Plex but all I get is an empty page

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    Hey Guys

    wondering what benefits by installing these versions to the original plex version is ? I installed the none modified plex and it works fine but I do prefer HT4 over plex
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    Good day everyone,
    I have - perhaps accidentaly - discovered a potential solution to the network connection error. I experienced it after removing and then adding again some libraries on the media server.
    After those changes, i got the infamous "Plex media service access failed, please check the service network configuration" error on the zidoo plex client.
    To be clear I am running on a Zidoo Z9X with latest NON beta firmware and the latest Plex Client of this thread (1.0.25).
    I have enabled DNS rebinding for on both my router and transparent firewall (Arista Untangle NFW) but remote access is disabled on my Plex Media Server since I don't want it to be public.
    All PMS settings are standard for a QNAP NAS hosted PMS application.
    I have discovered that opening the application panel on zidoo (the one showing all the apps listed in a grid) and long pressing the OK button on the icon Plex for Zidoo, a popup appeared.
    The third choice on the pop up list was to delete all application data. (To troubleshoot the app I already tried once erasing both cache and data from the Android advanced settings, but had no success and the error message was still there).
    When I clicked delete all data from this popup the app started working again and now I can log into my PMS no problems. Just to be safe, before doing this I also removed the zidoo player from the list of authorized clients in my plex account, forcing it to authenticate via passcode once again.
    Everything is working fine till then and in the meanwhile the server app was updated on the QNAP with no consequences for the zidoo client :)
    Sorry for my bad writing but I'm not an English native speaker :)
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    @mirror, is there a possibility for an update.
    The 1.0.25 is quite old now, and a few important things have to be fixed:
    - no subtitles when playing a movie
    - sort order and filters (in every category) are not saved
    - ...

    Thanks for your work !
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    Just picked up a Z9X in the last day or so, long time Plex user (had a lifetime pass for years).

    I wasn't too impressed with HT4, it's quite fiddly and the file recognition leaves a lot to be desired - it really gave me the runaround with Rick and Morty episodes, FBI episodes, Absentia episodes, just to name a few. Although, I do like the layout of the info panels better on HT4 compared to Plex. I also tried the official Plex app but I couldn't get it to switch from Mobile to TV mode for some reason. I'm wondering if the Android TV version for the Shield could be sideloaded, might try that later.

    I installed this version (1.0.25) and it's much better than both the HT4 and the Plex official app. It's definitely missing some bits and pieces (like access to the settings, for one), but it doesn't really need them since it uses the Zidoo player and it's settings (which is way better than other hardware I've used, including the Shield). I'd say it's also faster at browsing the posters

    Subtitles do work, they just work oddly. It won't use embedded subtitles but if you have subtitles in the folder with the file you can just select "add subtitle", browse to the folder and then select the one you want. Zidoo Plex wil then add them automatically. You can also download subs and it will do the same thing. Which is fine if you have the subs or can get subs, but is a pain when you've got subs already in the file.

    Resume does also work, and it tracks across clients and the plex server just fine. One thing which, oddly, doesn't work, is tracking playback on the Plex dashboard - it just doesn't seem to register. I had files playing on four different clients including Z9X, and only the Z9X didn't show up on the dashboard.

    Oh, the other thing is that my DSD audio files playback on the Z9X from my Plex server, which my Shield could never manage. Excellent!

    So far I'm quite liking the Z9X. My 2019 Shield Pro was starting to get a little crashy with 4K files, so I might just be convinced to switch over to the Z9X full time. Hopefully, a fully featured Plex frontend can be available at some point. Or the
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    I tried Jellyfin a few months ago, but it never reaches the flexibility of the Plex server / client.
    I still hope, the dev of this tool will continue the Plex client.

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