New firmware v2.1.22 version for ZIDOO X9S release

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, Jan 16, 2019.

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  1. Pelayo

    Pelayo Member Beta test group

  2. cucnz

    cucnz Member

    ive installed it on my X9S with no issues ,as above
  3. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    Didn't you read the few posts after that? It was fixed almost immediately.
  4. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    yes trueHD from bluray iso have DD5.1 at its core
    ok i will try with bdremux type, coz usually they separate the DD5.1 from the trueHD7.1
    if i'm not wrong, this already discussed but i dont remember what it is :(
    coz usually i only play 1080p hevc 10bit with AC-3 or Dts sound

    already tested it, all 7.1trueHD cannot downmix to DD5.1 through optical or hdmi, no sound at all:(
    but strange happen here, in 4K HDR, DD5.1ch got stuttering very badly only with HDMI (RAW) but good with optical and i dont remember if it happened with the previous firmware
    if you have the source you download in your hdd/pc, please check the harsh code for MD5, if it show the same with the page one then you not need to redownload it
    check again the harsh code from the file you copy it to your flashdisk/thumbdrive after it failed, if it change, that mean your thumbdrive file system is incorrect, just format or convert it to FAT32
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2019
  5. burton

    burton Member

    Thank you, i did that and worked!
  6. DribbleTool

    DribbleTool New Member

    Updated my box to this firmware.
    I have been testing 1080p 23.976 & 2160p 23.976 content and from what I’ve seen (and I have a keen eye for noticing the tiniest of issues) it has been very good and I don’t think i’ve noticed and stutter or sync issues with either h.264 or h.265 files at those resolutions.
    HDR is auto switching correctly, resolution is auto switching correctly.
    At the moment.... this is looking very promising and has aloud me to regain confidence in the x9s to be worth having plugged in.
    I haven’t played higher frame rate content because those files are extremely rare.

    I’d like to see more people reporting on here if this has resolved playback issues for them as well.

    Thanks to the zidoo team to fix a hugely important issue.
  7. DribbleTool

    DribbleTool New Member

    Which version of ZDMC are people using with this firmware?
    Which is the latest version? 17.6?
  8. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    There's no other version after that. Install Kodi if you want newer , but I don't know if there are issues.
  9. DribbleTool

    DribbleTool New Member

    That’s fine, I just wanted to check I was on the latest officially supported ZDMC version.

    17.6 seams to be working good with this firmware version.

    Has anyone used the unofficial Kodi builds that have support for the zidoo external player enabled?
  10. ZidooTR

    ZidooTR New Member

    Thanks for the good work.
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  11. BREY

    BREY New Member

    The emerging window very badly works for me with audio and subtitles. It is appointed to colour buttons. It would be necessary to press very long that it has appeared. As own panel, and on hdmi-cec the panel from тв. Earlier in both cases of the menu appeared from the first.
  12. gsaronni

    gsaronni New Member

    By the moment Aria2 is working fine for me, the interface is not so good as the Transmission one.

    I dont know why I cannot open the web interface or the settings page for Transmission
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  13. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Member

    Explain further about the unofficial Kodi builds that support Zidoo?
  14. kayama728

    kayama728 Member Beta test group

    is there a working netflix app?
  15. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Look here but Kodi player from those builds has a lot lower performance compared to official Zidoo release.
  16. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Finally I had some time to update my X9S and do couple of tests. We can assume micro stutter is gone from multiple reports and confirmed by Vertex data.

    So far so good for Web-Dl as well :) I tried couple of files with frame rate not found according to TsMuxer and it plays OK at 23.976fps in auto on the latest v. 2.1.22. I'll keep on testing over next days when I get the time.

    Great job Zidoo. I knew you could do it :)
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019
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  17. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    If the stutter is gone I have couple minor issues that bug me right from beginning.

    1. Can we get direct key for audio offset? Something like letter "A" on the keyboard (just like Kodi) would pop up with audio delay. I need to fine tune it every so often between different movies based on 2K, 4K HDR, 3D and some other audio variations. Going through menus to get there is painful.

    2. Home theater search function needs direct input from the keyboard or at least pressing the same number like 2,2,2 should cycle through letters A,B,C. Using arrow keys to get to search function and then arrow again for numbers and letters is as bad as audio offset. Direct letters from the keyboard and repetitive numbers like it used to be on the flipped phone would help.

    Other than that best player on the market :)
  18. Vinny4K

    Vinny4K Member

    My hope was gone with the stutter on the X9S, just decided to go with my old mede8er.
    Tested the new update and finally the stutter is gone. Not expected!
    Good work team.

    Please also fix the intern srt subtitles if you can.
    There is sometimes a symbol or letter at the end of the last line after the last word.)


    (These letters are not in the intern srt subtitle file)

  19. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    This new approach to power / stand by was probably to correct HDMI lock up issue.
    It looks like with this firmware I don't have to have TV on with HDMI port set for Zidoo before waking up Zidoo.
    Up to now if I woke up Zidoo and TV was not on or ready on this specific HDMI port, Zidoo would block HDMI signal. The same would happen if I used music player and shut down the TV. The port on Zidoo would lock up.

    I think it's all good now. I can start Zidoo without TV and probably use music player with the TV off and use it only as needed.
  20. wolfrick

    wolfrick Member

    OPENWRT is a piece of shlt.... dont upgrade to this version unless you got bored by a working aria2/transmission etc. in your current version.... i am just wondering how these people could release this faulty firmware. Hopefully we have to wait >6 months to fix it....
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