New firmware v1.0.39 version for ZIDOO H6 Pro release

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  1. mirror

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    Model: ZIDOO_H6 PRO
    Version: v1.0.39
    Download url:
    MD5: BE7DE10D567D6897DC4211E7D599186B
    Upgrade method: OTA

    1. Fixed the problem that Google service occasionally stopped running.
    2. Optimize the system stability.

    Phone Control
    1. Fixed the problem that the mobile app can't be downloaded.
    2. Optimize the connection speed.

    Local Media Player
    1. Add feature to support play file from ZDMC (need special version of ZDMC for H6 Pro).

    Media Center
    1. Add switch to enable playing video with third-party video player.
    2. SMB, NFS optimize the display mode of re-scan.
    3. Optimize file ordering.
    4. Fixed the exception of too many disk partitions.
    5. Fixed the problem of unresponsive sometimes when access NFS.
    6. Added aif music support.
    7. Added hard drive capacity display.
    8. Fixed the problem that the entry list interface takes too long to load.
    9. Fixed the problem that application crashed when SMB passwords containing special characters.
    10. Fixed the issue of report error when selecting NFS without network.
    11. Added MTS suffix to video file.
    12. Fixed the problem that the classification function is invalid.
    13. Fixed the problem that the application is not responding when the number of files in the directory exceeds 1000.

    1. Display model related information.

    Image Player
    1. Optimize background music for slideshows.

    Music Player
    1. Fix the problem that the box will go to sleep while playing music.
    2. Fix the problem that the playback mode and sound effect can not be saved after restart.
    3. Optimize the speed of getting the list.
    4. Fixed the problem of crashing when select previous song first time.
    5. Fixed the problem of application crashed when there are too many music files.
    6. Fixed the problem that some ape, flac music files can not read the list information.
    7. Fixed the problem that some music could not get the artist.
    8. Displays the list of cues that are currently playing.
    9. Record the last song played and progress.
    10. Added cue support for WAV and DTS.
    11. Optimize lyrics search.
    12. New user interface.

    1. Fix the problems that can not search weather.

    ZDMC for H6 Pro:!OcMgiAJD!MsdIYke4I2g1j_-0lZVoxkXTEIh4Tfva6JNTR6vNLts
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  2. Jubair

    Jubair Member

    Wow! That was from nowhere! Thee, Thanks!! Nice response Zidoo!

    Will try tonight and give an update about this firmware
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  3. lovengihj

    lovengihj New Member

    When does the media center support SUP subtitles?
  4. Jubair

    Jubair Member

  5. Finland

    Finland New Member

    Have you downloaded the file completely? The file is 495.2 Mb, anything less will result in error message.
  6. Jubair

    Jubair Member

    I have downloaded several times but not working. Files size is 506,899 KB. Everytime, same error. Have you been able to update? Or this problem is only mine?

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  7. Jubair

    Jubair Member

    Ok, now its working
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  8. Dr.Vikram

    Dr.Vikram New Member

    Thanks Mirror. Does this resolve the refresh rate error? The previous versions had stutter when auto option was selected. Can anyone else confirm the same?

    @ Jubair - Thanks for confirming. I will do the needful.

    The only irony is that it was the only feature I was baldy waiting in the new firmware but.... anyways hopefully there would be another firmware soon (fingers crossed)
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  9. Jubair

    Jubair Member

    No it does not. I have checked and video still stutter when automatic framerate sync is on but this is the most stable firmware of H6 pro yet.
    I have already emailed about the stutter problem. Can you do the same please so that they take the issue seriously?
  10. abdulmoty

    abdulmoty New Member

    Sir , thanks now its working without any problem but i have quastion regarding to ZDMC what is this and for what its like KODi interface
  11. sunnyk

    sunnyk New Member

    installed successfully
  12. CURRO

    CURRO New Member

    Anyone knows how can I fix samba?? Same problems in this firmware, in media center I always obtain "Unknown Error" when try to access router's hhd.
  13. baro

    baro New Member

    Samba "Unknown Error" problem not fixed on Zidoo Media Player. I'm using Kodi or VLC player instead. Both working.
  14. Narongsakk

    Narongsakk New Member

    Can I update fw from 1.0.37 to 1.0.39?
  15. Jubair

    Jubair Member

    Well, after upgrading to new firmware, I also got "Unknown error" when I tried SAMBA from zidoo media player. However, turning off firewall on my PC, fixed the problem. I can use SAMBA without problem in new firmware.
  16. Petar Zencovich

    Petar Zencovich New Member


    Does this build solves the "Google Seervices Stoped" error every 2 minutes form the previous 1.38 build?
  17. Manuel

    Manuel New Member

    Yes it does! So far Google play crashing and Services framework issues are gone because the new FW was updated with latest versions of GAPPS. What i noticed and that is something that i'm glad is that HDMI pass trough is working now and i can enjoy movies with Dolby Digital even TRUE DOLBY DTS and THX sound. The unit is more fluid i believe that this version is the more stable one has been developed since 1.0.13 versions.
  18. Petar Zencovich

    Petar Zencovich New Member

    Well thank Manuel. I'll test this one out tonight. So far the're 2 issues with this box so far. One, the hiccups for playing files with ATMOS and DTS-MA, but that could be the file itself. Second, and that's more Netflix's fault, the fact that Netflix can't deliver at least 5.1 sound.
  19. Manuel

    Manuel New Member

    I will test it tonight with Netflix to see if 5.1 audio is delivered.
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  20. baro

    baro New Member

    How do you fill in the fields on samba page, so to avoid the "Unknown Error" message? The firewall on my mac is off.

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