New firmware v1.0.42 for ZIDOO_X6 Pro release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by warren_wh, Nov 12, 2016.

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    I have the same issue. @zidoo team: How can we change the language to English?
  4. Przem

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    Why my replay with a link to another thread on this forum is being blocked/awaiting approval ??
    It has been 24 hours now and it's still not published.
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    new users can't post links. there's a limit like 5 posts before you can post link with no moderation
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    Oh great - such an information should have been in sticky notes somewhere ;/. How long does it take before a post is approved ?
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    sure. post security things on a sticky note. don't you also want to send emails to all user ?

    /No idea.
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    Well I didn't found this information in forum rules thread - so how exactly was I supposed to find this information ? And by the way - are you always welcoming new forum members being rude ?

    Ps. I've meant sticky thread.
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  9. HaoSs

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    No. just those who think they deserve special treatment.
  10. Keith Williams

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    What happened to 1.0.41
  11. Keith Williams

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    I take it that 2048*60 hdmi 2 will never be achieved with this hardware. This was the reason I paid £80 for this because it was advertised as 2048*60 capable. If this is not forthcoming we have been deceived.
  12. rattaplan

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    Works fine.
    Only 2 things
    1. Media center sometimes hangs on last used soundsetting. For instance video with Dolby trueHD, then switching to a video with dts. It stays on Dolby TrueHD. Only after powering box off and on it works again.
    2. In Media Center i can use NFS, in ZDMC i cannot.
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  13. nyctrip

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    Thanks but I have the same problem .... I'm using a french application mycanal and I can't upgrade it because the DRM widevine is missing on my device. The only way is to add it on the next firmware . Could you made it please ?! Thanks for your work ;)
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    Hi, Are there any news about root and premium play app for italian users?
  15. bovirus

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    @warren_wh ren_wh

    Could you please release version 1.42 for Philips TV? Thanks.

    Anytime you will release a new firmware version please release together also version for Philips TV. Thanks.
  16. Karl Urfurt

    Karl Urfurt New Member

    Guys, please, when are you going to make it optional to remove all these screen casting features ?? It's causing me more grief then anything else. I have no need for these features that lag big time anyway.

    My Australian Foxtel Go Pay TV App is still complaining that, with this 1.0.42 update, i must switch off ALLSHARE before i can use it.

    Surely this can be fixed from your end.

    Remember what's the point otherwise of buying this Zidoo box only to find that the purpose you want to use it for is made impossible (and not mentioned in your sales pitch for this X6 Pro mind you) ! Let it be clear that i wouldn't have bought it, had i know this up front.

    Guys if you can put Happy Cast on the user partition, so that it can be uninstalled, surely you can do this with ALL screen casting features !
  17. phuhuunew

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    x6 from the sleep mode (standby), after the wake, the screen appears noise (small black spots around the screen)
  18. phuhuunew

    phuhuunew New Member

    if awakened x6 in sleep mode (standby) my screen image noise (interference form small black spots in the screen flashing) to withdraw an HDMI cable and plugging it back to fix, please help me, can play Executive firmware to fix this problem?
  19. Bladerider666

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    Erm sorry I'm new bt the looks of it I have to use a computer to update my x6 when I use the update function it says I'm up to date but I'm on 1.0.39? I hope not I bought this box as an easy system to use...
  20. Shocker

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    I have contacted zidoo many times for support but noone responds. The issue i have is that when passthrough is enabled via zdmc, my receiver switches every 5 seconds from dolby digital to pro logic II causing a pop sound. I have tested my receiver with other devices and it is not the issue. Does anyone know if this update corrected this. If not can someone tell me how to get support, I've tried via facebook, skype, email, and even theough there support page and still nothing. I bought my unit new through newegg

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