New firmware v2.1.40 beta version for ZIDOO Z9S release

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  1. metar

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    Thanks for the explanation

    I updated from v1.7.8 straight to v2.1.40 (with OTA USB method).
    Worst thing is that, watching other movies, the audio dropouts are NOT ONLY with the dts, but with ac3 too: could it be because there are multiple audio streams? I will find out trying next days..

    You are a lucky man..:)

    Yes, right. I'm going to renew my media gears, one by one (it depends by the money...;)): first was the player, next will be the a/v receiver-amplifier (I'm thinking about Denon), then the television (some LG 4k oled hdr).
    At the moment I have an old Pioneer vsx-d510, but it NEVER gave me problems with the audio streams: obviously I'm talking about 5.1
  2. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Ok, so we're talking vanilla DTS and AC3 here - I'm not in front of the device at the moment, so apologies if I get the names wrong, but try enabling both the "Audio Rate Control" and "Downmix HD audio" in the audio menu..
  3. Bob.Dxb

    Bob.Dxb New Member

    I recently got my Z9S, as an upgrade to my Minix U9-H that consistently dropped playback then just bricked on me after a few hours of trying to play 4K files from my NAS. Anyway, the Z9S is a pleasant move and after updating to the latest beta 2.1.40 everything was fine until I played a certain 4K file, Legend of The Eight Samurai and I experienced the Black Screen every minute or two. However, after some setting combinations between my Z9S and Denon X3500H AVR, the problem is gone!

    Here is my setup for reference:

    Samsung TV UA65KU7350K
    Denon X3500H AVR
    QED Performance Premium Certified 4K HDMI Cable
    Synology DS218+ NAS
    County's power is 230v 50hz

    Z9S Settings-
    Frame rate mode: OFF
    HDMI mode: 3840x2160P 50hz (country power cycle)
    Color settings: All on AUTO

    Denon X3500H settings-
    Video mode: Movie
    Video conversion: ON
    Resolution HDMI: 4K
    (Do not select 4K 50hz/60hz)
    Sharpness: OFF
    Progressive mode: AUTO

    I've taken screen shots to show my exact settings.

    For the dreaded Green Screen with reboot when trying to play The Amazing Spider Man 4K, same settings as above but turned off HDR / Disable HDR! And it played flawlessly! I turn HDR on Auto again to watch other 4K movies that does not have this Green screen issue.

    I hope this helps out some of you who experience this issue.

    I am so glad to have purchased the Z9S after 2 years with a Minix U1, then purchased the U9-H after upgrading to 4K TV and AVR, but Minix failed me with 4K over LAN. The overall quality and the GUI of Zidoo is really impressive, and "Home Theater" is first class making indexing a breeze. Gave new life to my collection
    IMG_20190304_014356.jpg IMG_20190304_014517.jpg IMG_20190304_014552.jpg IMG_20190304_014608.jpg IMG_20190304_020112.jpg IMG_20190304_021749.jpg
  4. x9suser

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    Of course you don't have the black screen now because you are fixing your refresh rate at 50 hz by turning frame rate syncing off and setting your frame rate manually at 50 hz. For your info most movies are encoded at 24hz.

    As I have said in the past the black screen only happens at this specific situation :-
    4k res + 24 hz (23.976) + 10 bit/12 bit color + TV HDMI set at UHD color (10 bit).

    Take any one of the above component combo out and there is no black screen


    Set refresh other than 24hz (like 50 hz or 60 hz) and there is no black screen.

    Fix your color at 8 bits and there is no black screen.

    Fix your resolution at 1080p and there is no black screen.

    Turn off your TV UHD color mode and there is no black screen.

    You can read back a couple of posts at the 'Black Screen thread' about what I said about how the black screen appears at only a very specific combination.
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  5. Bob.Dxb

    Bob.Dxb New Member

    Refresh rate,or anti flicker, is about matching it to your country's power supply cycle rate, and your other equipment's refresh rate. If you live in North America and some Asian countries it would be 60hz. Europe, UK, ME, SG, etc are at 50hz.
    Yes most movies you get may be at 24hz, but your other front-end equipment like AVR or TV are operating at your country's cycle rate, hence the Z9S has match that rate for a proper "handshake".
    By fixing the setting of your Z9S to 24hz, it can't match your front end, hence the black screen. So why insist on a setting that gives you problems ?
  6. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    I am just pointing out why you don't get the black screen, not debating or forcing you to set a particular refresh rate.
  7. Bob.Dxb

    Bob.Dxb New Member

    Well from reading threads in the forum, some users are giving up on their units for a problem that is solvable! That is why I replied with my experience.
  8. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    Forcing a 23.976 movie to play at 50 hz or 60hz is not the solution unless you are one of those who can't see stuttering.
  9. Bob.Dxb

    Bob.Dxb New Member

    Again I will repeat: Refresh rate,or anti flicker, is about matching it to your country's power supply cycle rate, and your other equipment's refresh rate."
    So by fixing or forcing your Z9S at 24hz, it can't match your front end's (AVR or TV) cycle. Hence the intermittent black screen because it's trying to "catch up". So "we" the users, have to specify to the Z9S unit what is the cycle rate of our other equipment, so it will output the signal correctly. You are creating for yourself a mismatch by fixing it at 24hz.
  10. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    Don't come back here complaining when you start watching a movie that keep struttering especially those panning scenes
  11. Markswift2003

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    I know most people on here have a decent understanding of frame rate and what happens when you view material at the wrong framerate and so will be infuriated by the above comment, but for those who are not sure, please please please do not be confused by the above post.

