New firmware v2.1.40 beta version for ZIDOO Z9S release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by mirror, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Emphyrio

    Emphyrio Member

    No black screen or resynch 4k 8bit
    but a lot in 10bit for me :(
    (epson 9400 projector, yamaha rx-v485)
    try a lot of HDMI 2 or 2.1 cable (1meter)
    I receive HDMI optical cable tomorrow to be sure
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  2. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    You have just confirmed I am correct. 8 bit panel means it is only 8 bit color. If you play 10 bit 4k through your tv internal player, it maps it to 8 bit color. If you use the z9s to play , the Zidoo converts it to 8 bit color.

    Your tv specs just marketing. It just means it is compatible with HDR10, not outright HDR10 physically.
  3. Zigourney

    Zigourney Member

    Here is my chain...any help in getting this fixed is much appreciated.

    X9S, Z10, APTV4K > 1m hdmi > denon 3500 > 1m hdmi > lg oled65c8
    Setting: HDMI auto, switch frame and resolution, 10bit, 444, 16-325
    4k hdr mkv files being streamed from Synology nas ds918+ (NFS)
    X9S and APTV4K (infuse pro) works flawlessly on the same setting, but Z10 doesn't.
    Also had the Z9S but returned it due to the annoying blank screen issue.
    Would like to keep the Z10 if I can resolve the problem.

    Also FYI I've tried the below hdmi cables and nothing made a difference.
    Amazon basic 2.0 hdmi cable
    Kenable 1m premium certified hdmi cable
    Ugreen 1.8m premium certified hdmi cable
    Also tried the cables that came with the z9s, z10, and x9s and nothing made a difference.

    I ruled out 100% its not a cable issue as the X9S and APTV4K worked on those cables, I also ran the "Test Cable Functionality" within the APTV4K to test the amazon, kenable and ugreen cables on my APTV4K. This is where the APTV4K sends a high bandwidth signal for a few mins to test the cable and it passed. I didn't bother running the same test for the cables that came free in the box for the z9s, z10,or the x9s , as I had no intention of using the freebie cables anyway (usually cheap junk).
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  4. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    Incorrect again I'm afraid.

    (And if I was in any doubt, which I'm not, the Vertex confirms it also, as does the Denon)


    This is neither to prove a point nor for your benefit by the way - one thing that really annoys me is dissemination of disinformation.

    I'll always try to provide useful and correct information to help people out because we're all in that position at some point or another and while providing a point of view is fine and should be encouraged, wilfully providing incorrect information without fact checking first, is not and should not.

    (for those not familiar with Denons - they always report both 23.976Hz and 24Hz as 24)

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  5. cappy1

    cappy1 Member

    In my rig I output 10 bit 444 from the Zidoo directly into the Lumagen Radiance Pro. The Pro does intensity mapping in Linear Light. It outputs HDR in a SDR2020 colorspace, 12 bit 422 to the Sony 885ES laser projector. The projector sees SDR, applies the inverse curve and then outputs Linear Light.
    (In this setup, the 12 bit 4:2:2 HDMI Lumagen output format fully supports a true 12-bit pixel depth at 4k60 with 18 GHz I/O).
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  6. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    My guess is that's an incompatibility between the Z9S and the Denon - I used to have a Denon x2000 in one room with a Zappiti which used to black screen periodically at 10-bit 444. Bizarrely it was ok at 12-bit 444 but the Z9S seems to output 10-bit 444 even when set to 12-bit 444 so that fix will not work.

    Do you have the same problem at 12-bit 422 - not an ideal mode due to internal 8-bit handling, but useful for trouble shooting.

    I've seen several posts here regarding this issue and Denons do seem to be a common denominator for some.

    This is well worth an email to with those details and if possible an example of a file that consistently exhibits the issue. As I said previously, if they can't replicate it, they can't fix it.
  7. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    Whatever makes you happy.
  8. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    10-bit 444 makes me happy :D
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  9. Zigourney

    Zigourney Member

    Alright - I think I've already tried those settings, but saw colour banding and was put off! But to be honest I've tried so many different combination of settings that I cant now say for sure from the top of my head.

