New Firmware v1.2.30 for DMP-A6

Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A6' started by ammar11, Nov 28, 2023.

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    I got rid of Spotify because Spotify makes popping sounds when it can't play high notes. In the song by Lucero sings 'Y Volvero' and her high notes cause my speaker to pop (at 1:20 and 2:20), whereas it does not in Apple Music. This is not theory, play this song in Spotify and you'll hear it.

    And in my 2017 Corvette with Bose (and noise cancelling), it's like a veil over my speaker was removed.

    This is not theorizing, this is from my listening experience between compressed Spotify and Apple Music lossless.
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    Hi all i wonder how safe it is to install the beta firmware for the A6 I now it’s on my own risk but what do you all think good vs bad
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    I'm a Senior software engineer and been developing for 30 years at the top Fortune 50 companies and government and hospital.
    I really want the features in Eversolo's beta version too.
    But I say no.
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    I’m an absolute layman who, until now, avoided Alpha/Beta at all costs - let those who know what they’re doing take those sorts of risks! That said, I’ve been running the latest version (1.2.40_Beta) for a couple of weeks with no issues at all apart from missing artwork in a playlist on autostart (reported and easily fixed by coming out and back in again). I’ve also not seen any reports of major issues either. Your call, but it seems good to me.
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    Thanks for your reply
  6. Inti

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    Thanks for your reply
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    I don't think it was a whine. I took 2 things away

    1. EverSolo seem to have advertised features that aren't yet available - this certainly where I live is called false advertising and isn't allowed and you have a legal right to return something under those circumstances. I think if the vendor refused to accept the product back because of it you could take them to court. This would be small claims court and would be dealt with without needing to involve lawyers.

    2. EverSolo ARE fixing issues in their software but the plea was for some professional level bug tracking and fixing. I have bailed on products that don't have a proper defect tracking and fixing process - there's a reason that github an open source repository has built in bug and issue reporting and tracking tools it's because it's both best practice and industry standard. It's a very efficient way to understand how widespread certain bugs are, not loose track or sight of them and allow people who are interested see where a defect is in the product backlog.

    I would MUCH rather see some of the defects fixed than a graphic equaliser that only works on some outputs with certain bit-rates, or another coloured VU. But we don't see the feature roadmap nor the defect fix schedule. That the devs are 'working hard' I have no doubt but on what and why who can say? Given how much the DMP-A6 costs compared to products considerably cheaper that do follow these simple software development approaches I think the comments made were on the whole reasonable.

    I appreciate that some people (myself included) have no major gripes but for something that depends so much on software quality to be successful EverSolo ought to adopt software engineering and build practices that are as good as the physical engineering and build quality.
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    I'd say it's very unlikely that anything bad will happen.

    Why - because the EverSolo environment is built on top of Android. The updates look like they are for the EverSolo apps not Android itself.
    So it's more like installing apps on your phone that it is like re-installing Windows
    (it's an imperfect analogy and I've not checked or tested but the release notes don't indicate the base Android system is being touched just the EverSolo stuff on top of it).

    Also there's instructions online as to how to do a factory reset by pressing various buttons to get into the Android bootloader (the thing that loads the Linux and Android software when you turn the power on) so even if the beta firmware doesn't work this option is very likely to still be there (for the reason I mentioned - these beta updates seem to be of the EverSolo software not Android). I have played with Android devices for over a decade and only broke one of them beyond this recovery stage because I was (a) messing around at a VERY low level (b) took a stupid shortcut I knew was risky.

    For the EverSolo you do need to know how to verify your download with MD5 on your computer (there are instructions on the web for Win/OSX/Linux) What the MD5 code does is confirm that the download you have is a bit-perfect copy and hasn't been mangled. If you can't verify the download then you can't be sure it's not broken. Also you need to be comfortable that where you are getting the firmware from is reputable since a bit perfect virus infected file is not what you want to get. Depending on your anti-virus scanner and the virus in the firmware (if it even exists) it might not get spotted even if you scan for it.

    The other bit of advice I'd give is wait a while and follow the forums to see how many people install a beta and what they say about it before downloading and installing it yourself.

    Hopefully that gives you some more information to base your decision on.

    Have I taken this risk myself - yes - I have used links from this forum and am comfortable the file I got was virus free and downloaded correctly. I stuck it on a USB stick and followed the instructions on page 24 of the manual (my copy at least) and I'm running v1.2.44_BETA. For my use it has so far - after a few days and light use - been absolutely fine.

    I also have downloaded the version of the non beta software v1.2.30 if I need to put that on a USB stick and revert back to it I can. I'm hoping that the DMP-A6 will let me do that, it ought to but some devices don't like you reverting to an older version - we shall see. That's probably the biggest risk of doing it as far as I can tell.
  9. Inti

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    I wonder if someone have ever going from beta back to for example the software v1.2.30 none beta I mean the original firmware update
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  10. Inti

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    Hi I can answer my own question that’s not possible I have just tried so now downgrading from beta firmware

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