New firmware v2.1.40 beta version for ZIDOO Z9S release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by mirror, Jan 24, 2019.

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    Right - this sounds exactly the issue I have with <standby> which I emailed Zidoo about before the Spring Festival.

    If I send a <standby> command by 232, the box shuts down, presumably to standby - red light, no front display

    If I then send <powerOn> by 232, the red light goes out, the front display comes on - the box appears to power up, but NO picture.

    Also, when I do this the 1080p light on the front is displayed where previously it was 4K (I have gui res at 4K23).

    So at the moment, standby does not seem to work (I also confirmed this in a reversion to v1.7.8).

    (I get the same behaviour when sending power commands via IR and have the on/off set to standby by default.)

    So as I said in the last post - set the on/off behaviour to default to OFF by long pressing the power button when the device is on and choosing OFF as the default. I know you said the Soundbar does not come back up if the Zidoo is off - not sure why that would be, but there must be a way around that.

    So in summary, your issue seems to be that standby mode in the Zidoo is currently broken.
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  2. Zigourney

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    I've got plenty files that I can give which exhibit the blank screen issue, but I can't upload 50 gig mkv rips, I'm limited to shitty broadband speeds of 10 down and 1 up....thanks to copper broadband :(

    Same here also when I had my Z9S the blank screen issues happened everywhere i.e. home screen, media centre and HT.
    On the Z10 I don't think I have seen it on the home screen/MC/HT but that's probably because I haven't left it sitting there long enough.
    But I am 100% sure it happened anywhere and everywhere on the Z9S.

    Also yes to your question: I have tried HDMI resolutions auto, including 1080 60hz, 4k 23hz and 60hz, 10bit, 444, 16-235 and I still got the blank screen issue.

    The HDMI CEC doesn't work properly for me either and I have tried it with On and Off and this had no affect on the blank screen issue, i.e. I still had the blanking screens regardless on/off. I have set mine to OFF.
    I have also toggled hdmi rx 1.4 and 2.0 from the advanced menu and that made no difference either.
  3. Zigourney

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    I had a similar issue with the X9S, it started right at the beginning when I first set up the X9S I did turn on CEC to see if it works properly and it didn't and even after I switched off the CEC function in the X9S it blocked the hdmi chain between my tv/amp and aptv4k. i.e. when I turned on the TV it did not power on my AMP and the aptv4k. The way I resolved it was to turn off HDMI CEC in the X9S and do a reboot then turn it off completely by the mains and leave it turned off. Then power off and on from the mains the TV/Denon and APTV4K (keep the X9S powered off) so the chain for these are re-established. Once you got that working properly test it by flicking between the APTV4K and the TV, then turn off the TV and turn it back on, just to confirm the CEC function is working properly again and the TV turns on the amp/aptv4k and leave them turned on.

    Then I turned on the X9S via the mains X9S booted up (CEC-OFF inside X9S) I manually switched over to the X9S hdmi input on the Denon, then watch what I want and turn off the X9S via its own remote. This maintains the HDMI CEC between the TV/AMP and APTV4K as it should and I just control the X9S on/off using its own remote and everything works as it should with CEC off on the X9S.

    I hope that made summary CEC doesn't work properly. Reboot your entire chain via mains but keep zidoo off at mains. Once chain re-established, turn on Zidoo via mains (but with cec switched off inside zidoo). That will get CEC working again for all your other equipment. Use Zidoo remote to control the zidoo on/off with cec off inside zidoo and all is ok.

    EDIT: and yes the HDMI-CEC function works flawlessly on the APTV4K and it is a joy to use just my LG TV magic remote to control the TV, amp and the aptv4k.
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  4. DaMacFunkin

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    Me too I can upload samples of the Green screen issue but need somewhere to upload them too, some error after about 10 seconds so I would say the upload location needs to be able to take 250mb maybe.
  5. blenky

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    Zidoo also asked me to upload a file when I reported an issue. Similarly the file in question was about 20GB - far too big! What I did was use MKVToolnix to remux the file. However I just stopped the remux after about 30 seconds and it created a usable 800 MB file. OK not very technical but the file was playable and had the info they needed.

    This I uploaded to mega ( and sent Zidoo the link.
  6. Markswift2003

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    Belt and braces, you can set MKVToolnix to split files - so set the split at say 650MB and once the second output file has started, the first file is a fully valid MKV with correct headers and termination.
  7. blenky

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    Nice. Never spotted that! Thanks.
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  8. jack 20

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    The green screen appears in all movies that use the aac7.1 audio system



    another movie!nWRQHaKa!iAptqctzokTTNBkOPbFrPA

    I have no problems running those files on Nvidia Shield
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  9. x9suser

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    May I ask, who do you normally communicate with at zidoo when informing them of your links ?
  10. kfpanda

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    I changed the frame rate to 23hz (n turned off all picture compensation/enhancement on the tv side, just in case), the stutters remain. b4 jumping into conclusion, I will try to chk how the tv is receiving the signal.

    while I was going through the settings, I noticed the description for the frame rate: a black screen will appear during hdmi handshake (something like that). so this seems more likely that is the reason for the black screen problem some people r experiencing.
  11. blenky

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    Send an email to
  12. x9suser

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    People experiencing black screens are not the once off resync black screen which you are describing ( this is normal).

    It is a continuous on-off black screen every few seconds throughout until you change to some other settings.

    It happens when you play a 4k movie at 10 or 12 bits color and 23.976 hz and your TV also has HDMI set to UHD (10 bit color) as well.

    In fact don't even have to play a movie, just set the home resolution to 4k ,10 or 12 bit color at 24 hz will start the black screen flashing. Assuming your tv HDMI is set at UHD color on.

    Playing the same setting above but at 60 hz does not produce the problem.

    Also if you force a 4k movie to play at 8 bits color 23.976 you won't have the problem.
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    Perfectly resume, it's what i experiment !
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  14. x9suser

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    Thank you. Am trying to inform them of some weird color discoloration/ banding , very visible at certain scenes ,when using the HDR to SDR setting (with HDR turned off of course).

    The X9S does the conversion automatically without problem. Only the Z9S has this problem.
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  15. mirror

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  16. Markswift2003

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    This issue started when gamma settings were introduced in v1.9.7 - it's posterisation due to clipping - I emailed Support about this is in November last year and included images showing the effect.
  17. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    Hope they get it fixed next FW.
  18. Markswift2003

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    At the time I think I was the only one who brought up the issue, but the more people comment about it the more chance it has of being fixed - unfortunately no-one has yet managed to get a 129* SOC to perform anything like as well as an Oppo or better still the Panny 820 with HDR>SDR conversion.

    As others have commented, it would be nice to see a so called SDR 2020 mode, but I don't know if it's possible with the SOC (I suspect not) and also it's very niche.
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    Hi friends,

    Download subtitle not working for two days. It find subtitles ok but not download.
    There is download failed error.
    Can you check please.
    Thak you...
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