New Firmware v1.2.30 for DMP-A6

Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A6' started by ammar11, Nov 28, 2023.

  1. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

    Everything was fixed today. No update needed…
  2. Inti

    Inti Active Member

    Second that all ok now
  3. Chris Wu

    Chris Wu Member

    How do you assign a fixed IP address on the DMP A6?.. cant seem to find the setting..
  4. RolandG

    RolandG Member

  5. Guenter

    Guenter Member

    In files list view - now there are in front littel thumbnails. But not all do have them. Is there a way to get these thumbnails even on those folders that contains several subfolders with audio files?
    Placing an image file?
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  6. Oliver Gnass

    Oliver Gnass New Member

    I’ve been in high technology for almost four decades. The commitment to firmware updates since launch and the exemplary quality and sound of this product is A+. You rarely find this commitment to firmware fixes and enhancements. Enjoy your A6, listen and provide feedback! Clearly this team is listening.
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  7. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    This is how many players work... Cannot say for the A6 from experience, but I think that giving it a try should not be too difficult, or time-consuming, or even problematic for the device itself...
    You could try with one folder only, by placing different images in it, with different names; then, depending on what you see you can deduce what is the perfect (if any) file name.
    Suggestions for the file names players usually look for:
    any combination of the above, taken two-by-two, as in cover-front, or front-cover, or frontcover
    I left the extensions out, but the classic .jpg / .jpeg / .png should be the most recognised.

    Also, try sizes about 500x500, 600x600, that is, do not throw in a 3000x3000 image, as it may be discarded because too big...
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  8. supermood

    supermood Active Member

    tidal connect crashes frequently every some minutes was working with .15 version
  9. supermood

    supermood Active Member

    fully agree wrote the same on the z9x pro forum in which I posted about 30 bugs and ideas for improvement without any feedback at all.
    this is basically unbelievable that all the customers using their own time to report everything while having absolute zero overview about the confirmed topics or declined ones, a timeline / status overview.
    and I'm of course not talking about functionalities that were promised before, that's a complete other topic.

    I would have bought a device based on a wrong promise and a company would not take it back for a full refund I would directly give that to a lawyer. easy legal staff....

    for me it was just new that you have to participate in product development while not getting any feedback for it
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  10. RolandG

    RolandG Member

    This alone tells me you’re not a lawyer.
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  11. supermood

    supermood Active Member

    I'm not, my pop is I have no clue but a good sense for justice.. :)

    im managing +50million eur projects and I if I ever would tell my clients it's ready go for it in the so called production system when in fact it should be still tested in the so called qa quality assurance system I would be without job very fast.

    and I know people managing +500millionen projects. one of them had an a6 for a week then gave it to me for free saying no time for such a device.

    I was planing to install that at my parents do you actually think someone ever will do that? and my parents are good with technology. I'm not working in IT support (or at least it's enough with windows and Apple with my parents already..) :)
  12. George’s

    George’s New Member

    Tidal nie gra prawidłowo in 96/24. Very often stop playing music within 1 sec. Tidal connect is ok
  13. supermood

    supermood Active Member

    and by the way. I'm basically OK with the device. I guess I'm using 5% of it and besides maybe 15 little things from library management and access to missing SoundCloud and so.... all OK.

    my point is that this kind of reporting and 'working' on getting a better device in just an endless line of text. is lacking everything that should be included in a reporting - like transparency, timeline, confirmations, reproduction, responsibles...
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  14. supermood

    supermood Active Member

    no tidal connect is not ok I just wrote some hours earlier. and a sec ago that this forum and reporting is a bad joke in terms of managing a product development and a lifecycle
  15. RolandG

    RolandG Member

    None of this has any bearing on the issue.
  16. supermood

    supermood Active Member

    aha. if you say so. which issue? did you read 100 pages?
    I think it has. with every issue on all pages. I was agreeing berghold that this 'reporting' here is missing some essentials.

    and my tidal issue like 30 before will be 3 pages behind tomorrow and I will not know if it was even seen by the Zidoo product owner or a developer or whatever.
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  17. George’s

    George’s New Member

    Both Tidal and Tidal connect not working properly
  18. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

    I’m not having issues with Tidal right now (Eversolo Control v.1.0.76 on iPad).

    What’s not working for you? (I don’t use Tidal Connect).
  19. George’s

    George’s New Member

    Song hi-res 96/24 playing and next stop playing within 2 sec and and continue playing again etc - by usb to outside dac (Eversolo control 1.0.76 on iPhone 13)
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  20. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

    Well, I would try to bypass the external DAC and do a test with as little external boxes as possible.

    I use XLR out direct to active speakers…
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