New Firmware v1.2.30 for DMP-A6

Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A6' started by ammar11, Nov 28, 2023.

  1. pnjunction

    pnjunction Member

    After upgrading to 1.2.30 Ipad cannot connect to player!
  2. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

    I have had no problems with iPad /iPhone.

    Do you use the newest Eversolo Control app version? 1.0.76
  3. pnjunction

    pnjunction Member

    Of course. Ipad air with ios 12.5.7
  4. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

    My IOS version is 17.1.2. Are you sure about your version? 12 is quite old…
  5. fofocho

    fofocho Active Member

    No issues with my iPhone/ipad

    I read many comments about connecting issues. You just need to asign a fixed HDCP address. Mine connects immediately
  6. Mister L

    Mister L Active Member

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  7. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    It is indeed an issue that a fixed IP address usually solves; a more elegant alternative would be that of using the A6's URI, together with the "modern" mDNS present in the routers (note that a router, when presented a URI, soes not know where it might be in the wilderness of the internet, so always asks a DNS for it, unless it is sure it is in the local LAN - note: local...). The mDNS works thanks to an expectation: ".local" appended to the URI, like this for example: DMP-A6.local instead of the plain DMP-A6. Using this is also faster, as the router immediately knows to do a local table lookup, instead of waiting for the DNS to return a name-not-found response.
    This applies also to the upload page address in the browser.
    Problem is that the APP most probably relies on the IP address which might change; which is also weird, as generally the routers, once having assigned an IP to a MAC-ADDRESS, they keep assigning always the same one - unless they go out of IPs, but again, there should be devices in the hundreds in your LAN for this to happen on a daily basis...
  8. Uwe

    Uwe Member

    So far I haven't been able to see that firmware 1.2.30 has fixed one of the many Amazon Music bugs. A different song will be played than the one selected. The selected song plays, but a different song is displayed. And a lot more...

    Amazon Music hasn't been further developed either. Basic functions like “add to queue” and “play next” are still missing. If you leave the streaming area of Amazon Music, for example to adjust a setting, when you return to Amazon Music you end up back on the main page and not, as you should, on the page on which you left Amazon Music.

    AirPlay 2, which the A6 was advertised with, is still missing.
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  9. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    I do not know if there is a list of things the NEXT release will address, nor I reckon to have heard that THIS update would have fixed the Amazon issues, or the AirPlay2 one.
    All I know is that the team is working on the AirPlay2 thing, awaiting Apple's certification (or whatever it is).
    Also I know that the devs are actively working on the long list of fixes needed; and most probably address them by priority, which may not be your exact meaning of priority.
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  10. Uwe

    Uwe Member

    It's not the customers' fault that the devs have to fix so many bugs. The A6 is a very good streamer. But that's not enough.

    If AirPlay 2 is advertised and customers buy the device, but AirPlay 2 is not available, what would you call that? You shouldn't promote a product with features you can't deliver.

    Your constant positive comments are striking. Is it possible that you will no longer respond to my posts in the future? Thank you.
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  11. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    I am a developer, and I know pretty well what it means to fix bugs. If the Evesolo didn't want to fix them, be sure the A6 would have remained as bad as it was on release day.
    So, for this reason I am thinking, and commenting, positively.
    The constant asking and complaining about "this or that not yet fixed" is beginning to annoy me. It's not the customer's fault, of course I agree, but also every day complaints, every release complaints... if it's not one, it's another poor fella that had another problem.
    Some get fixed now, some others tomorrow. Be positive, just wait (OTOH what else could you do, apart from getting really upset and returning / selling your device?)