    Your mains power supply frequency has NOTHING to do with frame rate. Nothing at all.

    The very first thing that happens to the ac power is it's converted to dc by the power supply.

    AC supply frequency is utterly irrelevant.
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  12. Bob.Dxb

    Bob.Dxb New Member

    Oh boy!!! you clearly have limited understanding of what refresh rate cycles are for! Why do you think there is 24/50/60hz in the video industry in the first place!! If you are not in the technical field go google it to be informed properly. And this is a friendly advice.

    Your country's AC power has A LOT to do with frame rates and COMPATIBILITY, it is very relevant because it determines the spec of your other equipment in the chain.
    This is not about the conversion from AC to DC!
    Your Z9S has to "communicate properly" with other equipment downstream, in this case your AVR or TV which has a refresh rate cycle of its own, and most electronics spec'd for international market have 100v-230v 50hz/60hz cycles. By forcing the Z9S to a 24hz YOU ARE CREATING A MISMATCH that results in the interruption of signal.
    The software in the Z9S will process and decode from the input files, but you must tell it of the CORRECT OUTPUT. It does not have control of the refresh cycle rates of your AVR or TV. Understanding how software and hardware works and communicates with each other will avoid you all these issues.
  13. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Mate, I am in, as you put it, a technical field. I am in fact in this particular technical field and have been for a very very long time.

    Long enough to know exactly why we have been historically stuck with 25fps in certain regions and 29.970fps in others, although admittedly not long enough to remember 30fps... (for those interested, 30fps was the original NTSC black and white frame rate which had to be changed to 29.970 with the advent of colour - PAL at 25fps could handle the colour signal by design).

    I have worked with 24fps (which may give you a clue as to my background), and similarly fully understand the historical reasons why such material is now converted to 23.976fps for distribution (more correctly 24/1001, but usually abbreviated to 23.976).

    In fact the only mainstream frame rate that doesn't owe it's existence to historical constraints that are no longer required is 60fps.

    All of that aside and notwithstanding the fact that you are just plain wrong, and without any knowledge of the broadcast industry, common sense should easily tell you this just by looking at the power supplies.

    I shouldn't have to do this, but I will explain just in case you don't get it - all these devices run on DC - direct current - there is no frequency. Your TV runs on DC. Your projector runs on DC. Your amp runs on DC. Once the mains supply hits the power supply it is rectified. To DC.

    I know it's unpleasant to be told on a forum that you are incorrect, and you'll see from my previous posts (the majority at least) that I don't make a habit of shouting the odds, and matters of opinion are what forums are all about, but honestly, when you provide information that is plainly misleading then I'm afraid you have to be called out because the danger is some people will believe it (Google Peter Belt for similar madness in the audio world - very entertaining).

    If you are happy setting your frame rate at 50fps, then that's great, but don't for a minute think it's correct.
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  14. Bob.Dxb

    Bob.Dxb New Member

    Wow all your experience and you don't understand why it's essential to have all your hardware in the chain to be in sync! I'm sorry for you..
    I think you are the one who can't accept that what you are doing is wrong and being told so in this forum makes you reply sarcastically to others. A clear sign of your immaturity and lack of experience.
  15. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    No need to apologise.
  16. mattmarsden

    mattmarsden Active Member

    In the early days of CRT TVs this was true, but with modern equipment it makes no odds.
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  17. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    A much more succinct reply than my rant :)
  18. mattmarsden

    mattmarsden Active Member

    And if just supposing you were right why would the Z9S have a 24hz output mode? What country’s power supply runs at 24hz?
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  19. afss

    afss Active Member

    It's been a while since the last firmware - I wonder if Zidoo has identified the potential cause of the Black Screen issue
  20. Dan

    Dan Member

    I've been using the Z9s on v2.1.40 and have not seen one black/green screen, I have however had films stop half way through and the USB drive showing as invalid which is resolved by a reboot.

    Looking back through this thread I can see plenty of other users have issues with USB disconnecting during playback, it never happened when using the same WD passport USB3 2TB drive on X9s. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next firmware release.

    My kit chain is Zidoo Z9s>Marantz NR1608>LG OLED55C6V

    I have auto frame rate and auto resolution enabled.

    I've played multiple 50GB+ 4k 10 BIT HDR mkv's without issues, not one black/green screen but i do occasionally notice small white dots on the picture which are not present when playing the same file back on the X9s.

    Picture also seems darker to me compared to X9s using same cables/inputs etc.
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