New Firmware v1.2.30 for DMP-A6

Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A6' started by ammar11, Nov 28, 2023.

  1. ammar11

    ammar11 Well-Known Member


    1. Optimized the occasional issue with WebDAV not displaying lists.
    2. Optimized the display of playback details in EMBY.
    3. Optimized the display of playback details in PLEX.
    4. Optimized the display of playback details in music services.
    5. Optimized the problem where track information couldn't be displayed when playing tracks via the file manager.
    6. Optimized system language compatibility.
    7. Optimized online DSD audio playback.
    8. Optimized the occasional issue with multi-channel DSD not playing.
    9. Optimized the issue where the playback queue order was incorrect during random playback
    10. Added TIDAL MAX support (require re-logging into Tidal account)
    11. Optimized online APE track playback.
    12. Optimized the problem where the playback queue wasn't saved after device restart.
    13. Optimized the occasional application crash when opening artists in the Android control app.
    14. Added Jellyfin cloud drive functionality.
    15. Optimized the occasional incorrect display of the bitrate of the currently playing track.
    16. Optimized the display of large font mode in playback details.
    17. Added settings for the highest sampling rate for optical output.
    18. Added settings for USB DAC sampling rate switching delay.
    19. Optimized the issue where certain specific sample rate tracks couldn't be played.

    Control APP versions:

    Android: v1.11.33
    iOS: v1.0.76

    Check the online update.

    If you do not wish to wait you can download to update manually:
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  2. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

    Official download link?

    Actually, it is available on my unit already…

    And my .dsf multichannel files stored locally on M2 ssd via HDMI D2P now works again ;)
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  3. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Large list with fixes and improvements. Will try in a few days myself.
  4. downloading now
  5. N00brx

    N00brx Member

    Tidal Max FLAC is working perfectly

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  6. turbofotografas

    turbofotografas New Member

    from where, link?:)
  7. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

    And they even call mqa ‘Max MQA’.

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  8. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiosity, any of you guys having the possibility to share a DSD track in the following file format?
    I am examining the two differently formats, in terms of metadata capabilities (.dsf being known for possibly holding more metadata).
    Not interested in full albums or whatever, just two / three tracks; you can share somewhere and just post the link- to them here.

    Thanks in advance to whoever helps.
  9. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    Ain't this the final quest for master quality authenticated...? Or shall we expect to be any MQA-HiRez, MQA-Hi-Quality, MQA-DSD?!?!? OMFG!
  10. kc001

    kc001 Active Member

    Master Quackery in Audio :D:p
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  11. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    This I was missing... good catch my friend.
    Main Quest for Audiophools was my choice till now...
  12. kc001

    kc001 Active Member

    lol :D:)
  13. Berico

    Berico Member

    Will it ever be possible to use the qobuz app directly?
  14. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

    Qobuz Connect is in the making…
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  15. Berico

    Berico Member

    really? omg. ty
  16. my A6 told me there was a firmware directly from the unit.

    I imagine zidoo / @mirror will post a direct download link for installation via usb at some point for those who don't want to wait for the A6 upgrade prompt, as these upgrades seem to be rolled out via A6 over a period of time.
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  17. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

    Do a search top right for Qobuz Connect.

    @mirror is from Eversolo.

  18. snafu

    snafu New Member

    This forum will not let me include a link to the online share. I'll try putting in in a DM to you.
    My upload speed kind of sucks, so I chose the smallest version I had for each format.
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  19. peliase

    peliase New Member

    Tidal connect High Res FLAC added yet?
  20. octavius

    octavius Member

    Tidal Connect not. It doesn’t work for me.

    But if I play music from Tidal connect seeking cursor on display unit still doesn’t work! Just skipping the songs is possible. Is possible fix that?

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