    One thing I know I haven't tried yet is to direct connect the player to the TV and this was already suggested by mirror couple of days ago but I got so frustrated after a couple of hours of messing around I just gave up. This will at least allow me to rule out the Denon.

    When I get some free time I will test again and this time round I will write down the combination of settings that I have tested and report back/send email to Zidoo.
  10. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    Yes, unfortunately you will get chroma banding at 12-bit 422 on these boxes, but it was more to see if it's only 10-bit 444 that produces the black screen.

    Definitely try a direct connection at 10-bit 444 too - my bet is you won't see the blanking.

    It's a real pain when these bugs show themselves, but it's worth persevering with Zidoo support as they want to get it right.
  11. Emphyrio

    Emphyrio Member

    it's one of the first test i did, connect my epson 9400 directly to the Z9s, no change to the frequency of black screen/resynch on 444 10bit
  12. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    So it's not exclusively Denon related then - since it's not something I've not seen with my setup, I'm curious, can anyone supply a link to a file that definitely exhibits the issue with their setup?
  13. kfpanda

    kfpanda Member

    in my case, the blank screen happened while inside media center and home theater so I suspect its more equipment related. interestingly, it hasnt re-occurred after my cny holiday n I have not made any changes.
  14. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    Ok, so we're now at not necessarily Denon related and not necessarily source related since it can happen when in the Zidoo screens too...

    As I've said previously, when testing with the Vertex I see that when you set 12-bit 444 the output remains at 10-bit 444 (this is with a full fat 600MHz EDID set by the way, so it's not an EDID issue) so maybe this is related in some way.

    All other 1295 boxes I've tried will output 12-bit 444 when set to that, although obviously at present there are no other 1296 boxes to test against.

    I also had this black screen issue a long time ago with a Zappiti when set to 10-bit 444 but setting to 12-bit 444 alleviated it, so I wonder if that's the answer - I'm sure a few of you with this issue have tried 12-bit 444 and found the issue still arises, but if I'm correct, the box would still have been outputting 10-bit without you realising.

    So maybe if the techs can confirm I'm right about 12-bit outputting 10-bit and get the box to output 12-bit?
  15. Ovidiu Necula

    Ovidiu Necula Member

    Same where, blanking screen while inside mediacenter and HT but will stop after restarting the mediaplayer. Maybe most of the issues appear after resuming from standby.
  16. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    Just a quick note here - when we're trying to trouble shoot an issue like this it is extremely helpful if posters have their equipment listed in their signature - it means that when someone posts an issue, we, and more importantly the mods can immediately see what equipment the issue relates to since in a lot of cases it's not a global issue but rather related to how the box behaves with the display chain.
  17. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    Do you mean Standby or Power Off? I can't get the box to resume from Standby, only Power Off....
  18. Ovidiu Necula

    Ovidiu Necula Member

    When I am powering off the TV, z10 will go to standby. Indeed, when starting tv will not start z10 but if you press the power button from remote, it will actually resume from standby. This is the default configuration of zidoo. In order to shut down Z10, I have to power off from its remote before shutting down TV.
  19. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    This just caught my eye - have you tried setting HDMI mode to a discrete resolution rather than auto?

    I have mine set:

    HDMI - 3840x2160p 23Hz, switch frame rate & resolution, 10-bit, 444, 16-235
  20. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    So you're using CEC to turn off the Zidoo?

    One thing I always do is turn CEC off on all equipment because although it's a good idea in principle, it rarely works as you expect with all the different manufacturer's boxes we have hanging off our equipment these days.

    As I said, my Z9S will not come out of "Standby" (it powers up but will not produce an image) so I have to power off (I use RS232 so can use discrete power on and power off commands).

    Maybe this is part of the puzzle - try using power on/off rather than standby - change the default behaviour with a long press of the power button and maybe turn CEC off.

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