New firmware v1.0.42 for ZIDOO_X6 Pro release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by warren_wh, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. Karl Urfurt

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  2. s_janssen

    s_janssen New Member

    As reported: audio goed slowly out of sync when subtitles are ON. Switch subtitles OFF and audio is perfect. Please fix this.
  3. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    hm. my x6 is using 1.0.42. played a video over samba with subtitles ON. did not get any out of sync problems. Does it also happen with external media player ?
  4. s_janssen

    s_janssen New Member

    updated to 1.0.42 and the audio sync subtitle problem is solved.
  5. luongo2

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    QUANDO provo ad aggiornare il firmware tramite pen drive mi dice errore nel package impossibile istallare
  6. PacoRabanne

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  7. Liviudami13

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    Hello! After this update i have problems with my connection on WIFI. When i turn it on, it's turn off. My device is not scanning the networks. I do a restart in recovery mode but i have the same issues. What can i do?
  8. filip kenens

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    Hello,have a problem with the new update,home theater scans my harddisk on usb but from the 50 movies there are about 10 movies that are wrong covers and with the previous update was everything oké,can you fix this ?
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  9. mszune

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    After installing the attached firmware to my x6 pro it freezes when left for 10mins with green streaks flashing across the screen with the box unresponsive until the power is turned off and reboot the X6 pro, therefore is this a common issue with the new firmware or is my X6 pro now faulty within the 11th month of purchase?
  10. mszune

    mszune New Member

    example of the screen flicker issue I have captured on video that I will update to youtube over the next couple of days.

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  11. warren_wh

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    What brand you are using the TV, there are individual problems found in Philips TV.
  12. mszune

    mszune New Member

    I am using a TX-P50GT50 Panasonic, although I have used this TV for 10 months without fault, but now I have these green lines flickering and the x6 pro crashing afyer 10 mins of no use with this version of the firmware unless the firmware has bricked my x6 ?
  13. rkuijpers

    rkuijpers New Member

    I'm having trouble with the latest update as well. X6 freezes into a green screen when idle. Doesn't happen every day, but random. Has happened 3-4 times this week, after updating to 1.0.42. My tv is a Samsung 4K TV.

    I'm also experiencing the problem with HDMI-CEC, since update Tv and receiver both power on again after powering them down, as long as X6 is powered on. When X6 is powered down first, tv and receiver stay powered down without powering on themselves after.

    Before the latest update, when I powered down the tv, the receiver and x6 both automatically went in standby (red led on X6) and stayed in standby mode. It doesn't work anymore since latest update, tv and receiver don't stay in standby but immediately power on again. For now I turned off the HDMI-CEC modus on the tv, but now every device has to be powered on/off separately. At least each device stays in standby modus then.

    Hope you can fix this! Thanks!
  14. mszune

    mszune New Member

    I have the exact same issue as above since the latest update, I was considering purchasing an x9s although I will now wait until the attached issue is resolved before making a purchase.

    Thanks Zidoo hopefully your continued support to reslove some of these issues will continue with the older models.
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  16. Eduan

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    I've tried reading through all the threads of the 1.42 update but no one else seems to be experiencing sound dropout of higher res audio files.

    I've experienced it on a DTS-HD file when it plays for about 2 mins then sound just stops. If you stop the movie and then replay it, it can last longer or shorter, quite random. I was watching new Grand Tour episode last night with Dolby Digital + soundtrack and again it plays for about 10mins then stops. If you stop and then immediately start the video, the sound is back but then it happens a while later too.

    I'm running audio passthrough to a Yamaha receiver and if it's normal PCM audio or the likes, then the audio plays every time. Not experiencing any audio lag which is great.
  17. s_janssen

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    it's not.
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