New firmware v1.0.39 version for ZIDOO H6 Pro release

Discussion in 'H6 Pro Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. dikonomi

    dikonomi Member

    No, you were right, I checked yesterday and it did not appear on Play Store on Zidoo, only on my phone. However, I have installed it from Filelinked. I posted the code in the previous reply. Install Filelinked on Zidoo (if you do not have it already) and download it from there. It works, it's very customizable and I love it.
  2. Manuel

    Manuel New Member

    Yeap! GoDi you're right. Just to clarify I was talking about the difference between KM9 and H6. By far the X9S is way better than H6 not to mention KM9pro. My Nephew has the X9S is superb without any issues. I'm planning to buy and X9S.
  3. Mike Kay

    Mike Kay Member


    I could not do it out of principle... even if the X9S is the best box on the market..... how can you support a company who release a product which does not work as it should and let it rot without fixing and dont offer a refund, by throwing even more money at them and buying another one of their products.

    even if it costs me a bit more i will buy something else myself.
  4. GoDi

    GoDi New Member

    Feel free to tell me a better box than X9S?
    I dont see a better option...
  5. Mike Kay

    Mike Kay Member

    like i said even IF it is the best box, i just cant support their practices of selling a device with advertised features and then not actually supporting those features.

    i think my next box could well be a shield. At least i know that works - albeit i will miss the extra usb port as i do use all 3 on the zidoo sometimes
  6. GoDi

    GoDi New Member

    I dont think u are in any measure aware just how rare it is that Zidoo pushed out all the updates for H6 that they did, most android boxes dont a. have a forum. b. listen to users. c. update their boxes at all. d. give a crap. e. support a device more than few months top.

    So I dont think the support was too bad for H6, I think the hardware is very limited and extremely hard to "totally fix", otherwise they would have done it already.

    In X9S there have been even more updates, and they have added features and fixed all the major bugs, so the company is not a "bad one" IMO.

    Go ahead and buy the shield, it is basically the same as the KM9 Pro me and PROXIMO bought since its google supported android tv box, u are still left with poor software to play videos...
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  7. JWG9581

    JWG9581 New Member

    Does everyone feel that Zidoo firmware has completely resolved the Google stopping issue. I've never had success alone just doing their so-called firmware fix . I think there is issues with ziui launcher as it doesn't load all the apps I have downloaded. Finding them in Google play and open as they still show up in settings app menu. Having my own fix for Google services and decided to use Google launcher, at least for now.
  8. Jubair

    Jubair Member

    I also think the problem with the ZIUI launcher. I do not know what is the problem but for quite some time I used nova launcher and so far no problem. Moreover today I updated my play services using root explorer while using third party launcher and play services have not revert back to the stock.
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  9. Majorasshole

    Majorasshole New Member

    Well it might be the soution indeed, since I use for a quite extensive time Simple Tv laucnher whithout Google Play services issues, and not ZIUI, I'm very pleased by the H6 Pro. It's a straight forward launcher, very light, so it could be deceptive but it's rock stable. Many Android boxes from available at the same time, Shield excepted, don't offer the same solid experience with Netflix@1080p (hello Mecool !) and versatility years after. So till it lasts it's a keeper, and I realy need Optical audio output for my setup.

    For Youtube, I use Vanced with MicroG services, and it's really a great option.
  10. GoDi

    GoDi New Member

    Any idea what might be the best launcher to use?
    To me, id like it to be good at customization, look alot like ziui, or maybe have the same look as shield/mecool, are there any like that?
  11. Jubair

    Jubair Member

    You have to play arround to find what you like.
    I used many TV launchers and ended up with TVLauncher app for its simple look (like ZIUI). Downloaded a ad free mod apk from internet.

    Ugoos launcher is also good, has lots of customization but in the end, its you. Install several launchers and see what would suit you.
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  12. dikonomi

    dikonomi Member

    I also tried a few and then I decided to go with Microsoft Launcher, which is very customizable. You won't find it on Google Playstore because it is supposed to be only for smartphones. I downloaded from Filelinked but you also download it from here .
    I must say I could not customize the latest versions as I wanted to in my brother's Mecool, maybe you should try the last but one version. I haven't updated mine, following the advice of the Filelinked guy, which I do not remember now, and I love it. Worth a try, then there are a lot of launchers.
  13. JWG9581

    JWG9581 New Member

    I also have had an issue when rebooting to factory specs. My LAN doesn't seem to want to connect properly. I have to set it to static and create my last number of devices logged into my internet. I made the mistake of disconnecting everything when I was upgrading my internet to a higher speed. The Zidoo device was still downloading and when I plugged it back in. It was freezing up. I rebooted to the factory and now have the issue that cycles off after CIBN certification is a success. It keeps doing this and I must unplug it for it to stop. I cannot use the shutdown procedure.
    I have read in other forums that there were issues with having devices plugged into their zidoo that may cause this. I only have a hard drive connected and a micro sd chip installed. So one would think that if I take those things off then it should stop doing the cycling off / on.

    Guess what? It doesn't work. Installing programs via USB seems the only way. Downloaded all the Zidoo firmware and loaded it onto a micro sd chip to side load. All my efforts to connect via LAN which carries more data that WiFi. I would like to try and reset any app that controls the internet connection and have yet to find it.

    Zidoo? what is going on with WiFi/LAN settings? When I get a static connection (Dynamic will not read) I get connected but the CIBN services wish to certify this device. I don't wish to have CIBN services because I don't speak the language. Help me reset my LAN/WiFi controller.

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