    I'll try to remember not to reply to your posts; cannot guarantee that I'll remember it was you, Uwe, but I'll try nevertheless. Sorry for any emotional inconvenience my posts may have caused you.
    Cheers, A.
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  12. Stuj

    Stuj Member

    I Agree that Zidoo / Eversolo do have a good track record with continued Firmware fixes / enhacements. Sometimes although some things do get missed or never fully resolved to customer satisfaction (z9x not faultlessly playing BD Menus - im looking at you). In these cases you accept the product for what they have managed to deliver, which are pretty amazing devices overall. @Nutul How are you finding your A6 ?
  13. Peter Wallop

    Peter Wallop Active Member

    I guess how you feel about the A6 depends on your own circumstances, tolerance levels and whether your particular requirements are fulfilled or not.

    As an Amazon user and prospective CD ripper - yes, it’s been a bumpy ride. That said, I no longer believe that it’s possible for a small company to produce such a sophisticated piece of kit, that works perfectly out-of-the-box, on it’s first attempt. From my layman’s perspective, it seems that it isn’t the hardware that’s the problem - it’s the firmware and numerous compatibility issues that cause the headaches. Amps & speakers are easy, but this is a mini-computer and, if MS & Apple have to update their own OS on a regular basis, then I guess that we need to cut Zidoo the same slack.

    As I’ve said before, I think that Zidoo were naive at launch and overpromised (Roon’s the perfect example). I absolutely agree that the firmware wasn’t where it should have been but, if we expect perfection at launch with any tech driven product these days, we’re just going to be disappointed (talk to a Tesla owner!). Firmware is undoubtedly vastly improved though and isn’t that far away.

    For me, the fact that the Dev’s are working so hard to make things right tips the balance. This may sound a little ‘Sister Mary Sunshine’, but I’m actually quite enjoying ride (and I’m usually the most miserable, grumpy old sod that you could meet)!
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  14. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    I do not own any. I own a Z8, and being the forums unified I am reading (and learning, maybe helping sometime, and also ranting some other times...) about the A6 and the other products too.
    TTYTT I'd be extremely annoyed by these problems:
    1. Impossible to "Add to playing queue", or "Add next" or "Play next" (also from streaming services, but I don't use any, so, not my cake...)
    2. Not being able to conventionally browse by artist => album, nor play a whole album and/or just one-single-track-of-that-very-album
    3. Surely another, which I cannot for the life of me remember now

    I use a Raspberry Pi with moOde on it - gives me all I need for my music listening habits and needs - and these things work flawlessly; I'd expect them to work on a product like the A6 from day one; after all it is the graphical representation of what we actually do when we want to play music the conventional way, be it by using streaming services and their playing queue, or using our physical media (yes, I do own roughly 1000 CDs, and still play them - only from time to time, though, as they are all digitised in moOde since a long time)
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  15. Stuj

    Stuj Member

    Oh Wow, the sheer number of posts you have here really suggested that you had skin in the game (there is a Z8 forum).
  16. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    I know, as I said, I am (also) here because I am (mainly) there... ;-)
  17. Karim

    Karim New Member

    After the latest firmware update of the a6. The device, the usb c, stop working from times to time.
    I haven't been able to reproduce it systematicly.
    I have to shut down the unit, unplug the power suppler and restart the a6.
    This happen to me 3 times after this update 1.2.30.
    I havent face to this issue before.
    Fyi I am using the usb c output to an external dac.
    If you need a log or something else to identify the issue to not hesitate to send me the procedure.
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  18. pnjunction

    pnjunction Member

    Yes, and ipad itself is quite old, it's ipad air. But before the 1.2.30 firmware all worked flawlessly.
  19. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

    OK. As others have mentioned, it might be that the ip address of the A6 has changed and that the way your router works should be changed to give the A6 a fixed internal ip address.

    But you could also just try to reconnect by clicking the symbol next the the DMP-A6 text.

    I have not experienced problems when or if the ip changes, but maybe give this a try.

    IMG_0122.jpeg IMG_0123.jpeg
  20. Jjb067

    Jjb067 Active Member

    But there is no USB c output for a DAC on the A6, the lower USB 3 A port is for that. The USB c is an input so you can connect a PC etc

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