New firmware v1.0.39 version for ZIDOO H6 Pro release

Discussion in 'H6 Pro Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. GiovanniO

    GiovanniO New Member

    I updated to v 39 a few days ago, only one time the google play issue happened again but a standard restart stop it
  2. stevetat

    stevetat New Member

    Today I am also having issues with Google Play services constantly stopping! Can you please explain how to do a 'standard restart' so I can hopefully stop it happening? Also if I do a 'standard restart' would this basically do a factory rest because I do not wont to do that and loose all of my app data?
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  3. abdulmoty

    abdulmoty New Member

    still google play service stopping appear , why??????
  4. rread13

    rread13 New Member

    Did the update to the new firmware. The Google Play Services has popped up more than a few times, but a power cycle restart or pull power and power up things seem to play well together. Has anyone set up the Zidoo Kodi 17.6 player? I've installed it now and need to spend time trying/finding a build I like! Using the Zidoo Mediaplayer playing some music of a USB stick and that's working well.

    I've installed Aptoid TV and Youtube TV version that works much better than the APK Zidoo point to. Pandora TV APK also and that's also doing very well using the stock remote.

    Zidoo thanks for the long awaited firmware update!
  5. shellshock

    shellshock New Member

    Since this update i cant access my shared folders on my pc anymore with the stock mediacenter. also VLC sees my computer but doesnt show shared folders. Using es file explorer i can access them but is eternaly loading/buffering... Anyone know how to solve this, or go back to the older firmwares?
  6. Vicent

    Vicent New Member

    Se puede pasar directamente desde la versiĆ³n 1.0.13, sin problemas?


    Can it be passed directly from version 1.0.13, without problems?
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  7. GiovanniO

    GiovanniO New Member

    Just power off and restart zidoo. With previous version Google services has problems a lot of times and often restart zidoo did not solve them. With last version this happens very seldom and power off and restart zidoo solve them (at least for me ;))
  8. stevetat

    stevetat New Member

    Thanks GiovanniO that seems to have sorted out the problem at least for now :)
  9. rread13

    rread13 New Member

    ZDMC 17.6 is Zidoo's slightly customized version of Kodi.

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