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    Cool, big thanks to the Zidoo team :)
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    On page 1 of this thread, you indicate
    This statement surprises me a little because I thought that the Z9X was not compatible with the DV profile 7 (the DV from UHD BDs).
    Can you confirm to us that there is no problem to play these 2 demo files created with the mp4muxer tool provided by Dolby ?
    13 Hours.teaser.DV.mp4 - 213.2 Mo
    Alita, Battle Angel.teaser.DV.mp4 - 290.2 Mo

    Thanks in advance.

    En page 1 de ce thread, tu indiques
    Cette affirmation m'étonne un peu car je pensais que le Z9X n'était pas compatible avec le DV profil 7 (le DV issu des BD UHD).
    Peux tu nous confirmer qu'il n'y a aucun problème pour lire ces 2 fichiers de démo crées avec l'outil mp4muxer fourni par Dolby ?
    13 Hours.teaser.DV.mp4 - 213.2 Mo
    Alita, Battle Angel.teaser.DV.mp4 - 290.2 Mo

    Merci d'avance.
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    That's great news. Thanks for the update.
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    Sorry, i edited my post and added english ;)
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    Hi daddy,

    you're right, the Zidoo does not support MP4 profile 7 (unless I am mistaken there is only the chinoppo), I am referring to the MP4 DV profile 5 which is available on different websites for the majority of users.

    Moreover, in order to avoid any confusion for the consumer, i will add a note for the MP4 DV

    See you soon


    Salut daddy,

    Tout a fait comme tu le dit le Zidoo ne supporte pas le MP4 DV profile 7 (a part le chinoppo si je fais pas d'erreur) , moi en page 1 je parle des MP4 DV disponible sur differents site web et qui sont en profil 5.

    je vais ajouter une note en page 1 pour éviter la confusion.

    A bientot
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    Mel profile 7 ok
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    Yes but with mkv dv only ?
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    yes for profil 7 with makemkv only mkv but you can test this:
    create with makemkv, you are : 13 Hours.teaser.mkv
    ffmpeg -i path\to\the\13 Hours.teaser.mkv -map 0:0 -c copy path\to\BL_EL_RPU.hevc
    • Using tool yusesope, double click on the DEMUX_AND_CONVERT_TO_MEL.bat file and follow the instructions on the screen.
      You will get a BL.hevc file and a EL_RPU.hevc file
    • Using tool yusesope, double click on the MUX.bat file (and NOT MUX_AND_CONVERT_TO_MEL.bat) and follow the instructions on the screen.
      You will get a BL_EL_RPU.hevc file
    • Create a TS file using the BL_EL_RPU.hevc file and TsMuxeR

      EXTRA (MP4):
      In case TsMuxeR does not return a working file, create an mp4 file
      Code: Select all

      mp4muxer -i path\to\BL_EL_RPU.hevc --dv-profile 7 -o path\to\13 Hours.teaser.mp4
    Test the 13 Hours.teaser.mp4 profile 7
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    Hello, could you please help to clarify something on this process ?

    - The very first step with ffmpg creates a BL_EL_RPU.hevc file.
    - The step where you should use yusesope's tool, "double click on the MUX.bat file..." , also seems to create a BL_EL_RPU.hevc file.

    So which one is to be used on the last step with TSmuxer ?
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    Hello Ghostshadow,

    If it's the same file as Daddy (see above), no it doesn't work (hdr10)
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    What version of Mediainfo are you using to get the DV information?
  14. Eleonor

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    Mediainfo 20.09
    MediaInfoLite 20.09
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    but first you have to convert with makemkv to have a compatible profile 7 file @OlivierQC
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  17. OlivierQC

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    What's new with FW v6.0.90

    An update from one of my previous articles about an issue with ZDMC / Kodi NFOs and HT4.0

    Une mise a jour d'un precedent message concernant un probleme avec les NFO de ZDMC/Kodi et de HT4.0 qui ne les prends pas en compte.

    I redid the same tests to check if there was an improvement with the support of NFO, so i deleted and cleaned the source and data located in HT4.0 and ZDMC (Kodi)

    Je viens de faire de nouveaux essais et j'ai pris soin de supprimer et nettoyer la source et les données se trouvant dans HT4.0 et ZDMC (Kodi).



    I did the test twice with ZDMC / Kodi by selecting the first time TMDB and the second time IMDB.

    Pour enlever tout doute j'ai fait 2 fois le test avec ZDMC / Kodi en sélectionnant la première fois TMDB et la deuxième fois IMDB.



    I did an export of NFOs, posters, etc ... in each movies folders.

    Apres cela, j'ai fais un export des NFO, poster, etc... pour chaque dossier de films.


    In HT4.0 I added a new source and I did a scan with the following options.

    Dans HT4.0 j'ai créé une nouvelle source et fait un scan avec les options suivantes.


    I had 100% success compared to last time with FW v6.0.66

    A present j'ai 100% de succès par rapport au precedent test avec le FW v6.0.66



    it seems that support for NFOs
    created with ZDMC / Kodi has been improved in HT4.0


    Avec le nouveau FW v6.0.90, HT4.0 semble tenir compte des NFO qui ont été créé avec ZDMC/KODI.


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  18. OlivierQC

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    Video Output Direct Function

    What's new with FW v6.0.90

    this problem is solved


    See you​
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    Salut !

    Je ne connaissais pas du tout la marque Zidoo, et je dois dire que les post d’ @OlivierQC m’ont vraiment donné envie de tenter l’aventure ! Je possède egalement un 77AG9 et mon choix se portait sur un clone Oppo ou une Shield Pro.

    Les Zidoo, plus récents que la Shield ont vraiment l’air top.
    Concernant la lecture des profils Dolby Vision, pourriez vous me dire si ce n’est possible que via mkv ou mp4 ou également pour les Iso et full bd comme le clone oppo ?

    Merci infiniment

    Hi ! I did not know the Zidoo brand at all, and I must say that the posts of [USER = 6448] @OlivierQC [/ USER] really made me want to give it a go! I also own a 77AG9 and my choice was an Oppo clone or a Shield Pro. The Zidoo, newer than the Shield, really look great. Regarding reading Dolby Vision profiles, could you tell me if this is only possible via mkv or mp4 or also for Iso and full bd like the oppo clone? thank you so much
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  20. OlivierQC

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    Hello Hanto,

    Add an english translation to your message, it's an english forum ;)

    No the Zidoo does not support DV with ISO/Full BD

    Helas non seulement avec les MKV et MP4

    See you
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